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Monday, April 19, 2010

i've had a rough time of it these past couple...gulp...months. i knew it would be a struggle to maintain weightloss while i have been losing my mind with student teaching, but i did not anticipate it being THIS hard! on top of all my responsibilities there, i also go really sick a few weeks ago, and it lingered for about two weeks!

now, not only am i really starting to feel better, but i also have only three days left of student teaching! WOO HOO! now, don't get me wrong, i'm going to really miss all of the kids, and i'll cherish the experience, but wow, am i DONE with being in some else's classroom! it's gotten to the point that i want to slap my cooperating teacher in the face when she asks me to do something...or when she makes a slightly offhand comment about "how far behind she is"...referring probably to the fact that we got a little behind in some of the curriculum while i did my full-time teaching.

guess what lady? i have no idea what i'm doing! sorry if my lack of experience caused you to have some catch up! also, you're welcome for doing all of the prep work for EVERYTHING so you're free to simply spend time teaching the kids...SHEESH! oh, and by the way, don't b*tch about being behind in science when you SPECIFICALLY told me not to teach it..."oh, we're so far ahead, i'll have TONS of time to teach the science in april and may..." ridiculous. (sorry for the rant, i'm done now.)


so, i'm pretty sure i've gained a few pounds back from when i weighed in at 211-ish...and i'm okay with that. i've been careless and lazy. it's the worst, but i'm not perfect...i'm a work in progress. i'm going to get back to that weight and keep the momentum going...because i don't want to look back 6 months from now and say that i wish i would have gotten my sh*t together right after student teaching and really worked. i've done that before...oh, if i had just been good and buckled down, i would have been THAT MUCH CLOSER to my goal weight! there are no more excuses, i'm doing it.

(ahem) speaking of excuses...i'm not doing that 10K coming up in a couple of weeks...i haven't had a run in at least 2-3 weeks now, and i'm not going to half-ass it. i talked to my friend (actually blubbered and lost it is more accurate) and she said it was totally cool...thank god she hadn't registered yet! one time when i can be glad she's a procrastinator! i'm really disappointed that i couldn't keep it together, but that's life. we're going to keep running (or start again...ugh) and start real training for the HM in june...that gives us like 4 months and some change for the detroit half. i'm scared and excited, but i know i can do it, and i'm enlisting my friend to be my drill sergeant! i'm so proud of the work she's done...she went from saying "i can't run" to running (last time we talked) almost 4.75 miles without stopping in about 2 months! WHAT?!?!?!?!?! she's amazing, and a total inspiration to me.

so, the training starts beginning of june, and there's a reason for that...i'm graduating in a week, and as a gift, I'M GETTING A TATTOO!



this is a 5-6 hour session of pure TORTURE, and i can't wait! my appointment is on may 17th, and i need about 2 weeks after the tattoo for it to heal properly before i can start running again.

what am i getting, you ask? well, i've always wanted a peacock feather on my right foot, as i have a lotus on my left, and i want to have both feet done...but when i was researching/thinking about it, i thought, "why not just really do it?" so i talked to a tattoo artist at this great shop that's within walking distance to my apartment, and she was SUPER jazzed about my idea to have a peacock going down the side of my right calf, with the tail wrapping around my ankle and onto my right foot. she's an AMAZING tattoo artist, and our visions for this tattoo really lined up. she does beautiful, feminine tattoos, and i couldn't be more excited! i'm actually going to stop by the shop sometime in the next couple of days to check on the stencil, but someone told me they saw a peacock sketch in the shop, and it was AWESOME...so i'm really pumped!

normally, this size tattoo would probably be broken up into 2 sessions, but i can't afford the healing time...i can't have 2 weeks of non-activity followed by another in a couple of months, and i don't want to wait anyway! so, i just have to sack up and do it! i know i can.

anyway, so i'm back to logging in and tracking, thank GAH. and, i'm doing a short run right after school to ease back into it. i'm so lucky to have sparkpeople as a resource...it's always there when i need it. (and all of you help a lot too! can't forget my sparkgals!)

i hope you all are finding success, and i look forward to sharing in that this summer! cheers!
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    ooh welcome back! Congrats with finishing and I can't wait to see this tattoo!
    3720 days ago
    I'm just getting around to reading this because i'm a naughty sparker. but awesome!! can't wait to see pictures!
    3720 days ago
  • LLBEAN75
    miss you peanut! let's talk soon!
    3733 days ago
  • KARVY09
    Your tattoo sounds awesome!!! Can't wait to see it!

    Good for you to getting back on track so quickly after teaching is out. You'll get back up to 10K speed in no time. And then the Half!
    3734 days ago
    emoticon emoticon
    Keep on keeping on and you will attain your goal.
    3734 days ago
    Welcome back- stay strong and you'll get to those running goals! Good luck on your journey!

    3734 days ago
    oooh dang you have a half marathon, that'll motivate you to get back on track! You gotta come out and run a race again in chicago too... I'm thinking that Nike Women's Race 5k or 10k.
    3735 days ago
  • KRISTI81077
    I am just getting back to SP afte several failed attempts! I am a teacher and remember feeling the SAME way about student teaching. :) Your blog has inspired me and made me laugh. Thank for sharing your life!
    3735 days ago
    Awesome Tattoo idea. I love it!!!
    I have a butterfly and a bunch of butterflies and flowers all the way around it on the right side of my right leg. It is a fairly large tattoo and it took almost 3 hrs to do. It was painful but I am going to get another one for my 30th b-day!!!

    You will have to post a pic after you get it done!!
    3735 days ago
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