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#303: We All Need Help Now and Then

Friday, April 30, 2010

We all want to be winners. emoticon That is, we want to be successful in what we do.

This is why tomorrow at my six-year-old nephew's birthday party at a local bowling center, bumpers will be put into the lane channels (gutters). These bumpers guide the kid's bowling balls to the pins so they knock some down with nearly every roll of the ball emoticon. It builds up the children's confidence and adds to their self-esteem. emoticon

The alternative is a sea of sad faces emoticon and despondent attitudes, things young children should not have to endure at a fun birthday celebration emoticon emoticon. Not when there is an alternative of the bumpers available. These moments are not the time for competition and athleticism, but of pizza and birthday cake emoticon emoticon and running around and, oh, yeah, maybe getting an assisted strike.

Some adults disagree with helping the kids at something like this. They say the kids will grow up with a sense of entitlement when they face an obstacle they do not have the skills to overcome.

I say, "Baloney!" Remember our first low-to-the-ground tricycles and the training wheels on our first bicycles? Remember T-ball before live pitching in little league baseball? Or the assisted moves in gymnastics and swimming classes emoticon?

Children and adults all need to have pure, unspoiled fun sometimes. And to see the smiles on the parents' faces as they, too, roll a bowling ball against the bumper, adds a smile to our own face.

Let's admit it -- life is tough and we all need help now and then, at work or at play. But there is time enough for dealing with life's difficulties as we age. At a birthday party at a bowling center, I say bring on the bumpers! They might just let me knock down a few pins, too. emoticon
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    I never knew they had such a thing. I agree the point is for them to have fun . They will associate this experience with a good feeling and may become future bowlers. Have a good time!
    3955 days ago
    Well said, Lou. I look at Spark People as bumpers, too! The Nutrition & Exercise trackers keep me in the lane, so to speak! Glad that you had a great time at the party.

    3956 days ago
    Yes we do all need help at times! Sometimes daily!!!! LOL! I think the bumpers are fine. It's fun. and allows interaction with other kids, as well as being able to take out some of the pins. My kids used them and it didn't effect them in a negative way! I read Saturday's blog 1st, so I'm glad you all had fun. Sounds like a great day had by all,
    3956 days ago
    Hope you had a blast at your nephew's b'day party. One of our grandsons uses the bumpers, and it sure makes a difference in whether or not he has much fun. Otherwise, he'd mostly bowl gutter balls. Yes, we ALL need a little help sometimes, and I think there are plenty of other opportunities for kids to learn that they won't always 'win' or come in 1st place. Let'em use bumpers, I say! emoticon emoticon
    3956 days ago
  • DKWP614
    Huzzah! I say, Yes! Celebrate life with fun and gusto! There's enough stress to last a lifetime, and more waiting in the wings. Enjoy the moments of pure joy that are available to you - and enjoy the young people in your life simply enjoying life!

    Have a great time at the birthday party!!
    Diana Kathryn
    3957 days ago
    Have fun! And regardless of the age, we all need a little help sometimes!
    3957 days ago
    I agree, let kids be kids...I think in this day and age we push them way harder then we need to. Have fun....throw a few balls for you exercise.
    3957 days ago
    This made me think of my little sister. She started bowling when she was 2 years old. It was so entertaining. My mom would walk out to the foul line with the ball, my little sister following close behind. My mom would set the ball down and my sister would squat, place her 2 tiny hands on the ball and push as hard as she could. And yes of course there were bumpers. There are more and more opportunities for dissappointment as we grow older. Learning confidence at an early age is more important.
    3957 days ago
  • no profile photo CD2687621
    So totally agreee happy birthday to your nephew. Bumpers are like training wheels they are not there forever but there to , build confidence.

    My son started bowling when he was 8 (his doctor recommended it because he had ADD). It was the best thing I did for him he bowled all through highschool and even now in the Airforce still bowls. It developed confidence, pride, concentration, team spirit, mentors, I cannot say enough.
    3957 days ago
    I want nutrition and fitness tracker bumpers, please. lol I agree with you wholeheartedly. Have a blast at the party!! Maybe take some pics of the festivities for us!
    3957 days ago
    Those bumpers would sure come in handy in a lot of other areas too, wouldn't they? emoticon

    I love this blog! Thanks for reminding us that it is ok to have fun, and also, ok to have a "little help now and then"!

    3957 days ago
    Have a great time at the birthday party! Bumpers for 6 year olds are great; the children can have fun, knock down some pins, and develop a love of the game. For the critics out there, heck, there are even handicaps in chess for beginners. Bumpers can be removed as the children grow in readiness.

    Have a ball!
    3957 days ago
    I couldn't agree with you more LOU!!!! Sometimes we too feel the need for bumpers!!! LOL!!!!

    Where are my bumpers for eating.... and exercising! I need positive reinforcement daily in those two areas!

    3957 days ago
    Have fun, Lou. And to any complainers: shame on you!

    Play ball...er...batter up...oh no, that's not it! What do you say when you start bowling? Oh well, tell those kids to have fun! emoticon
    3957 days ago
    I totally agree with you!! Happy Birthday to your nephew & wishing you all have a great time!! emoticon
    3957 days ago
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