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Feeling guilt...

Wednesday, June 09, 2010

I'm so far behind on my friend feed and my sparkbuddies blog's, not to mention thank you's for various things that I actually contemplated not blogging tonight, just so I could pretend that my back log doesn't exist. I am convinced that with the time change, the days actually got shorter, not longer. LOL!

I thought today I would have some time to do some real catching up, but it didn't happen. Tomorrow is a really busy day for me too. I'm driving myself crazy trying to be everything to everyone. (I'm not talking just about spark) I am a people pleaser no two ways about it. Too bad I couldn't get paid to be on spark. That would be great and then I could devote 8 hours a day to cheering people on. Woo Hoo!!! I would love that, but still wouldn't have the time to do it!

I've come close a couple of times to being able to balance it all, but it's still just a little out of my reach. So sorry about that! I love hearing about your lives and I'm so grateful for your friendship. Eventually I'll get caught up. I wish sometimes there was a freeze button on Spark! Just make time stand still here for a little bit.

Today, I did some much needed weeding and I have the mulch ready to be spread. That will be my big extra chore for the day tomorrow along with more weeding. The weeds are bad...like over a foot tall! I still have quite a bit more to do, and I don't even want to think about my backyard. I did manage to mow the grass Monday, front yard completely and most of the backyard. It is quite the chore. Still have the trimming to do. My husband usually does most of the yard work, but he's got his big ride on Saturday plus he has a two hour commute everyday for work and he's going to school to get his MBA. Talk about someone that has no real extra time. Poor hubby! Hanna is at a youth camp this week called EFY (Especially for Youth). They meet at 9 in the morning until 9 at night. I'm car pooling with another mom, so today was my day off. I dropped Hanna off and picked both girls up on Monday. I have Wednesday and Friday for drop off and pick up as well. Hanna's trying to convince me to let her friend spend the night tomorrow night. She even came home this evening and did some extra chores. Gotta love that!

It's almost midnight and I told myself I wouldn't let this happen again, so I'm getting off and going to bed. I hope everyone has a fantastic Wednesday! If you have any extra time, I could use it! LOL!
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Who is it that makes you feel guilty for something you have no need to feel guilty about. I guess you know without my telling you Ole Scratch! If I never heard from you the rest of my days here on SP, I love you. You are a super woman in my book.

    emoticon emoticon
    3680 days ago
    Just saying hi. You are one busy girl...I don't think you have time to eat! But all the exercise and moving is just great! Keep up the great work, girlfriend! hugs..Sharon
    3684 days ago
    Lordy, I'm worn out just reading that!! But, I hear ya! We decided to put our house on the market, so I KNOW what busy means! We're thinking of down sizing into a condo, so----sell one house, find another home. It's gonna keep me busy.
    So, I'm heading to bed for some much needed rest.
    Talk to you soon.
    3684 days ago
    You need some YOU time, don't worry about us so much. I'm sure I speak for a lot of people when I say that we appreciate you for being so interested in our lives. So please do what you need to do. Don't be so hard on yourself. emoticon


    3684 days ago
    You are awesome and so very supportive!! Just knowing you are my friend is enough. Make YOU the priority for a change. Feel no guilt, let it go emoticon
    I am sending you lots of emoticon and huge amounts of love.
    I appreciate you and want you to take time outside, inside and every where in between just for you doing the things you want to do. Take a break, it's okay, I promise!
    3685 days ago

    Sometimes you just have to put yourself first. I too spend a lot of time online and frequently I think to myself that I need to get up and away from the computer and go do something (like exercise maybe?). I do love the site and supporting my SparkFriends but can get carried away with it. My hubby has even said to me that he'd give me some points if I'd get up and do things around the house. It's so hard because the site is so awesome and so are most people that visit it.

    Do what you can and if you have to ... delete some of those emails to get yourself caught up...occasionally I have to do that!

    Take care and be good to yourself...you deserve a break!

    3685 days ago
    I have the exact same trouble as you keeping up with my friend's blogs and activities, I am getting so many its really getting out of hand trying to catch up on it all. I spend far more hours on here then I really intend, then it makes me scramble to keep up with my manager work and chores. On top of it all, I have a slow connection and very bad typing skills, so that I frequently am back tracking correcting all my errors so its legible. I need to hire me a high speed typist lol! Two finger typing just doesn't cut it lol! I do hope people realize its very hard to keep up. It was my original intention only to have a small friend's list so it didn't get out of hand, but I have met so many nice people on here, especially when I welcome five new people to Sparks every single day. So from me, don't worry about catching up! Personal life has to come first!
    3685 days ago
    I hope everyone understands that being on the computer to "catch up" on Sparks things are not the priority in our lives, while I think it's important to participate, it's not the main thing to thank everyone.
    I hope everyone knows that they are appreciated for the various things we all do to contribute. So, don't worry, it's all good!

    3685 days ago
    keeping things balanced is a must and family always comes first, there are times when you need extra spark and this will come first , its is so nice out right now being outside is almost a must ( is it warmed up where you are yet?) and those weeds wont get themselves emoticon , I hope you continue to do so well at your goals, look forward to seeing your "did it" pic when you reach your goal and the ones inbetween emoticon
    3685 days ago
  • FITKAT2010
    Hon, you truly don't need to explain to us how a busy life working your program, including taking care of your home and family, can interfere with Spark stuff. No biggie!

    I'd tell you to not be too busy to breathe but you either wouldn't listen to me or tell me something like "Look who's talking". LOL

    3685 days ago
    Don't beat yourself up - you do a great job. There is only so much time in the day and it is about priorities. Your spark friends will still be here - we are all in the same boat, trying to balance busy lives, health goals, family and friends and supporting our friends in the SP community. I too never have enough time to get involved in the SP groups I have joined in the way I would like and just do what I can. Feel good about yourself whatever you do - you deserve to! emoticon
    3685 days ago
  • no profile photo DEVORA4
    Take care of yourself first. Your friends in Spark will understand IF they are real friends
    3685 days ago
    I am behind with spark as well so don't knock yourself out about it.....I keep blaming my dial up as it takes so long to do anything then regularly throws the toys and I have to start over again.....

    I find in our summer that the days seem to have less time in them even with the clocks changing.....

    I am trying to spend less time per day on the computer and keep telling myself I will when I have broadband....I wonder if it will actually work like that in reality.....

    One can only do what one can and knocking ourselves out about it is not going to chnage anything.....rest in the fact that we can't be all things to all people and need to take time for ourselves or we are going to be no use to anyone....

    Love you heaps.....
    Prayers & Blessings.....
    3685 days ago
    Don't worry! I'm in the same boat as you, days behind on my SP emails & a few other things here on the site. You'll catch up in time. Sometimes it takes me quite a while, but one of the things I'm working on is not being online too much, especially when it's a really nice day, & so that hinders catching up, eh? :D
    3685 days ago
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