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Big success!!!!!!!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

I had a big success last night! I was coming home from a Bible study and I knew that my husband had taken the boys to a baseball game and wouldn't be back for a while. Usually when I know no one is home, that is when I stop to get a donut or I eat cookies or whatever other sweets I can find at home - since there's no one there to pester me that I "shouldn't" be eating it. I was on my way home and I started to think....

Hmmm....I never fit in my exercise this morning. I already blew it, so I might as well stop and get some ice cream on the way home. No one would ever know.

But....I didn't!!!!!!! Actually, I prayed right at that moment for strength to get past that craving. So then, amazingly, I decided I wouldn't stop for ice cream, but if I was hungry when I got home, I could have a little 100-cal pack or something - much better than the calorie bomb I would have eaten had I stopped for the ice cream!

And here is what is even more incredible. When I did get home, I went to the cupboard to get that little snack, and I thought, "Why don't I go ahead and do my exercise NOW? Just because I didn't do it this morning, doesn't mean I can't do it now."

So I did. And I felt great afterwards!!!!!

So....not only did I NOT stop for ice cream, but I ended up doing 45 minutes of cardio dance/kickboxing instead. That is a major victory for me!!!!!!!!
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