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I'm going to SCREAM!

Sunday, June 06, 2010

I weighed in this morning, and I gotta tell ya, it's the most I've weighed in MANY years! I'd actually LOST weight while on vacation, to which I had no clue how that happened, then I come home and GAIN that plus some! I'm beyond frustrated. I have to go all out strict on myself. NO eating after 7pm, and NO sugar, and low to no carbs. This is getting CRITICAL. I cannot seem to motivate myself to do SQUAT right! I'm really bummed today.
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    Aww chickie! I feel ya and i've been there, and not so long ago.
    Keep chuggin along! It's a life style change! Make small changes!
    Little goals! Like get through the afternoon without eating an entire whatever is your nemesis!
    Then for dinner - don't skip, just get back on track! You can do it!!
    3759 days ago
    Hey there girl. I agree with so much that has been said. Personally I have problems with binging and starving behavior. I am also an emotional eater. I'm finding that I really need to break these habits. I agree that you can change a habit.

    I also agree that this is not a race. This is a lifestyle change. What has helped me is to write down in my journal what I'm feeling. I write in it every day now.

    3767 days ago
    I am praying for you, and I know that you can do this. You are doing alot better than me. I have not even tried latly but I am going to start back this week. I wanted to let you know that when you get stressed out you gain weight as well. and you will lose this weight, don't hold things against yourself and don't deprive yourself. I was told by my doctor to just limit how much I eat , she said don;t remove foods away that you like or say that I won't eat it becasue then we are setting areselfs up to fail. don't give up and tommorow is a new day. God Bless You

    Felicia emoticon
    3769 days ago
    Rather than beating yourself up, how about a bit of forgiveness? The stress you add with negative self-talk and emotions will undo you in the long run. You've done that before, haven't you? As Dr. Phil would ask, "How's that been working for you?"

    That having been said, if you really want to jump start a weight loss so that number on the scale will motivate you, why not try a mini streak--say, keep track of how many days you can eliminate white stuff (sugar, white flour, white rice, etc.) from your diet. Set a goal to do this for a week or two and see how it goes.

    You also must make sure you're drinking enough water. That is absolutely key for me. Living where you do, 8 glasses a day might not be enough. You can't metabolize food very well if you aren't well hydrated.

    You know I luvs ya, and I'll support you any way I can. Can't nobody stop a SASSy girl once she sets her mind to do something, don't ya know?

    3769 days ago
    dont give up its not a race its about your life and how you will improve every day. It was a bad one so make the next day count. We all do things like that, the trick is not to beat yourself up just move on. Its all learning about yourself and what we do and why. Pick back up and carry on. emotions work numbers on our weight loss to so try not to get that worked up. You cant go back so go forward and make it the best day you can. eat right, move more and learn from it. emoticon
    3769 days ago
    Do not be so hard on yourself, we are not robots, we are human beings, and destined to make mistakes, the best we can do is try not to repeat those mistakes over and over again, and try to do the best we can with what we have got. Keep working hard, it may take time but it will pay off eventually. emoticon
    3769 days ago
    Do not be so hard on yourself, we are not robots, we are human beings, and destined to make mistakes, the best we can do is try not to repeat those mistakes over and over again, and try to do the best we can with what we have got. Keep working hard, it may take time but it will pay off eventually. emoticon
    3769 days ago
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    I do best if I cut sugar and white bread. Yesterday I had a wonderful salad with charbroiled chicken it also came with glazed walnuts and a nice piece of texas toast already buttered..grrrrr that set my whole evening off. Even though I ate it for lunch. Its the sugar and white bread double whammy for me.. Needless to say I over ate last night. Today its out of my system although I was a bit cranky this morning.
    The bottom line is.. when those are cut from my daily food intake I loose weight when they are included even if its only a few days a week I either don't loose or I gain.
    Also track your sodium.. I had an eye opener when I started tracking it.. those lean cusines are so good and full of sodium so is soup... low in cals but high in water retaining sodium..
    I wish you luck and I hope you get on track and loose the weight again.
    P.S when those carbs are cut I loose my cravings for them it takes about 2 to 3 days but well worth it.
    3769 days ago
    The cravings usually only last about two weeks. 21 days of something usually forms a habit, but I have to do something drastic. I'm almost feeling hopeless to tell the truth. I have no "get up and go".
    3769 days ago
    I like these top ten strageties because no matter where we are in our lives at this moment, one of these 10 strategies fits in our day, and that includes good or bad. I especially like the one that says allow for setbacks. Being depressed with a mind set of all or nothing, it is especially hard for depressed persons to fail, because of our all or nothing mind set. I have been doing everything I can to change that way of thinking and accept whatever, where ever I am in life today. Acceptance is the answer to everything today. The second part of that would be to let go. Depresses persons can have low self-esteme and cut themselves down more than anyone else could. So start with step one and go through 12 like you are an alcoholic with the 12 Steps. Julian Michaels made a comment that I really liked she said; "WHY WOULD YOU WANT TO FAIL WHEN SUCCESS IS AN OPTION?" That should be every derpressed persons daily moto that is said to the self everyday and all day. It has become mine. I already feel more empowered than I did before and that is all that it takes to make the first step towards the goals. I should read this blog everyday to remind myself of what I'm doing each day.

    The Following is listed here on SparkPeople as one of the articles to read today and I just love this one.

    Top 10 Strategies for Success
    Use These Ideas to Meet Your Goals
    -- By Mike Kramer, Staff Writer
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    1. Start Small
    Quite possibly the biggest mistake people make is pushing the accelerator too soon. You can’t lose 20 pounds in a week. But you can lose one. Taking small bites and chewing slowly have as much to do with goal achievement as they do with your mom’s dinner table scolding.

    2. Get It On Paper
    Whether setting your first goals, tracking daily progress, or sharing your deepest thoughts with a journal, writing things down crystallizes your ideas, exposes underlying fears, and paints an accurate picture of real life.

    3. Focus On Everyday Habits
    The building blocks of a healthy lifestyle are forged in the smallest of actions you take every day and every week. Healthy choices can become as natural as brushing your teeth or locking the front door. Build one habit, one action at a time.

    4. Always See Your Goal
    Goals need attention. They need to be seen and heard and thought of often if they ever hope to come true. So surround yourself with as many reminders as possible.

    5. Be Consistent
    Imagine a plane taking off. In the beginning, a lot of energy is spent to simply get moving down the runway. But as speed and momentum take over, the plane is pulled forward and up into the sky, faster and further by the second. Consistent action, no matter how small, has more power than you ever imagined.

    6. Never Stop Learning
    A healthy lifestyle is a process—a journey more than a destination. You can always learn more about nutrition, fitness, and even yourself that can help you be just a little bit better tomorrow.

    7. Come Out of Seclusion
    Has anyone ever achieved anything of real value all alone? Probably not many. Most receive some form of help from other people. Support, information, a sense of shared experience, encouragement, advice, and a well-timed pep talk are all invaluable as you set off on your adventure.

    8. Allow For Setbacks
    Accept the fact right now that you will make mistakes, and that it can be a positive thing. We are usually harder on ourselves that we are on anyone else we know. Be your own #1 fan. That means being supportive (instead of critical) when you stumble, and enjoying your wins (rather than ignoring your accomplishments) when you succeed.

    9. Trust Your Plan
    You’ll have up weeks and down weeks, and frustrating weeks that make no sense at all. The tools and strategies you’re learning will help you build a plan that makes a healthier lifestyle almost inevitable. If you consistently make the right choices and build healthy habits, weight loss is literally just a matter of time.

    10. Have Fun!!!
    Who says getting healthy has to be a chore, a burden to be endured or suffered through? Probably a very unhappy person, that’s who. This is an exciting adventure of self-discovery and building a meaningful life. Enjoy the ride!

    3769 days ago
    If you cut out all of the sugar and carbs won't you get cravings? I know it's hard for me to say no to everything in a food group, it just makes me want it more!
    3769 days ago
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