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#309: What is Your Stress Limit?

Thursday, May 06, 2010

What is your stress limit? Have you ever reached it? Mine is pretty high --I can handle a lot of troubles -- but tonight I reached my limit, for a short time.

First, the car's turn signals went out as I drove to a lunch meeting today. I had my laptop and power cord with me to do some work before my lunch friend arrived. Then got drenched in the rain going back to the car after lunch. Later, after a doctor appointment, got home and got a call to meet a different friend for dinner. When we get together, while we're waiting for our meals and then afterward for a while, he usually writes more of his book in a notebook while I use my computer to do some book editing.

Got wet again in the evening rain while going into the restaurant. Then the power cord would not plug into the laptop. I stressed out big time worrying about being without a computer for the second time in a month, the expense of a new power cord, just the frustration of this and all else that had gone wrong in my life lately. I was ready to cry and scream. Me, a grown man. But I had had it and couldn't take any more and wondered why couldn't just one thing go right?

The waitress said it looked as if the cord was missing a piece on the end that would adapt to the computer's power outlet.

Well, duh me for not noticing. But was it at home, at the first restaurant, in their parking lot, in this restaurant's parking lot, in the car? So, out in the rain to check the parking lot and my car where I found it on the front seat.

How, for the first time in seven years did the cord's parts separate I'll never know. But back inside with a lighter mood and a lessened stress level, but still wet.

It was nice to get some work done at dinner and to be able to use the computer tonight at home as usual.

It was even nicer to say, "Thank you Lord for helping me find the attachment."

A certain amount of stress is needed in our lives, health experts say, but once in a while we reach our limit, maybe over major life issues, maybe over a series of seemingly innocuous tribulations.

But the real test is how we bounce back. Tonight I realized I had allowed life's negatives to influence my usual positive attitude. I had lost my positive focus. It is a lesson that will not soon be forgotten.

And the next time troubles pile up? I'll give thanks for them and offer a prayer for guidance and direction on how to handle them. Then, I'll look not at the problem, but at the positives in the situation.

Yes, even high stress limits can be reached sometimes. It is how we react at those times that is important.
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    I'm thankful God sent the waitress into your life at that particular moment. Yes, you got wet (and wet again!), but I'm thankful God sent that moment of brightness into your life. I'm sorry so much is going against the grain right now; but I know that God is wanting to teach you something. Besides, He uses your experiences (which you so generously share) to teach us all lessons.

    God's blessins on you, Lou.
    3950 days ago
    I blow a cork every now and then. When things start going wrong and coming at me too fast sometimes I break down and cry and at that moment my attitude changes - I see it as God having mercy on me and helping me think clearer.

    The first of this year started off bad for me with new health problems and my brother dyeing that was just the beginning of problems. I live on a tight budget like you and my furnise broke down -costly 200 plus dollars. Then my hot water heater went on the blink. Then more health problems , more deaths in my family and on and on. I can see why someone was moved to write that quote "If it wasn't for bad luck , I would have no luck at all". LOL I laugh then I start looking for the positives. They are there too.

    Things don't always happen when I want them too. They happen in God's time and I have learn to trust his timing. Some things are hard to understand so I let go and rest in positive thoughts like everything works to the good of those who loves God. Sometimes things get worse before they get better.

    At the first of the year when things started going down hill I lived by that Quote "One day at a time" when things got worse I had to learn to focus on one problem at a time when I had many going on at one time. Last night I was feeling so frustrated over the house work getting so backed up while I am feeling so bad and having so many problems to deal with at one time that I blew my cork said a few cuss words then the thought came into my mind take life one hour at a time - my mood changed and I felt back into control of myself and hope of catching up on my housework while still feeling awful. I stoped and said a silent prayer "Thank you God, for being so patient with me and giving me that good thought". Trust me , I understand how you feel. Sending you warm loving thoughts Lou.
    3951 days ago
    Lou... with all your rain I thought of the line that is something like "when it rains, it pours." I don't know if that is exactly it, but how I interpret it is that rain is like the little negative things in life that happen - necessary, but sometimes stressful, but there are times when it seems like more and more of these events are happening and it in a sense "pours."

    I don't know if that made sense at all, but lately it seems like you have had lots of rain showers... and today it just seemed to pour on you!

    Sorry you had the series of events that you had and you hit a breaking point, but at the same time, I am happy for you that you already had a revelation from these events and are moving forward.... positive as always!!!!

    I hope that things start getting better for you!


    3951 days ago
    Oh Lou, I know what you mean. But isn't it funny how, just when we think we can't take one more thing, something happens that puts everything into a better perspective? I call that blessings from God! I am so glad you found the part (and kudos to the waitress for noticing the missing piece) and that you are able to use your computer again!

    Have a blessed weekend!
    3951 days ago
    I've had a few Popeye moments myself, of late: I've stood all I can stands and I can't stands no more!!! lol I didn't handle them all well. But I'm getting better at it since no relief is yet in sights. We live and learn. We grow from faith unto faith. Thanks for another winner, Lou.
    3951 days ago
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