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Today, my self esteem was shaken up quite a bit.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

So this past week has been going really well for me. I had a bit of a cold so my appetite was not what it normally is. As I recovered from said cold, I decided maybe I would really start listening to my hunger and hear what it has to say. Well, I figured out, I must be over eating by a lot. Small meals, no seconds, no snacks all week. I haven't eaten out of boredom, or just because it was time to eat. I eat based only on what my hunger and appetite are telling me. The result: I lost three pounds this week! At first I was thinking, maybe it was water weight, or just a freak mishap on the scale. But three days in a row, my weight has been consistent at 160ish. So I felt like today should be the day I post it.

Well, 3 pounds lighter, and I had no problem stepping out in a two piece bathing suit on the beach today. It is all about self confidence anyways. My husband and I stopped and picked up some sandwiches and headed to the beach to have a little picnic in the sun. We picked our spot and started chowing down. No sooner do we get comfortable, and suddenly two guys decide to start tossing a football right by us. Now if they had decided to walk say 20 feet further down the beach, they wouldn't have been disturbing ANYONE. But no, they wanted to play their game right where we were. Whatever. A few minutes later, the ball comes soaring into us. I don't say anything, and they don't apologize. Whatever. A few more minutes pass, and it happens again - this time actually hitting my husband. I look at one of the guys and say, "Really? You don't think you could move down the beach a little bit?" He tells me to relax and it was an accident. Whatever. They stop playing for a little bit and go back to their towels which happened to be fairly close to ours. At this point I am lying down, soaking in the sun and relaxing, totally forgot about the guys. Suddenly I hear another guy join the group.

"Are we gonna play football"
"No, the chubby girl over there doesn't want us to."

Yeah - the chubby girl. I was referred to as the chubby girl.

I sat there for a few minutes, before I rolled over and told my husband I wanted to go somewhere else. We ended up walking about a quarter mile down the beach away from those A-holes.

When I told my husband what happened (he had been zoned out, reading a book, oblivious to what they were saying) he assured me I was beautiful, that the guys were [insert expletives here] and not to let them get to me. Then he asked if he should go punch them haha. While that would have been nice, I don't know what it would have accomplished.
But needless to say, my confidence was rocked. I went from feeling great to suddenly wanting to hide behind my towel. I know that guy was just being a jerk, but still - at what point is it okay for ANYONE to make negative comments on someones weight. Whether it be to their face or behind their back - why do people think it is okay?

So I know I will recover from this, but it is just amazing how insensitive people can be. I guess I've been spoiled by all my fellow sparkers, because obviously this guy hasn't got a clue.
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    I probably visit the same beaches as you and the football jerks are everywhere. You are beautiful and an amazing person and don't let some idiot tell you different. They are CLEARLY meatheads! I used to worry about what others thought but I don't anymore since I KNOW I'm a worthy person. Sure I need to lose more and I'm still REALLY flabby at 178 and only 5'2". They are nobodies in your real world so don't let them hurt you. F**k them!

    3814 days ago
    Since I know you are and look lovely, I can say they are ridiculous. And who in the world raised them to think they can talk this way.

    The basic issue is why do folks think they can bad mouth people over their weight, what ever it is. It seems in our society, being over weight is the worst thing to be.

    PRAISE TO DELTA DELTA DELTA program to end fat talk. Check their site...https://www.tridelta.org/Col

    "Several public faces have started to openly speak about body image and reach out to the everyday girl. In the past year, former super model and talk show host Tyra Banks and pop singer Jessica Simpson have created campaigns of their own. Banks started the "B.I.O." campaign, which stands for Beauty: Inside and Out, in order to expand the typical definitions of beauty. B.I.O. encourages woman to stop looking at fashion ads, magazines, television shows and commercials, and other forms of media as guides to beauty.

    Instead of letting women fall victim to the messages of beauty in American media, B.I.O. pushes girls to come forward and speak out about what beauty means to them by making videos and posting them online for the world to see."

    3816 days ago
    The old fashioned "they should have had their mouths washed out with soap" applies here.
    3816 days ago
    Oh, I am so sorry. What a jerk? He was probably just lashing out because he knows they were being rude by playing football so close to where you and your husband were. He was embarrassed that you actually called him out about it. It was his way of making himself feel better.

    How sweet that your hubby was going to go back and defend your honor. That is what you should be thinking about. He loves you. He thinks you are beautiful. He is willing to stand up for you.

    Congrats on your #3 loss!
    3817 days ago
    Losing three pounds is great and you should be celebrating instead of worrying about what those jerks said! I know it's hard to ignore, but you are doing a great job and just keep it up! emoticon
    3817 days ago
    Clearly these two immature morons were never taught common courtesy. However, if you frame this another way, it is better to be described as "chubby" than obese. All chubby means is that you are not yet at your ideal weight but you are on your way, right? And really the only opinions that matter here are yours and your husband's. Don't let this idiot live rent free in your head--forget this incident and chalk it up to deficient parenting in their households.
    3817 days ago
    Ugh. I hate people who think the ultimate insult is to call someone "fat" or "chubby". I used to do secret shopper and we were always warned to never EVER use that terminology to describe someone we had dealt with. Rude, rude, rude. No matter what you look like, you can change it, but they will always be ugly-minded little boys unless they get their comeuppance. Don't let them get you down.
    3817 days ago
    Basically, he knew he was wrong and needed to make himself feel and look good by saying that about himself. Don't let the words of others bring you down and no it isn't right for people to make fun of others weight. Keep up the good work with your weight loss. It sounds like you have a very supportive husband and that is all you need. Have a great day
    3817 days ago
    You are doing a fantastic job. Don't let someone else's insecurities make you insecure about yourself. Those guys were just immature jerks. I think it is awesome that you learned your hunger signals this week and you need to keep up the good work! You rock!
    3817 days ago
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