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Ugh.. so fed up...

Monday, June 14, 2010

I know I have been trying to stay opptimistic throughout this weight loss journey. But honestly… I have lost 1# since the beginning of may… and it is just REALLY starting to frustrate me now. I lost last week… and this week - I regained it all. UGH… What am I suppose to do… Im not doing anything wrong… im going down the right track… BUT everytime I lose anything… it comes right back on. Im just so fed up and tired of this bs.
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  • MONKEY1974
    I think you are too hard on yourself and working overboard. 3 times a week is fine. If you don't relax, you may hurt yourself. I worked too much, lost no weight. Took it easy, the weight comes off. Good luck, you can do it! Sandy emoticon
    3677 days ago
    I wrote this as a blog. I believe it will help you.


    I got on the scale today and I weighted 187 pounds,which is 2 pounds more than I weighted a week ago. I got off the scale and reminded myself that the size 12 juniors mini skirt that did not fit three weeks ago now does fit, I reminded myself that those two pounds could be anything, or nothing at all. It could represent my salt,or water intake. It could be a bowl movement, or the result of the time of day I weighted myself. I told myself that I am gaining muscle and losing fat.

    You see at first I thought I lost 10 pounds because I have a digital scale and looked at it wrong at first. So of course I was immediately disappointed when I saw I actually weighted more NOT less!

    Then I remembered that mini skirt I bought that was just a little snug. I Knew I was going to lose weight, so I bought it even though I did not want to wear it being too tight around my waist. I realized that putting on that skirt would be the ultimate test. The SCALE against the MINI SKIRT. The mini skirt won!!! I took this picture and wrote this biog to always remind myself. I can, and will lose weight, no matter what that darn scale says!!!

    More important than anything else I know that God is in control. He is helping me and He will never stop helping me!

    The scale does not weight discipline, strength, a habit, a goal, or my new lifestyle.

    3678 days ago
    There are good ways to measure progress besides the scale. Try measuring yourself. How do your clothes fit? How do you look in the mirror? Those things are real. Sometimes you lose fat and the scale can not measure that. The scale can not also measure a good habit, and THAT leads to weight lose. Also pray to God. It was when I started praying to God that I really started losing the weight, I started to ask God for help when I needed it. It worked!!! emoticon emoticon
    3678 days ago
    I hear ya! It definitly can be challenging but keep doing what you are doing and you will see results! Good luck!!
    3678 days ago
    Could it be that you are gaining muscle while losing fat? I agree that maybe you should change your workout plan. Hang in there! You will win this battle!
    3678 days ago
  • CDELGADO0518
    Don't give up!
    3678 days ago
  • no profile photo CD5959732
    You must pull all of the stops out that you think might help. Also, it would not hurt to put that nasty scale away for a month and concentrate on the eating and fitness and not the numbers on the scale.
    3678 days ago
    Hang in there.. Stay the course. I've only lost a very few pounds since January. It seems like it comes in waves. It took me a long time to get where I am, I'm trying to not expect it to all reverse in the snap of my fingers. You can do it...It just takes time and patience and perseverance. For sure, you will not feel better if you don't stay the course. emoticon
    3678 days ago
  • no profile photo CD2701801
    Dont get upset.. sometimes its water weight gain.. only weight once a week same time.. i say in am is the best.. keep working out and dont think so much about the nummbers. U will lose.. it just takes time
    3678 days ago
  • -POOKIE-
    Do you track your food? It might be a helpful thing to try if you dont.
    3678 days ago
    don't give up - you can do this - it's called perseverance.

    We are all here for you !
    3678 days ago
    Don't give up...I know how you feel, I am not losing every week, but I do feel better and I am losing inches.. Have you measured. Remember, muscle weighs more than fat also.
    3678 days ago
    Don't give up - i looked at your photos and your progress is great! Just power through this rough spot.

    Have you thought about maybe giving your body some *extra* calories? I don't know how strict you are about your 1400 limit, but if you've been really restrictive your body may be panicking and trying to hold on to every calorie by slowing your metabolism way down. I've heard calorie cycling works (where you eat more calories one day and less on the next so your week still averages the same as eating 1400 everyday). Once you give your body more food maybe your metabolism will rev up again.

    Good luck!
    3678 days ago
    Don't give up! Giving up isn't an option! Hopefully your body will soon realize the changes you are making for the good. Sometimes when you are doing weight-training exercises it actually causes you to gain weight for a time. Be sure to drink all your water - very important! Don't lose hope. We're all rootin' for you! emoticon
    3678 days ago
    Sounds like you have come to a nasty little plateau but don't give up! Maybe you just need to shake things up in your routine a little bit. Are you tracking your food every day? Maybe try adding more whole grains & veggies?

    I started tracking my fiber intake on my nutrition tracker and I think it's made a huge difference for me! It's an important nutrient for weight loss and I never realized how little I was getting before. I definitely feel like I lose more weight on the weeks I'm meeting my other nutritional needs along with calorie/fat/carb/protein intake.

    I know how discouraging it can be when the scale doesn't change but don't let it get you down. You are on the right road making good choices for your body and in the long run you are only making things better for you.

    Hope things turn around for you! You look great anyway!

    3678 days ago
  • no profile photo HAPPYMISSM
    Stick with it!! It will happen if you give yourself time. Your body is hanging on to the fat because you are eating less than you used to. All of a sudden, when your body figures it out, the pounds start to drop. I personally won't go near a scale. I find that if I don't see a change in the number - even though I feel thinner - I get really discouraged. When I go in for a physical check-up, I don't look at the scale and I tell the nurse not to tell me. I am SO much happier and can tell in my clothes that I'm losing weight - AND you will too!! Good luck - and know that there are tons of spark people out there pulling for you!

    3678 days ago
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