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The Prodigal Daughter Returns

Sunday, May 09, 2010

I have returned. After my car accident on March 9th, and unable to use my leg for a while, I got into a depression, and kind of gave up. after the doctor let me go to modify exercises, while in my boot, I got back on track again. Then on March 30th the unthinkable happened, something I wish on no woman. I was
sexually assualted. Here is what happened.

Yesterday evening at work, I had something happen, that I never thought would ever happen to me at my place at work. I was assulted. I was in my residents room, changing out his cath bag, and taking off his compression socks. I was squatted down, taking off his socks, when he started rubbing his knees aganist my breast, I stood up immediatley, and told him, that it was inapproiate behavior, and to please quit. He then grabbed me by my face, and started kissing me on the lips, I pulled away, and got out of his room. I got the med aide up there right away. My med aide came up, and I told her what was going on. Right away, she called his son. His son came to the facility right away, he asked if he should call the police or would we do the honors. I guess this isn't the first time his father has done something like this. He tries it with all the females of the facilities he has been in. We told him that we would have to call the administrator, and find out what she wanted to do in this situation. Administrator was called, and we were told to call the police, she couldn't have residents living there, who were going to assult her workers.

The police were called, and the administrator came in right away also. One police officer went in along with his son to talk to him, and the other officer, took me and the administrator down to the nurses station. The officer that I had was a real jerk. He kept asking me what I did to invoke the attack. I told him, that I did nothing, but squat down to take off his compression socks, and to change out is cath bag for the night. The officer told me, that maybe I should have found some other way to do these things. I told him, that we are not allowed to sit down on their funiture unless, the resident invites us to do so, and that he had no right to do what he did to me. After taking my statement, the administrator went and talked to the son. He was in total agreement, that his dad needed to be moved out right away, and put somewhere he would not be doing this again. His son apologized to me, and told me that he was sorry for his father's behavior. I told that I didn't blame him, he did nothing wrong. My administrator was going to give me the day off today, but I told her, that I wasn't going to let this bring me down, and that my other residents needed me, just as much. I was told that I handled the situation professionally, and approiatley.

Not sure where our resident will be going, but his son is going to move him out as of this morning. He said he would have him moved out, before I came back to work. The night shift was informed when they came on, that Laurie was not to go in his room, by herself. Thank God Dale, Laurie's finace was working with her that night. Then to top off my night, it had snow last as well. I was pretty much shaken up from the incident, and then having to drive home in the snow, after my car accident three weeks ago, made for not a very good evening. I also came to find out, that I was not the only one that he did this to in our facility. I was talking to my partner in crime, Marissa, and he did this to her as well. I asked her why she didn't report it, and she felt, that nothing would be done about it. I told her that she needed to report the incident right away. Our administrator is going to find out from the other workers there, if he had tried something with anybody else. I am just glad that he will be gone, by the time I come back to work today.

This happened on the 30th of March. My depression got worse, and the weight started piling back on again. After about a week and half I started seeking counseling. I am back on the road to recovery and weight loss once more. I am now taking an antidepressant, and decided that since today was Mothers Day, I would start back on my road to weight loss. I have many more Mothers Days to celebrate with my three wonderful boys.
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    I am so glad you came back to us!
    3679 days ago
    Donna, I am so sorry to read about your horrible experience. I am so proud of you for standing firm for YOU and for take all the appropriate actions. Glad that you're on some medications to help with the depression as well. There is a marvelous thread in the 50 Pound Challenge group called "TATTER'S CORNER" that deals with sexual abuse and may be useful to you. You'd be surprised how many of us have had to deal with abuse both past and present. Be blessed and be well my friend. I am so glad that you're back Sparking along with us. You've been missed! Love, Dawn emoticon
    3679 days ago
    HUGS big time and a big pat on the back for standing up for yourself. I am so sorry about the accident and stresses you have been under. I am also so glad to see you back and getting on track. It sounds like you are taking care of yourself with all that has happened to you. Keep doing that and getting stronger.
    3680 days ago
    Hi Donna, welcome back I've missed you.
    I had no idea you'd been in an accident and then to go through all that at work too...poor you emoticon
    I'm so glad you've got back on track, your wonderful family will help you through.
    Good to have you back emoticon emoticon
    3680 days ago

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    Wow, you've certainly been through an awful lot the last few months!

    Good for you for reporting the incident! I hate to think how many other women he's done this to!

    I hope your leg is feeling better. And I hope the meds are helping. Good for you for getting back on SparkPeople! There's such wonderful support here!
    3681 days ago
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