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Biggest Loser, Season 10 (Portland filming) - 05/20/2010

Saturday, May 22, 2010

The Biggest Loser came to Portland on Thursday, May 20 to film scenes for Episode 1 of Season to -- and this is how the story unfolded...

It started with a long line of 200+ people, waiting in the rain -- yes, sometimes known as "typical Oregon weather." And Oregonians are used to it...but not used to the colder temps (it was in the low 50s) and hail for this part of the season.

When I arrived (at about 8 AM, I met up with Sparkers SURFCITYGIRL/Shannon and PERFECTLY4GIVEN/Jackie, and we continued to wait in the rain together. KAYAKID/Mike (Jade Dragons BLC13 Team) also was there and joined us. We all donned our purple Biggest Loser T's and waited for the announcement on where to "report." Ken Coleman (Season 3 contestant was also there, helping with the Portland event. Learn more about Ken at www.theoutlookonl

Ken handing out orange bracelets (that meant you registered)

At about 9 AM, we proceeded to a section of the park and took our places on the wet grassy hill looking down towards a tent-type pavillion.

There the Director, Neil "3-things" DeGroot, gave us instructions and talked about how the day would go -- There were 3, no 4 things to remember: (1) Ugg, cant remember, will have to edit later!, (2) Have Fun, (3) Hydrate, and (4) No Injuries. We were then introduced to Season 7 Contestant Mike Morelli www.dietsinreview

Mike was quickly joined by one of our favorite Biggest Loser trainer's, Bob Harper!

Thankfully, by this time the rain had "moved on for the time being" and we were greeted by blue skies and sunshine (I like to think that God is a fan of the Biggest Loser too, afterall -- He knows our bodies should be a temple of the Holy Spirit so I am pretty sure He thinks that the BL is a pretty good tv show). Anyways -- BOB, started us off with some squats and punches, then we were doing jumping jacks, and finished up with...ugh, pushups (boy-style, up on the toes - and honestly, in wet grass on a hill, it was worth doing them versus girly-pushups!). There was also some time for Doctor H to talk after that.

Dr H with Jackie

A lot of time elapsed as the Director and his minnons readied for the next stage of the event so there was a lot of time for pictures, autographs, etc. Bob spent a lot of time mingling in the crowd, stopping and taking time to talk with one fella (who weighed about 500 lbs). My observation of Bob is that he really cares about people -- and wants to see us all lead healthy lives.

Bob talking to the "Big Guy"

another picture

Also in the crowd to lend support were Matt and Suzy Hoover (Season 2 contestants who placed 1st and 3rd - they were the first BL contestants to "get married" and they travelled down from WA with their two boys for the event). A story about Matt and Suzy can be seen at www.cbn.com/700cl

me with Matt and Suzy Hoover and their two sons - WOW, my hair after a "Bob Workout" looks like it went crazy!!

Next, three "potential contestants" who auditioned in the Portland area this past March, were called up one by one from the crowd (big cheers and congratulations), and were then weighed in on "the scale!" and each shared their story. Of these, three, only two would go on to the RANCH as Season 10 contestants. I would share what they had to do and what happened after that, but that could take away some of the FUN from watching the first episode, so you will just have to "wait and see!"

So let me just finish by sharing a few more pictures...and by saying, when the event ended and people departed...it wasnt too much longer when "the rain returned." All in all it was a GREAT day...very motivating and inspiring....and nice to share the moment with other "SPARKERS!"

Biggest Loser - Purple team ROCKS!

me with Mike Morelli and Shannon

me with Bob and Shannon

the "two Mikes"

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