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Hugger & Hunger Changes...

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

It is an odd thing that happens when gluten is leaving the body. It at times feels as if I am feeling things for the first time ♥ Not only is like the difference of walking through life with a snowmobile suit & helmet (&oven mitts) emoticonon VS. shorts & a tanktop; emoticon }*Big* difference{ it has helped me stop the negative jargin in my noggin. Don't know how, but it just has. Maybe I was feeling so under the weather (my whole life) that I just ended up in a negative mindset, could be. Wonder how many other people out there are having a life dulling, body numbing, negative mindset creating reaction to gluten? Hmm...makes me wonder...

Nice thing this morning in our usualy hug bye-bye, I could just *feel* the hug more than normal
and am not ashamed to say, it was so nice, especially since I realized my lateral sides of my back have slimmed down some... :) Anyone know how that happens and the scale still doesn't move?? Hmm..I'll still take it, very nice feeling;)

HUNGER Part: emoticon
It has been so refreshing to find out some of the things I thought were 'just me' or odd about me are actually something in common with other Celiac/gluten intolerant people. That said, HUNGER, it has changed, dramatically. I don't think it was the carbs making me hungry, as I can eat a baked potato and feel full, pasta on the other hand...seems like I'd crave more food, especially if I had it for dinner, I'd wake up ravenous. Since saying bye bye to gluten I can't help thinking, 'oh, this is what normal pple feel like when they are hungry'. It is just 'normal', not ravenous hunger that has no end. Later I will write about how malnourished someone with Celiac can be, and still be obese, sounds contradictory, doesn't it? To be 100 pounds overweight, and still be malnourished!? How can that be? It is true, and I bet it is true for more than 1 in a hundred in the USA. emoticon

Was it rice in frozen meals like Lean Cuisine etc.?
Another food causing similar reaction?
White rice in the Lean Cuisine Glazed Chicken ?
Maybe the sauce was cross contaiminated?
Package doesn't declare any wheat, but I have had a mild reaction after eating it.
Hands start to feel swollen & tingle, breath shortens, heart races, body feels stiffer, moving not so easy..headache, .fatigue and brain fog start to settle in. Since it was in small amount, it seems to leave quicker than before, when I was unknowingly glutening myself throughout the day, and constantly feeling sick. Celiac/gluten intolerant people must be slueths emoticon or continue to get their body contaminated by gluten. emoticon
Here was a link about different rices

Am thinking I will *have* to pre make my own rice and sauces for my lunches or suffer the consequences. I don't really know if it is possible that somehow the sauce or rice was contaminated, but I do know when I'm feeling glutened, the change is dramatic and fairly swift.

On a lighter note, do you know how many resturantes we quit going to because I had thought I had gotten food poisioning???? THAT was before I knew I was gluten intolerant! Poor Jim, had to quit going to some of his favorite resturantes because I always got sick there!!! It wasn't the resturantes' food, it was my body rejection of gluten.... Jim likes to take me out to eat, just the two of us, and all this time I really never had enjoyed it because I always got sick.
Another refreshing change in my life to be thankful for, finding out about this gluten problem has forced us to make changes in our shopping habits, what we have in the house to eat, made plannig meals a little harder...but it has given me back so much more (as long as I'm a good slueth;) emoticon

Blessings to you,
& Stay Strong~
♥ Christina~
On my way;
enjoying the climb:)
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