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Day 2 of 30 Day Shred and Photo Food Blog for Tuesday, 5/25

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

As I said yesterday, that foe (and friend) of mine Ms. Soreness set in with a vengeance yesterday so bad I might add, that I was NOT able to take the stairs AT ALL at work yesterday. I attempted it and found myself clutching for dear life to the hand rail which I find utterly disgusting since they're coated in icky germie wormies! emoticon So, the thighs seemed to be hit the hardest and no doubt that was due to the oodles of lateral lunges, squats, forward lunges, numerous jumping jacks and the dreaded move - the "buttkicker" where you literally kick your own booty. I was up in the air over whether I really would be even physically able to attempt day 2 after work yesteday, but I was optimistic and used positive self talk to psyche myself up for the challenge. So, I kept with "the plan", meaning that as soon as I got home, I tore off the work clothes, threw on the workout scruffies and went on with cooking dinner (an amazing homemade shepherd's pie), checking homework and set aside some deserved ME time and locked myself in the room with the lovely Miss. Jillian. emoticon

I made sure to stretch out really thoroughly prior to even turning on the DVD to make sure I was as limber as possible and to avoid any injuries. I did downward dog to get that achilles nice and ready for all the jumping and strain it was about to endure. LOVE THIS MOVE - again - YOGINMAMA is the bestest!

Well, on with it I went. And just as Jillian says, "I need you to give me your all", I sure did. It was super tough on those achin thighs and I felt reminiscent of the Tin Man in the Wizard of Oz, but I kept right on jumping, crunching, lunging, push-up'ing, squating, butt-kicking and punching with the beat!
emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

Again, my little HRM wasn't working! RATS! Wonder why...will have to look into this for sure because I'd REALLY love to know how fast my ticker was going. I set out for day 2 of workout #1 and did it. Can't wait to see how my body changes. I'm certain SOMETHIN good is happening since I am so achy and feelin so breaky, but it's all in a good way and for a greater cause!

OK , on to my tummy's contents for Tuesday, 5/25

Small banana nut muffin, cantalopue, honeydew, purple grapes, a small slice of watermelon and cranberry juice: 238 cal

Half veggie sandwich on whole wheat no mayo with provolone, tomato, grilled eggplant, yellow squash, red onion (sorry for the breath), romaine, peppercinis. Absolutely heavenly AND only: 255 cal

Whole wheat bagel with 1 tbs fat free cream cheese: 323 cal

Shepherd's Pie with extra lean ground beef, mixed veggies, homemade mashed potatoes with fat free milk and just a tad of margarine : 562 cal

Snack #2
5 large jet-puffed marshmallows and 5 hershey's kisses (not pictured): 224 cal

I ended the day with about 1602 cals which is just under my recommended 1630, but I did way better with my protein and carb areas. I made sure to include snacks into my day to try to boost the cals a bit so I get my recommended alotment. Sure, I probably could've skipped the marshmallows and kisses, but hey, ya gotta live a little.

Plan for today: Wednesday, 5/26. To have a hot date with Jillian again for day #3 of the Shred and go for a walk around the campus here at work for at least half an hour. Continue to focus on maintaining my recommended cal intake and try not to dip below to fuel my body with enough strength to keep on ROCKIN!

*smiles - still sore ones*

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Love the photos! Thanks for sharing!
    3936 days ago
  • CARLA-216
    Hmm, are you a fellow germophobe? emoticon

    Great job on pushing on and doing Shred even though you were sore. Keep on moving when you're sore to work out the soreness...so I hear anyway.

    I am drooling at your lunch and dinner. Umm, umm, ummmmm!
    I also make a really good shepherd's pie that is a Weight Watchers recipe.

    And finally, thanks to Carrie's comment...I have the Badd Mammajamma song in my head. emoticon
    3936 days ago
    Hi! Well done for sticking to the Shred even when you're sore! How are you feeling today? Still sore? I'm so proud of you!
    My HRM doesn't seem to work at home as well as outside. I was told it was due to interferences with the TV set, the computers, the microwave oven and so on... Too bad!
    Have a lovely evening! emoticon
    3936 days ago
    GREAT JOB! I am so proud of you for embracing the photo food blog. It definitely helps me stay accountable. So when I want to eat 2 pieces of pizza, I only eat one because I know I have to post it! Lol. Thanks for the info on the shred. I may just have to hit Wally World as I like to call it and pick it up.

    I ain't gonna lie, after reading your post I am a lil scurred, but its a good thing you keep me on my toes! Like you said, you are doing it, so I can at least try right? emoticon

    Keep up the awesome job girl! You are AMAZING!

    3936 days ago
    Sounds great!! Good job!
    3936 days ago
    Jeanie....You are SUPER WOMAN!!!!!

    Badd Mammajamma....You Rockstar!!! I was LMAO when you mentioned the stairs and gripping the rails...I know that feeling...and the germs...don't even get me started...definitely one of my phobias!! I bet you used the restroom at one point or another yesterday....and I bet you were slow going down and slow to rise!!! But like you said.....it is such a good SORENESS!!!

    You are definitely going to get some good results...and no more of that 189 crappola!!!

    Why the heck am I looking at a bike? What the....Where'd my girl go? I know, I know....she's your pride and joy, and I'm just teasing you!!! At first, I thought you would be on it...so I was looking for your skinny booty...but then I figured out...nope its just the bike!!

    Alright....bring on Day 3 of your SHRED!!! Like Jillian says, UNLESS YOU PUKE, FAINT, OR DIE, KEEP GOING!!!

    Big Hugs and Smiles,
    Carrie emoticon
    3936 days ago
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