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DAY 2 LEVEL 2 30 DAY SHRED & Fast Photo Food Blog - No guts, no glory!

Wednesday, June 02, 2010

OK, first Wed of the month = boring staff meeting day at work, which equates to all the managers trapsing in to the conference room with an array of fatening, cholesterol saturated foods, or "goodies" for the staff as they refer to them. In meetings past this usually consisted of Krispy Kreme donuts, Noah's bagels with oodles of cream cheese, breakfast danishes and other crap. Things of which I love and had issues in the past refraining from joining in with the rest of the gluttenous crowd in attendance at the meeting. NOT TODAY, MY FRIEND!! Oh hells no...(sorry) - anyways after I finished day 2 of my level 2 Shred last night, (which I rocked might I add lol) I had dreaded thoughts of what may be placed right in front of me first thing in the morning at the staff meeting. Man, wouldn't that just incredibly SUCK if I stuffed my face with some of that stuff which would completely and utterly erase the progress I had made in my Shredding adventures. Could I resist????

Well, even though yesterday afternoon was complete with every working Mom's nightmare (grocery shopping immediately after work - and I mean like a $300 dollar full-cart trip) AND cooking dinner after putting all the stuff away, I was pooped even BEFORE I hooked up with my girl Jillian, but I pushed myself and used a lil positive self-talk and reminded myself of how incredible I feel once I finish the workout - needless to say, it was enough fuel for my SP fire to ROCK it out!! (By this time, it was 9pm - still hadn't eaten dinner bc I didn't wanna work out cramping up, or worse hurling the entire time since Jillian shows no mercy whatsoever). I showered and admit I felt a tad bit guilty as I immediately went into the kitchen and cooked myself up a VEGGIE meal! Yes - I said it! I tried it. I actually try to have at least 1 veggie night or lunch / wk, but realized how good I feel after eating "clean". I whipped up an awesome sandwich on whole wheat sandwich thins complete with sauteed eggplant, portabello mushroom steak, onions, fresh spinach and bell peppers in extra virgin olive oil served up with a desert of mango slices and a bananna. I actually liked it tons! I deliberately made extra so I could bring it to work today for lunch.

So...I dunno if you'd call this cheating, but I laid out everything I planned on eating today at work - bfast and lunch items - I was determined as heck to keep away from the spread of crud at the meeting - IT WORKED!! I brought down my yogurt and high fiber pb and dark chocolate bar and happily munched away without a care in the world!! YAAAY ME! Victory over food is sooo sweet! I sat in my chair taking minutes, looking around me at all the RN's and various staff that should KNOW to eat healthier, but seemed to not be able to contain themselves over the poop they were scarfing up. AND they even got up for seconds!!!! YIKES - and that was ME...before...wow! Friggin oinker I was, but now health conscious and definitely one with second thoughts of putting that stuff down MY throat!
emoticon emoticon

Anyways, here's a pic of all I brought today which I am sticking to! I have the remainder of the mushroom sandwich stuff in sandwich thins, a puffed rice crisp, pringles baked wheat stix, fresh strawberries, a nectarine, a bananna and a small pkg of fat free fruit snacks. (I ate the yogurt and fiber bar in the pic for bfast) All total about 866 cals! I didn't find the fruit snacks (80 cals) or the baked wheat stix (120 cals) in the tracker, but added them into my running total for the day. This leaves me with about 800 cals for dinnertime!

I'll probably eat some boneless skinless chicken breast and something else to amp up the protein for the evening - will need this for day 3 level 2, for sure! Eating healthy and taking responsibility for our actions sure seems like half the battle - now continuing with the excercise and activity should be the other. Life changes NOT dieting. I love sparking! I am happy and feel so healthy, even the soreness is subsiding even at level 2 Shred! As Jillian says "your body is being forced to change". I am making a conscious effort to do this. I am doing it for MUA - no one else. I love NOT being one of the knights sitting at King Henry's table of gluttony, partaking in all the face-stuffing. I am in control of me!

*update* Dinner - whole wheat tuna casserole pasta topped with fresh tomatoes, spinach, .75 skinless chicken breast and a nice slice of monterey jack - 891 cals

After ALL I ate, I STILL ended up falling short of my recommended cal range - ended up with 1557 cals and goal is 1630. JEESH and I was freaking FULL!! Oh well, back to the drawing board. At least my protein was on target, and I need that for converting this jiggly fat to muscle! At least I stayed with the plan for the day and didn't stray down the path of the junk food junkees!

Happy Hump Day!

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    You're doing great, gf! I'm sure you don't need anyone telling you to keep it up, because YOU are being so good to yourself, why would you quit now. I'm proud of you, as are so many other of your Sparkfriends. Have a great weekend! Doing something fun, I hope. We're going to a hs graduation in NE on Sat. mary emoticon emoticon emoticon
    3926 days ago
  • CARLA-216
    Oh my goodness, this blog is filled with sticktoitiveness! You are well on your way to success with that awesome can-do and will-do attitude! emoticon
    3927 days ago
    I love your blog today, and I have a suggestion. You mention that the people in these meetings should know better and not eat all of this horribly unhealthy food laid out before them. Some of the responsibility needs to lie with the folks who are bringing these options in to these meetings. Somebody needs to give them a wake up call! They should be providing some healthy options! What's up with that? Anyway, good job on ya girl for making healthier choices, you may have started a landslide in your workplace! Maybe someone noticed you making better choices, and will find it easier to do the same at the next meeting! Good for you!
    3927 days ago
    Well done!!! I wouldn't say you're cheating, quite the contrary - as you say, you're in control and that's emoticon ! I like entering my meals on SP the day before. I plan in advance what I'm going to have (it's easy to copy my breakfast because it's more or less the same every day) so as to be prepared. I'm even turning those empty vitamin containers into almonds or nuts ones. And I've realised that 12 almonds is just enough to keep me satisfied if I'm hungry. The other day I had to share them and 6 was enough until lunchtime. There you go! Portion control even in case of emergencies!
    Thank you so much for your lovely comments on my page!
    Have a lovely evening! emoticon
    3927 days ago
    Love this blog! You are awesome chica! Great job resiting the junk and not letting food get the best of you. Way to go on moving up levels on the Shred. I forced myself but did day 2 yesterday. I think I can do day 3 today. I have been moving around today at work so I don't stiffen up. I think that is the key.

    Great job with the photo food blogs! I love it. It helps keep me accountable.

    Happy Hump Day!
    3927 days ago

    Comment edited on: 6/2/2010 3:47:18 PM
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