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Weekend of 5/29 and other random thoughts

Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Had a sort of crazy weekend. I didn't post this, but our car had gotten stolen about 2 weeks back and had to find another means of transportation that would accomodate the entire fam since our only other car was a eeny meenie single cab pickup truck that you could BARELY squeeze 3 people in that had a shifter right down the center (yeah, so sorta scary if a guy was in the middle with a shifter right between his legs lol). We traveled EVERYWHERE looking for Craigslist postings and CANNOT BELIEVE THERE ARE SO MANY SCAMS OUT THERE!! BEWARE WHEN USING and WHATEVER YOU DO, DO NOT, I REPEAT, DO NOT REPLY TO ANY POSTS THAT ONLY HAVE EMAIL AS CONTACT. We almost got scammed!!! And we found at least 10 that were like that and they seemed to have the asking price in common ($2900) and all of them had some weird story about the car being located somewhere other than California and it would need to be shipped within 3 days of recieveing the $, they claimed to be in the military stationed as far as Alaska, and one person even claimed the car (an '03 beautiful Lincoln Navigator fully loaded) belonged to their deceased son and it was entirely too painful for them to keep. WHO IN THE HELL would LIE about some stuff like that???? So eye-opening, can't believe so many crooked a$$ individuals out there that just live to scam innocent people. Anyways, thankfully a good friend of ours works for eBay and she told us the only approved method of payment over eBay Motors is through PayPal. These other ppl were trying to get us to use Western Union or MoneyGram and stuff because supposedly they "didn't have a PayPal account". Their emails even looked real, with eBay logos all over and stuff. JEESH!!!!!!!! Anyways, we found some that were legit (FINA-freaking-LY) with PHONE NUMBERS lol - but had to travel FAR. Only to ask all the questions over the phone and be told everything is immaculate and the stupid piece of shi* car would literally be crashed or falling apart of salvaged title!!!! AAARRRGGGHHHH!!! Hubby and I were fed up. Saturday we travelled from Hayward all the way almost to Monterey for nothing. Sunday we decided to try Stockton and Sacramento area and we finally LUCKED OUT! Got us a nice '98 Ford Expedition that needed a few little things (center console, etc) that hubby knew he could get from the wrecking yard. NOW...finally the hunt is over and we have the biggest car we've ever owned! With 2 teens and an almost 7 year old you really need room, now we have tons of it. Can sit up to 8 too! Low miles and all for a really good deal. Excellent 5.4L strong motor...rambling, sorry! Anyhoot, here's a pic:

It's great! Never thought we'd be able to ever have an SUV. Now hubby and I are already talking about not being able to wait to plan a family trip camping and to the snow next snow season with the kiddos.

With regards to excercise - not much happened in that department since Sat and Sunday we spent literally the ENTIRE day truck hunting, but made up for it yesterday when I popped in 30 Day Shred and moved on to level #2!! OH MY GOSH - more challenging is an understatement! Plank after plank after plank! And walking push-ups....no joke whatsoever! I kept up though! I wanted to go for a swim but the indoor pool I go to was closed over the weekend - I have no clue why especially with a holiday. So today's plan is to eat decent, guzzle the H2O and jam on to level#2 tonight after I feed the fam. I swear I feel my flab is transforming! Especially my sides - if I could just get those obliques! lol. I know, with time, with time! I am such an eager beaver!!

Here's to a great, productive and healthy month moving ever closer to my goals. I hope to lose 10lbs this month, but don't know if it's realistic. One can dream, though!! With focus, determination, and fearlessness, I CAN do it!

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Congrats for finding a new car!!!
    And well done for moving to level 2 of the shred. You're doing amazing!
    I don't know whether a 10 pound loss is a realistic goal - you'll tell us. But as long as you lose weight and gain muscle, it will be a victory. emoticon
    Have a lovely month!
    3923 days ago
    Nice car! Thanks for posting about the scams. Glad you found a ligit deal. You go girl! All you can do is try for that 10 lb loss this month! emoticon
    3924 days ago
    Yay on getting a decent vehicle! Good job on the shredding too! I am impatient also, but we have to keep thinking about 1 Day at a time, and 1 week at a time, not just the big picture of months from now.
    3924 days ago
    Congrats on getting a great-looking SUV. I wasn't a big fan of big cars before, but now I absolutely love em. Congrats on getting thru level 1 of the 30-day shred. emoticon A 10-pound loss for June is realistic, burning about 500-600 calories a week and keeping within your calorie range should really help you meet that goal! Good Luck!! emoticon
    3924 days ago
    Sweet & Skinny Jeanie~

    Wowser....you have had a devil of a time!!! It really is scary to think of all the scams that are going on...and how many innocent and naive individuals (especially our elderly) are being mistreated. Thank goodness you were able to figure it out...and get something accomodating!! Very nice!!! Looks in great shape for being a '98!!

    You, Hubby and the kids' will enjoy the camping SOOOOOO much! It is much easier to load up into one vehicle...and still feel comfortable!! There are days I don't like filling up the gas tank...but enjoying everyone together...in their "own" space makes up for it!!

    I know you are kickin' it girl with Jillian...and she is probably running you til' exhaustion!!! But you should feel so proud...especially since I know many have started her 30-day shred and after one day....don't do it anymore!!! You are sticking with it!!! And I know you will defy the odds!!! I feel like a slacker in the working out department also, so I will be doing the elliptical for 60 minutes tonight!!! I'm tired thinking about it...but I know I'll feel better once it is over and done with!!!

    I think your goal of 10 pounds is doable....just take care of yourself through the process!!

    Big Big Hugs and Smiles,
    Carrie emoticon

    PS....Your grandmother is a VERY smart woman...."Duck" is an excellent name!!
    3924 days ago
  • CARLA-216
    Your new ride looks nice! Hope the "person" who stole your other car gets run over by the Karma wagon!

    I love that you feel your "flab is transforming! Progress, baby!!
    Great job on moving on to Level 2! You're determined and focused and those 10 lb that you have your eyes set on will surely take a hike this month! Go YOU!!!
    3924 days ago

    Comment edited on: 6/1/2010 3:10:37 PM
    You go girl! We need a bigger family vehicle too. Just too expensive right now. I am happy you found one after all the hassle! WTG on doing level 2, I am NOT gonna go there for a while. Jillian really kicks your butt! Literally with the butt kicks. emoticon

    3924 days ago
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