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Monday, June 07, 2010

So - it's official. No lie...we are SO not friends.

I've been kind of procrastinating over weighing in. In fact, haven't stepped on a scale since 4/16. I figured if I was feeling good, keeping active, not having tight clothes and all, that I'd be ok. As long as I saw fat starting to turn into muscle, all was right in my little world. But then that curiosity cat came a struttin my way and I started thinking that I better weigh in to see how the shred was affecting me - scale-wise. emoticon Dang that curious cat anyhow!

I've been backing off the jogging to make way for my shredding and to ease those poor achin joints of mine so I've pretty much limited a jog to once a week. I've started swimming laps (beat my old record of 30 laps and swam 34 LAPS this past saturday in about half an hour's time - PHEEWWW!), so it seemed I was doing right by myself. I've been really watching what I eat M-F and started really buckling down over weekends too, splurging here and there but NEVER in excess. I started doing photo food blogs. I've been staying focused, motivated, offered advice by the bucketfull to all my SP buddies and did everything I felt I needed to in order to keep feeling good - keeping that positivity alive and all.

BUT - and I don't meant BUTT...well, mabye I do actually...I stepped on the hospital scale this am at work and it read a 5 LB GAIN!!!!!!!!!! Dagnabbit...totally a downer. I did take measurements over the wknd but forgot to bring em in with me today. I lost inches in several areas but that whole scale thing just TICKED me off...shoot.....(you know that's not the word I really feel like saying right now).
So...what to do from here? I might need to step it up even more and add another run during the week. Just don't wanna get hurt again. I guess it's a bit early to see swimming make a drastic change - I know this only happens with persistance and time. I know that mixing up my routine is "SUPPOSED" to help the body keep guessing and not bore of the old excercise ritual. How much more with 3 kids a hubby and 40hrs/wk at work can I switch it up though???

So, poo-poo to the scale emoticon emoticon. Who needs em anyway? lol (trying to keep up-beat). I could totally picture myself in my imagination with a sledge hammer beating the crap out of the scale - now THERE'S some therapy lol. /But inflicting pain on the blasted device won't get me anywhere in the long run.

Any advice? I don't even drink juice - only drink milk a couple times a week (2% or lower only - get my calcium from low fat yogurt) and NEVER drink soda.

So...SparkieJeanie1 is feeling a bit defeated. Gotta make a come-back and blow that scale to smitherines with a nice low number at my next weigh in. Still sucks though.
emoticon I will survive - Oh Gloria Gaynor take it away girl!

*smiles (still)*
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    You're doing great and YES, there is a noticeable difference in your photos. The scale is not the "final answer"! Try PUPIX305's regimen. Can't hurt. Hang in there, gf! You WILL do it! I just know it. emoticon emoticon emoticon
    3922 days ago
    I feel your pain girl. I wish I had some better words than just keep plugging away. I have begun to think it's a cosmic joke being played on us. Most of the other posters have great advice and I think I will try what PUPIX305 did to get her scale moving. Here's the first of a series of articles Spark has about mixing it up.

    3923 days ago
  • CARLA-216
    I'm late to this and don't know what else I can offer except emoticon and I feel your pain!
    Just KOKO (keep on keeping on) and that !@#$%^& needle on the scale will have no choice but to lean further to the left!
    3923 days ago

    Comment edited on: 6/8/2010 1:49:08 PM
    I understand how you feel... Easier said than done, but you should concentrate on those inches lost! Those are the magic number! They're emoticon
    The same thing happened to me last month - I was doing everything perfect and the weight kept creeping up... until one day when it suddenly dropped! So I figured it had nothing to do with what I was doing. Our bodies seem to have a life of their own, with hormones making our weights go up and down. Perhaps you stepped on the scales at a bad time.
    Anyway, I hope you'll keep up with the EXCELLENT work you've been doing. You definitely deserve it!
    3923 days ago
    Make sure you're weighing in on the same scale all the time :)..that can make a huge difference!!! You're doing so great..losing inches is fantastic. I'd way rather be losing inches than weight...with inches you can at least tell..you know? Everyone else sees you and the inches lost, not the # you know you weigh. Great job, keep sparking!!
    3923 days ago
    Oh that blasted scale!!!!!!!!! I have had times when the scale was not so nice too, and you're right. It DOES suck! Just focus on the measurements, how your clothes fit, and what the mirror shows you. Put the scale aside, and try to step back on in a couple of weeks. If you are doing it all "right" then you will succeed, even if it does take time. Too often (I am guilty of this too) we are ruled by the number on the scale. Ask yourself, if scales did not exist how would I feel about my progress?

    A few things that I have probably shared before, but sometimes repetition is good. Lots of water. Maybe up the protein. And remember weight can fluctuate a lot! Try weighing in the morning on an empty belly if you don't already.

    Chin up girl!! There is no way you are going to gain on the Shred, not in the end anyway!
    emoticon emoticon
    3924 days ago
  • PUPIX305
    Ok... so here are my 2 cents..... I was actually having this problem. Weighed in weekly....was extra active, ate the right things, drank lots and lots of water and on the weekends i would "treat" myself with a little extra snack. Every weigh in I weighed the same. What was going on? I would imagine myself holding my scale in a choke-hold (LOL). I decided to make a few small changes. I worked out as soon as I got home (using a 30 minutes DVD), I ate as soon as I was done with the DVD (no later then 6:30 pm (no little snack afterwards), I STOPPED treating myself for 2 weekends and drank 8 oz more of water. In those two weeks I lost more then I had lost in 3 months - 6 POUNDS!!!!!!! And have kept them off. Try it. I was seriously surprised to jump on the scale and see that 6 pound drop. emoticon
    3924 days ago
    Remember weight can vary a lot, make sure that gain is actually consistent first before you assume you need to change something!
    3924 days ago
  • ASHLEYW_206
    Oh, I had another thought....have you been drinking H2O like a crazy person? With all that exercise, drinking is extra important, so keep that in mind...your body might be hanging onto the water as defense. ;)
    3924 days ago
  • ASHLEYW_206
    Oh, Jeanie....you're such a trooper. I don't know how you do it sometimes. That positive attitude is going to make all of the difference!

    I don't know what it is about the scale that can make or break our days....but you have to remember that it's about how you're feeling, not always about what the scale has to say. Seriously, it's lame!!! I know how you feel...I work out a ton, keep my calories in check, but for some reason, I keep gaining and losing the same 5lbs!

    Don't let that stop you. Keep doing what you're doing and you'll get there. Plus, you're going to look pretty damn hot by the time you get there...think of all of that Shred muscle you're building. I've got to check that out based on these rave reviews!

    I'm thinking about you...keep it up, girl!
    3924 days ago
    Girl I had the same thing happen to me last week. AND I was MORE active than ever with doing the Shred. I think we may have to increase our calories if our workouts increase, or so this is what I hear, however I am a little afraid to do so. Like you said, the inches are melting away, but my scale brought me back up to 160 and totally defeated me over the weekend.

    Just have to keep on keeping on I guess. Try to eat a lil more? Maybe, if I can make myself as I am scurrred. But NEVER gonna let the scale get the best of me. I did enought pouting this weekend. Lol. Hope you get some good advice so I can steal it! Lol.

    3924 days ago
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