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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Ahh, I read the labels....searched for a warning and nada..
so I thought this Lean Cuisine Glazed chicken was just right
for me to have as a quick meal...gluten was no where on the label...
But...like I said yesterday--I definitely had a reaction. Talked with LC on
the phone and they whole heatedly apologized, and said that while they
do not have it listed in the ingredients, their lines are not dedicated, and they
have wheat products on the same lines, so cross contamination is likely.
They are refunding me $15.00 and taking a note that consumers would like to
see some gluten free LC meals...sorry LC, until that happens you just lost a good
customer :( The lady on the phone was very nice etc, though I do think they should have
it listed on the label that cross contamination is possible, would have saved me a headache,
literally! :)

This continued feeling of wellbeing and general happiness, increased ability to handle stress continues. Other things I've noticed are little, yet big things...like being more likely to play with the kids:) a little thing in life...that REALLY is a BIG thing. It's not just about having the energy, and its certainly not about lost pounds (I'm still hovering around 230), it is about my body not being poisoned by gluten daily. If anyone out there even *thinks* you maybe gluten intolerant....give it up for 2 weeks, see how you feel, it could enrich your health by leaps and bounds....


Surely, I tell you it is. If your villi in your intestinal tract is compromised you will not
be able to absorb the nutrients, vitamin and minerals from your food....and you may
notice that food makes a fast pass exit through your body. Apparently in some Celiac
folks, they get underweight, and in some, a voracious appetite develops at times, because
the nutrients, etc are so needed by the body....your body goes past cravings and demands
you to eat to get these vital nutrients, minerals and vitamins. So you eat more (apparently in some people the body can still store fat when you have Celiac Disease;)

So here you are (or at least me:) hair dry, brittle and falling out! Vitamin deficient. Makes sense now...I could go on and on, but I have some other things to do today...I think you get the picture. I will post a link on it! By the way, my husband and I have both seen (no pun intended)
an improvement in our eyesight since going gluten free! Eyes need vitamins too! When we saw this we started using vitamin A cream too, thinking this would help as it goes straight into your skin, and low and behold, it does help!!!!

Curious about more information on how you could be Celiac and overweight/obese??? Here
is the link I promised you! Best to you on your research!!!


Hope you unlock your mysteries and feel better soon!!!

Keep on climbing that mountain, and
enjoy the beautiful view!!!!
Blessings to you, emoticon
& Stay STRONG ♥
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    NOSTROW, you are right, and I have also called just to check up on Kraft Ranch Dressing and they too where honest about not having anytype of Gluten in their product, but they do not dedicate lines, and they don't label the product that cross contamination is possible, aren't they supposed too? You see that for peanuts all the time.

    Princess, the biggest rewards do seem to be the little ones, and I know that sounds contradictory, but it is so true. Just having that weighty fog lifted off of me I have ran and played on the playground with them for a long time! That was the first big key for my husband, seeing that! He knew we had finally found what was dragging me down, and you know the funny thing is, we (or at least I) always had this internal dialog that was negative and picking at myself for not feeling like doing ____ (fill in the blank, could be play, dishes, cook, etc),
    and this has gone on my whole life, and without gluten, that has just miraculously lifted!!! I cannot tell you the joy it brings!
    We are now a family that has gone from a stressed & tired mom to one that is laughing and playing! We had a great hand of UNO last night, loads of gigglies...I am as happy for the children as I am for me, poor them putting up with a tired, stressed momma many times....No plate of spagetti or piece of bread is going to be worth bringing back that old "glutened Chris".
    :-) Blessings to you and thanks for the encouraging words! :)
    3692 days ago
    I too liked your small successes. Way to be observant of them. And way to go on calling LC. Until more people point it out to them and demand change, they will continue not labeling their product.
    3692 days ago
    I'm sorry about the gluten in the LC meal---but I like the part about your not being as stressed and enjoying playtime with the kiddies more. Those are the kind of changes we seldom track but they have the most lasting effect!
    3692 days ago
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