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Monday, April 26, 2010

Okay, I think I have to get back to my original goals - a healthy day every day. I'm not sure where I lost that thinking - there's been too much pity party stuff going on this spring.

I can't believe, at almost 51, that I'm so influenced by what others think. One of my issues these days is that a long-time online group that I'm part of has had a spate of women rushing to have bypass or lapband surgery. I'm against this type of surgery as anything but a very last resort, in part because I don't do well with surgery, but in part because it's a tool like any other and I keep hearing reports that the weight still comes back, and since that is such a drastic thing to do to one's body, it really scares me. At the same time, as I watch their numbers drop, I feel like maybe I'm not doing the right thing and I stifle those emotions by NOT doing the right thing.

I'm also starting to stress again, and I know that's because I've let go of my DAILY exercise routine. I haven't let go of exercise, but I'm not doing it every day, as I was earlier. Now, I've had pretty legitimate excuses in terms of both my ganglion cyst and especially the inner ear virus, but now that both are dissipating, it's time to get moving again. I did do my full workout and yoga routines, and am about to start my strength training and I AM feeling better for it.

Hope everyone starts off with a productive Monday!
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    Kendrastic and Sock, thanks so much!

    Sock, thanks especially - you probably said exactly what I needed to hear. This is greatly appreciated - more than I can say!
    3519 days ago
    Good job focusing on getting back on track regardless of what happened in the past week(s). Best of luck getting your exercise plan back up to everyday. Make sure you are having fun with it!!!!!

    3519 days ago
    Jen, I know a few people who have had the weight loss surgery (by whatever method) and yes, they have lost a lot of weight. One has also had complications from that surgery (2 or 3 years after the fact) and had to have a couple more to fix the problems. The other two seem to be doing okay, though both reached a certain point and seem to have stalled out. They are not at their goals and are again struggling just like the rest of us do. I can struggle just fine without having surgery, thankyouverymuch.

    Like you, I've also heard of people gaining the weight back after losing some or all of what they wanted. This type of surgery is just a tool, like you said. We still have to change how/what/why we eat, and we have to get off our arses and shake those booties! The people who don't keep the weight off obviously have not dealt with the issues behind their eating...they want a magic fix and surgery is NOT it. There is NO magic fix. Period.

    This is the reason I refused to consider having surgery. Well, it's one of the reasons. I know I can lose the weight the old-fashioned way. I've had 4 abdominal surgeries already (gallbladder, cancer, and 2 for complications from the cancer surgery) and will not have another for something like this. And, the biggest reason -- it is not the end-all solution. I would still have to change how/what/why I eat. I have to do that anyway, so why add the pain and expense of surgery on top of it? Nope...I don't need it so I won't go there. For those who choose to, I hope they have good results. This is not for me.

    You've had to battle some health issues and that always makes it harder to stick with exercise plans. Follow the path that seems to work for you, and don't worry about the others. In the end, you may end up being the only one who succeeds at maintenance because you're doing the hard stuff now (changing eating behaviors and lifestyle). I have a hunch you will be far more successful than the others. ;-)

    3520 days ago
    Do you have a picture collage? I started mine a few months into losing weight and it helps me to stay focused.

    I have the occasional emotional binge but limit myself to less than I would have done in the past (1 donut instead of 3 or more, a bag of popcorn or small bag of baked chips instead of 1/2 a large bag of fried chips) and even then trying to stay within my calorie/fat range. If you eat (whatever your emotional food is), set out your small serving and put away the rest of the food. Make yourself eat it slowly so that you get your taste buds satisfied.

    If you would like a buddy for accountability, I would be glad to help. emoticon
    3520 days ago
    Thanks so much, EvilKlown - I do use the tracker, but that's where I've fallen flat. The exercise is for heart health as much as anything else. CONGRATS on your wonderful loss!!!
    3520 days ago
    I tried losing weight by exercising every day (for five months) ... didn't work. When I found Spark and started using the nutrition tracker to manage my calories ... it DID work.

    I plan and enter my meals a few days in advance and then try to stick to that plan. I go over plenty of times but I usually have my weekly average in line. Good luck to you!!
    3520 days ago
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