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Poor Planning!

Friday, May 28, 2010

[Pros for this week:]

- I didn't miss any of my scheduled gym days. I'm very happy about this! While I've only been going three days a week, the other four days I've had dog-walking duty (total of 1.5 hours a day). I don't track the walking because I don't consider it cardio exercise for someone of my fitness level. It's really just a bonus.

- I stayed within my calorie ranges. I'm not celebrating this, though. See below.

[Cons for this week:]

- I don't know what I was thinking last Saturday (grocery day), but I did not plan ahead for lunches at all for this past week. As a result, I've stayed within my ranges but I haven't been utilizing my calories well.

- I'm not drinking enough water. One of the reasons for this is that New Jersey tap water tastes like sh!t (Profanity filters? Really, SparkPeople? Come on.) and I keep forgetting to buy water.

- I haven't been tracking all of my meals! What's the point of only tracking one or two? Get with the program, self!

[Solutions for next week:]

- I'm going to plan a grocery list specifically for lunches the way that I do for dinners. Not having access to foods that I enjoy makes me not want to eat at all, which then leads to binging.

- I need to take care of this yucky water situation permanently. It will save me a lot of trouble and save the planet a lot of plastic bottles. Can anyone recommend a good water filter that fixes to the faucet? I remember trying Brita and being dissatisfied.

- I will be more diligent with my calorie tracking and try to blog more frequently. I think interacting more with my Spark Friends make me more accountable for my behavior.

PICKING UP MY NEW BIKE TONIGHT! Starting to ride to work every (non-thunderstormy) day on Monday!
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Yeah - I'm with ya regarding the water filters you stow in the fridge. It seems like the tap-attachment variety push too much water through them too quickly to really get it filtered well. The ones that go in the fridge, you can fill up the resevoir, and it can sit and drip for the next hour while it filters. I'm glad I live in Oregon - our tap water out here is really especially nice. I lived in Houston for a few years, and I swear - you could literally bleach your clothes in the sink.

    Awesome job on identifying the various pros/cons of the week and making a plan to tackle the cons. It always helps to talk (type) yourself through it - I know it does for me anyway! :) Blogs really can be valuable in this fashion - use them to create yet another neural pathway and help crystalize ideas.

    And - A NEW bike? AWESOME!! :) Whatchya gettin'? emoticon
    3834 days ago
    Thanks so much for your suggestions! I ordered the PUR water pitcher to put in my fridge. The one that goes on the faucet seemed to have a lot of poor reviews.
    3834 days ago
  • JPRICE217
    I use a brita water filter and I like the way it works.
    3834 days ago
    I Have a PUR filter, as well, though we're trying to decide if my plumber is right and we would be better served getting one put in UNDER the sink and putting less stress on the faucet. I also have a Brita pitcher as a back up, just in case.
    3835 days ago
  • no profile photo JEANNETTE59
    emoticon another NJ vote for PUR

    For anyone who is refilling plastic water bottles, the grade of plastic used in bottled water is meant for one use only. Multiple uses can leech chemicals out of the plastic and into the water that you are drinking.

    Remember emoticon
    3835 days ago
    Thanks for sharing. While it's great to read about people's successes, I think reading about others' perseverance is even more inspiring!
    3835 days ago
    I live in Jersey and use a PUR filter on the faucet. The difference between the Brita and PUR faucet attachment is that the PUR has a metal bushing so if you use warm water it does not pop off like the plastic bushing on the Brita. PLUS i like how it tastes. when you have to buy new filters it does hurt a bit as they re expensive, but cheaper than bottled.

    I have a tough time with lunches as well. When i am doing well with my eating i find that having some default meals at some local restaurants help. Usually a good sized salad with protein or a brown rice bowl. I have decided to purchase a small fridge for my office and do some trader joe's shopping on Monday mornings so i'll have my lunch and snack stuff in my office and ready!!!
    3835 days ago
  • no profile photo CD6372002
    3835 days ago
    Good blog read. I was in the same lunch rut for a while -- and dinner too, actually -- but once I put a little thought into what I wanted to eat and really enjoyed eating, then I just remembered to get it at the grocery store cuz I craved it so much. (Don't know if you like black bean soup, but it's bangin' with some salsa and a little ff sour cream--even add some grilled chicken if you have it.)

    I hear you on the NJ water sit. I used to live in Medford Lakes and the water was just foul. We have a water cooler (I live in PA now), but I've used the Brita filter and it worked pretty well.

    Have fun with the bike!
    3835 days ago
  • no profile photo CD7445412
    I like the PUR filters myself. We had a nice one that attached to the faucet before I bumped it too many times and it bit the dust. The water in our area isn't terrible though, so I've just been refilling plastic bottles with tap water. I've been thinking about getting another filter though. Any tap water has that chemical taste to it that I don't care for.
    Congrats on the bike! That sounds awesome, I wish I lived close enough to do that, but I have a 25 minute commute by car, it would be hours on a bike.
    3835 days ago
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