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Lets do this again...

Friday, June 04, 2010

So I joined sparkpeople about two years ago eager for motivation and to drop lbs. I did it for a while then life stepped in and threw me off track. Okay, truthfully I gave up. But that seems way harder to admit. lol So it's been on my mind ever since as i've seen the lbs creep back on....

So on Sunday I decided not to try again. But to do it! I joined weight watchers since I love eating so much. So far this is the fifth day and it's going great. I love how I am looking at suggested servings that on packages. And let me tell you that they are small! I can't believe how many times the portion given that I was eating.. whew...

Also eating better has motivated me to get moving! I bought a bosu ball which is fabulous!!! It works every muscle in your body (even when I keep falling off it!) It comes with a DVD which shows me what to do, which I love.

So here's to success and not trying but doing! Cheers to everyone else who's going to reach they're goals!


Pic- Not me on the bosu ball but will be someday :)
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