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#298: Forged By Hardships

Saturday, April 24, 2010

There is a saying that anything that doesn't kill us will make us stronger. Like the blacksmith who places steel in the forge of red hot flames, molds it then cools it off with water to finish the hardening.

Think for a moment about your personal difficulties, be they financial, health or emotional. Sometimes, doesn't it seem as if the entire world is against us and everything is going wrong?

But when these troubling times hit, as they surely will, how do you react? How about giving praise for the difficulty? Sure, this is likely the opposite of how you want to respond, but giving thanks is better than wallowing in self-pity.

When we hang our heads all we can see is our feet. But when we raise our heads to the heavens we are exposed to all manner of possibilities and we see clouds and trees and rainbows that all lift up our spirits.

Admittedly it is not a normal reaction to say, "Thank you," when obstacles block our way. But doing so opens our minds and replenishes our souls. It is magical how giving thanks works and is a process I can not explain. But I can say that it works.

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    Beautiful Blog!

    " It is magical how giving thanks works and is a process I can not explain. But I can say that it works."
    3963 days ago
  • DKWP614
    I whole-heartedly agree!

    I remember when my son was little, people used to comment about how active and energetic he was. They felt sorry for me, as a single parent, having to wrangle a child with that much energy and enthusiasm. I told them I was grateful, because the alternative might be my son sitting in a corner of the room, not recognizing the people or things in his world at all.

    I am grateful for all of the challenges life gives me, because it improves the quality of my life!
    3963 days ago
    You are following what the Bible says "to give thanks in all things" ....Sometimes this is not easy . There are two things I have come to understand are important.

    1. Look for the positives as you always say and be thankful for every small thing we can think of . It appears to me the more we are grateful for , the more we have to be grateful for as The Lord rewards are gratitude with more blessings.

    2. We need to look beyond the current problem with" faith vision". You have a lot of "Faith Vision" Lou.

    As I was reading your last few blogs the story of the 10 lepers who went to Christ, to be healed and he instructed them as to what he wanted them to do and told them they would be healed. Only one turned back to Thank him . He thank The Lord" before" he received his healing. That is Faith!

    Sometimes we don't know how the Lord is going to work out our problems , but we can cling to the Verse about "all things work to the Good of those that Love The Lord "and rest in peace knowing that whatever the outcome -it is for our good even if it takes us awhile to see that good. Many times I have prayed for help to problems that I could not see how God would work them out and I prayed thanking him before I saw the outcome because I knew it would be good.

    Sometimes I have had to wait many years for an answer to my prayer, other times the answer has came before I finished praying! God tells us to call on him . Thank you for reminding us that he is faithful and we should not wait till our problems our solved to rejoice in our faith. "Today is a day The Lord has made, and I will rejoice and be glad in it!". That does not mean ones life will be absent of problems - that means rejoice despite your problems. Always remember HELP is on the way! That is something to be thankful for and rejoice about. Hugs, Joy
    3963 days ago

    Comment edited on: 4/26/2010 12:17:43 AM
    You are absolutely right! It's much better to have praise than to have self pity. Self pity gets us nothing but lower! Thank you for an amazing blog and your positive Christ like behavior you show in your life situations. It truly is inspiring, uplifting, and a great witness to all of us.
    3964 days ago
    Lou, you're an amazing person and I want to add my thanks to you for continuing in your faith in the Lord. Thank you for your shining example of Christ-likeness.

    God will (and obviously IS) blessing you.
    3964 days ago
    Awesome approach to difficulties! Great thought-provoking blog entry :)

    3964 days ago
    So true Lou!!!

    Another great blog!

    3964 days ago
    Excellent blog, and so true. Obstacles are also our learning tools, keys to creative thinking, and they strengthening, although rarely are they fun.
    3964 days ago
    It is so hard to give thanks for the difficult moments in life. Some of those times can be really discouraging! But I appreciate your point. Afterall, why curse the unhappy times when they too are part of our lives. Appreciation and thanksgiving are the right sentiments. Thank you for the reminder.
    3964 days ago
  • no profile photo CHANGENMINDSET
    Thank you for this blog.

    I just found out last night that my husband lost his job.
    This is hard, because we just moved 3 hours away from our hometown 1 year ago for this job. Now after settling in and it seeming like home, he no longer has the job that we transferred for.

    This is not the first time this has happened either, it is the 4th time that he's been unemployed. Mostly due to company restructuring or being bought out by other companies.

    He is a good man who does not deserve this. It has been a difficult struggle to go through each time.

    Yet I will say that God is good and he has helped us each time it has happened, so we will have faith that he is working this out for our good too.

    Thank you for the great reminder to keep our faces and focuses upward.
    I know that when one door closes, God opens another one.

    Until then, we will keep our minds and attitudes thankful.

    After all, we still have so much to be thankful for! emoticon
    3964 days ago
    Well Lou by the sounds of this blog, I'd say you were still without a computer. And in reading your blogs and comments for the past few days, it amazes me how you can always turn a rough set of circumstances and still shine for someone else. I am glad you discovered the outdoors again. It's so easy to get caught up in sitting in front of a pc all day long. The world is out there, embrace it for yourself. So I am actually saying, Good for you! And you are correct. What does not kill you, will make you stronger! Now what they don't say in that statement and maybe ought to is... But it still hurts like the dickens going through it.

    Hardships aren't meant to be easy. Or else they wouldn't call them HARDships. Keep us updated on the pc issues. Glad you're still praising HIM.

    Kricket, yes it is easy to say Thank you to God for your wayward 16 year old. So many here have lost their children. Always pray for him without ceasing. We are waging a spiritual war here, and our prayers are what fuels the angels. Remember Daniel 10:12. So set your heart, and it will be done.
    3964 days ago
    Slam dunk, Lou. Nothin but net. *applause*
    3964 days ago
  • WALNUT5612
    I need this blog today!! Thank you!
    3965 days ago
  • SCORPION1352
    You are so right, although it is very hard to say thanks when within a one year period you loose two children. I know God took them for a reason and for that I am thankful, I hope he can use then up there, even though I don't understand and thought they were still needed here.
    3965 days ago
    Lou, I had to chuckle at myself on this blog of yours. Yes, I usually say "Thank You" to difficult circumstances, but MUCH, MUCH later when I can see with hindsight how strong it has made me! I hope I can remember to be thankful earlier, but it is a difficult thing when you're in the midst of it! emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    3965 days ago
    This might work sometimes.
    But I really cannot imagine saying thanks for and to my 16 yo son who recently has become a royal pain in the you know what, is slipping at school and absolutely cannot be reasoned with or should I try? And yes, when this is over (if this ever gets over...) and I'm still standing I will be stronger :) Positive thoughts... positive thoughts... positive thoughts... positive thoughts...

    Wishing you a peaceful weekend.
    3965 days ago

    Comment edited on: 4/24/2010 12:21:51 PM
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