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Regrouping and Refocusing

Tuesday, June 08, 2010

So yesterday I mustered up the courage to finally step on the scale again after about a month only to find out I gained 5 lbs. Not .5 - but 5 whole whopping pounds.

I was instantly bummed out - tried to analyze where I could have possibly gone wrong, but I still don't see what could have caused it. I've been Shredding now for almost 2 weeks, have increased my shredding to take place M-F (except yesterday - needed a mental break), added lap swimming on Saturdays and will try to get in at least 1 jog on Sundays or 1x/wk whenever time permits. I don't know if my body is adjusting to a new routine filled with cardio, strength and fat blasting Jillian moves...have been doing great with my calorie intake. Keep "treats" to a very minimum. Wonder if I should eliminate sugar and see what happens. I drink 64 ounces of water every single day and NEVER drink any soda. What to do, what to do.

Well...feeling sorry for myself definitely will get me NOWHERE fast. I admit last night at home, as soon as I finished my tofu-spinach stir fry, I almost reached for some comforting oreos that hubby brought home (why in the HELL do they do that anyways) - wanted to chew his head off for daring to bring in one of my weaknesses into the house. Yeah, really, I almost said something but it occured to me that this battle is within myself and it doesn't have a dang thing to do with what's around me. It's all in the self control and thankfully, I had a good dose of self control last night.

So, no more pity party. I am regrouping and refocusing on what I need to do from here (that's womanly possible anways with my crazy work and life schedule). I don't know if I could manage to up the jogging during the week, because I might literally croak after shredding. Don't think I could manage a jog immediately after, not until I'm stronger anyhoot.

I'm not a huge Britney Spears fan, but this whole thing has me with a tune in my head. One that will keep me determined and one that will get me believing that I CAN again. Stronger.

Enjoy -

And I promise to myself and to you dear Spark Friends, that I will be stronger today than I was yesterday!

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  • no profile photo CD4892468
    I think we all have those days...weeks...months. Lord knows I've been wondering what I've been doing that is so wrong that I can't lose a single pound! Keep trying girl and you will accomplish your goals.

    Double Kudos to you for not biting off the hubby's head....I couldn't have been that strong!
    3920 days ago
    Lots of great suggestions here, gf! Go for it! I'm thinkin even I asked you awhile back if you were eating enough? hmmmm!
    3920 days ago
    Oh yeah - one other thing that is echoing through the other comments on this blog -

    DEFINITELY make sure you're eating enough. I totally pulled the stupid move by thinking that I could double my cardio and eat below my calorie limits. I did this for about 2 weeks (and this website warned me the whole time .. but I didn't listen) ... and what happened? My body totally went into starvation mode and my metabolism slowed waaaaaaaay down. If you find you're feeling out of energy or hungry all the time - you're probably not eating enough.

    One thing that I've learned out of all this - SparkPeople.com is great - it has wonderful tools and great advice that will help you achieve your goals. But first and foremost - LISTEN TO YOUR BODY. If you're feeling low-energy and hungry, that's a sure-fire sign that you need some grub! Just have a small portion of something healthy, give it 30 mins and see how you feel.. I went back to eating within my range and burning the calories I said I'd burn weekly, and eating a small, healthy portion of something when I felt low-energy (even if it bumped me over my calorie limits for the day), and to my shock and awe - I started losing weight again. Your body can be so fickle - but it DOES speak to you ... I just think our society and way of life has tricked us into forgetting how to listen.
    3920 days ago
    Keep at it Jeanie - results are all about consistency. And if you have some gains here and there - it's no biggie! Truly!

    Two quotes that I've read on other peoples' Spark Pages that have stuck with me and helped me remain positive about setbacks:

    1. Failure is not defined by falling down - but by refusing to get back up. You're going to fall down. Expect it. Just don't let it defeat you into apathy, and laying there forever. REFUSE to stay down.

    2. Make peace with it ... then just let it go. Like in #1 above - you are GOING to fall down.. be ok with it - it's all part of the process. Admitting to it, making peace with it, then letting it go will help you get right back on the horse that just bucked you off. If you wallow in today's failure - it will psych you out of starting tomorrow as a new day.

    Be tenacious. Be angry if you have to. Clench your hands into fists and tell yourself internally that this crap WILL NOT BEAT YOU. You WILL win. You WILL be victorious. Then get back up and prove it to yourself.

    You can totally do it -
    3920 days ago
    Weight can fluctuate up to 5 pounds on any given day! I was shocked the first time it happened to me! I mean seriously!
    Well, it turned out mine was water weight due to TOM that had arrived the next day. Once the water weight dropped, back down I went.

    Now, you are doing the shred too so you could be gaining muscle. For a little bit, that will show as a gain cause muscle weighs more than fat. But, muscle also burns more calories than fat so it should melt off quickly.

    Either way, you are doing awesome!! Seriously, awesome!

    I'm so proud of you!
    3920 days ago
    You sound like you are doing so well!! Could it be that your caloric intake isn't high enough so your body is trying to conserve? How many calories are you eating a day/how many calories are you burning off?
    3920 days ago
    Hi Jeannie,

    Just remember, Faith, Focus and Fitness. Slow and sure is the way you want to go, don't be in a hurry because you will just stress yourself out. Just set small goals and when you reach it set another small goal. I get discouraged when my scale does not move but I am still losing inches and that makes me very happy, except when I lose it in my butt!!!! Now if I could lose in my boobs I would be happy. emoticon

    3920 days ago
    I read your blogs and see we have so much in common. I too have not weighed in a couple of weeks because of frustration the scale was going nowhere. Also with a hubby who is not always, shall we say, sensitive to our dieting weaknesses. But I also feel for him because he's not dieting so why should he suffer because I am. You are doing a great job and it's hard to explain these weight fluctuations. Keep on doing what you're doing and it should eventually show up on the scale. emoticon
    3921 days ago
    Yeah. You are still doing awesomely. With all the extra you are doing you are probably adding muscle! Remember to feed it right and it will help you soar!

    3921 days ago
    My Sweet Jeanie~

    Okay.....so I had to come check on you.....and you struck my curiosity!!! Since you have increased your fitness minutes and are GO GO GO.....are you plugging in the approximate minutes you are now doing each week? Because if you haven't and you are eating the same food intake.....you might be in starvation mode!!! You really have to FUEL your body when you do intense workouts!! The other thing.....frozen foods, canned foods? Your sodium levels could be off the charts, so pay more attention to the "preservatives" in the foods!!!

    If there is anybody that can do this......no doubt, YOU can!!!

    You go GIRL!!!

    Big HUGS,
    Carrie emoticon
    3921 days ago
  • CARLA-216
    Go you for resisting those Oreos! Those O's are no match for YOU!!

    I've been in that same situation, with hubby bringing me a so-called treat. (Why is it that they can be our biggest cheerleader and our biggest enabler?) You made an excellent point that the battle is within ourselves and not with the food in our cupboard. Good food for thought....

    And another thing...thanks for the reminder that feeling sorry for ourselves will get us nowhere fast!
    3921 days ago
    You're already so strong since you resisted temptation in those circumstances! I'm amazed! emoticon
    3921 days ago
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