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#306: Achieve Anything One Step at a Time

Monday, May 03, 2010

Can you think of anything that can not be achieved one step at a time?

How about walking from New York City to Miami like Mrs. Charles Philipia did? When she was interviewed by newspaper reporters after arriving in Miami, she was asked if she had been afraid of undertaking such a long journey on foot, alone.

"It doesn't take courage to take one step," she answered. "And, that's all I did really. I just took one step. And then I took another step. And then another and another and here I am."

As with anything, from saving money, cultivating a garden, losing weight, or other worthwhile goal, it all begins with one step. The amount of time studying the goal or planning for it is of little importance. You must take that first step, then one more, then one more, like Mrs. Philipia who, by the way, was 63 years old when she completed her journey. Impressive.

One step at a time. Something we all can do.
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