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Gaining Courage - NEED HELP!!! SOS

Friday, June 04, 2010

Some of you have requested (lol) I take new measurements and weigh in again since I've started Shredding...well, umm...I know I really SHOULD do it too, just to see how I'm progressing, but I admit - I'm having some issues with it for some reason. I just did workout #4 Level 2 last night and will hit up my 5th consecutive workout tonight - plan to move on to Level #3 this coming Monday, 6/7. Will go do laps in the pool first thing tomorrow am. I know I'm DOING much more, eating much better this past couple weeks, I even can swear I SEE more definition in certain spots (admittedly not where I'd love to see improvement, but baby steps - slow and steady wins the race) - but goshers - I'd feel so stinkin bummed if my measurements/weight are the freaking same as before I discovered the Shred - much worse - oh lord - if the scale is MORE from some weird reason.

Can someone serve me up a big slice of COURAGE to go with the plate of motivation I already have? This situation has gotten me all weirded out...why am I so scared to step back on the scale this time? Why won't I measure? I know I've been doing very well and I should have not a single thing to worry about, but JEESH...lol

Well, I DID take a pic of myself immediately following last night's workout. Bob is featured and all - pls excuse the stretch marks. My upper arms seem to be a bit smaller than some of my other pics.
Here's the pic:

haha - cheeks all flushed and sweaty!

Here's on to compare with from back in October '09 - right around the same time I started sparking. I was at 207lbs then - I'm in the pic next to my bro. You can tell I'm hugging him xtra close in every effort of hiding "Bob" - the tum tum from hell - not only that - but hiding it ALL with a mop full of hair!

It's a bit fuzzy - not the world's greatest pic - but BOB is clearly evident.

So...what do YOU guys think? Do you honestly see a difference between then and now?

Have a wonderful weekend - thanks for your honesty and time - and mostly, your friendship.

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  • ASHLEYW_206
    You look so great Jeannie! It's so hard to see our own progress. I'm really amazed by your courage and tenacity to put it all out there...that takes some serious guts. And we can ALL see the progress you're making, whether or not you see it yourself!

    You're kicking Bob's booty right out of there...I can tell! Keep it up, girl! :)
    3918 days ago
    Thanks for all your support, dear friends! I appreciate knowing help is just a click away!! You guys are the greatest =)
    3918 days ago
    Girl, you are SO making progress! I can see it without a doubt. If you are too weirded out to actually see the results, could your hubby just write it down for you? I have known couples to do this for the gender of their baby... Then when they are feeling courageous enough, they open it. I am sure though, you will see progress. And even if it is not what you are hoping for, every little bit counts. The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step. The journey of dozens of inches begins with one centimeter. Do it girl, and report back that you are indeed kickin' butt!!!!!!!!!!!!
    emoticon emoticon
    3920 days ago
    You can even see a difference in the face which sometimes people notice first when you're losing. I feel ya on taking the measurements and weighing yourself. I skipped this week's weigh-in for that very reason. But, hey we gotta do it so we can gage our progress. But, YOU FIRST!! emoticon emoticon
    3920 days ago
    I think you're bound to notice some progress, as you've already had as far as your fitness is concerned. If you don't feel like it, you could just wait for next week to take some measurements and weigh in.
    I'm sorry but I couldn't see any stretch marks...
    Have a lovely day!
    3921 days ago
    You look great. The improvement is really evident and you should be proud.

    As for the scale, there are other things to measure.
    #1 Do you feel better about yourself?
    #2 Do you have more energy
    #3 Are you really going to level 3 That ROCKS!

    So if you don't want to measure then I wouldn't worry about it too much. If you are feeling great then YAH! Celebrate! Then if you feel like measuring in the future go for it.

    3921 days ago
  • CARLA-216
    I do see a difference in the two pics, dear Jeanie.

    And I just want to say...don't measure or weigh until YOU are ready!

    Also keep in mind you may not see a drop on the scale when you first start a new exercise. Here's a link to an article explaining why.

    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    3921 days ago
    Hi - I think you look great - But that's my opinion.
    Have you thought about trying to figure out why you are so terrified of checking your stats? Are you worried you aren't following things as closely as you want to? If so, take the measurements so you know and then work on accuracy. If you are worried that the scale might lie to you, its' a fact, they don't lie. Even if your scale is inaccurate, you will be able to track your progress in pounds lost or gained.

    Remember this is a lifestyle change, not a race and you are a human being, so you will have some ups and downs that are just normal body rhythms, that have nothing to do with how hard you are working out or how well your are following your eating plan. But...if you track them each week, you will see a pattern and the pattern is the important thing. As long as it is going the right direction, you are doing the right thing. If, for some reason it's going the wrong direction, then don't you want to know so you can fix things?

    You have all the tools you need here on the spark web site. If things aren't going like you want them to, it may require a bit more of your time to study why, but trust me, it will be worth it.

    Bottom line, you don't need to hide behind your brother, or your hair, you are beautiful. You may need to work a bit on a more healthy lifestyle if you aren't where you want to be right now, but frankly, and you know this, you are worth any time and effort it takes to achieve your goal. You can do this, just dig down a little deeper for the strength and courage and get on with it. Don't wait for motivation, just do it!


    3921 days ago
    Yes in your face. Keep moving, keep tracking!
    3921 days ago
  • SAL2525
    Be courageous and do it!
    3921 days ago
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