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so what about those daily goals?

Monday, June 21, 2010

I've got the weight loss mini-goals and rewards worked out with my beaded bracelet. But what about daily goals and rewards?

I got an 18 month planner over the weekend. I've had a ton of stickers just sitting around the house, begging to be put to a good use.

I aim to put the planner and the stickers together! Starting today (because there's no time like the present!), I will be tracking my daily progress. I get a little sticker for each of 3 daily goals - stay within my calorie range, drink my water, get some physical activity. If I achieve all three goals, I receive a BIG YAY sticker for the day! lol. Silly, maybe. But I am looking forward to filling my little planner up with bright colorful stickers!!
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