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#364: Can Men Have "That" Time of Month?

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Have you ever had a day where, like an ocean, your emotions ebbed and flowed from a high like a tsunami to that of a low tide?

I know biorhythms often are unpredictable and that our moods can not be on a high peak forever, but what causes such a roller coaster ride on what otherwise would seem to be a normal type of day?

I wasn't sad, or in a bad mood today, just up and down from moment to moment. I think I know some of the reasons but decided maybe it's better to not analyze things too closely. I was grateful my neighbor got my lawnmower started so I could get the front yard cut before I ran errands and went grocery shopping. Those were good things. I did expect a call from a friend that never came, but maybe he was busy. That was one of the lows for a short while before I talked with an author in Seattle whose book I'm editing and then with the publisher. Those were highs. That's the way the day went. Up and down with what were normal everyday type of activities.

Is it possible for men to have "that" time of the month when the emotions run wild because of some hormonal imbalance or something? Hey, I'm curious. I mean, I know I'm not pregnant, so it can't be that. So what accounts for this type of day?

Any thoughts on the situation?
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    Yes and running is my midol
    3892 days ago
  • SPARKIE1964
    Hmmm...Only men can answer this question....
    3893 days ago
    Lou, I do believe that we all have those days, whether we are male or female, calm or hyper, young or not so young...it is just a part of life. And yet, we get through it! emoticon
    3895 days ago
  • DKWP614
    How about, you're HUMAN?! You're entitled to have emotional days just like the rest of us, and you don't have to have an explanation or an excuse. I say revel in the fact that your heart is open enough to feel the changes of life happening all around you, and that your mind is open enough to experience them without processing them.

    Congratulations... emotional evolution is a thing to be celebrated!!

    Have a Happy Weekend!
    Diana Kathryn
    3896 days ago
    LOL I have always said Men have their own thing going on. LOL I am past my prime, but I still get those days about once a month when things that don't normally upset me will. I have more of a struggle with things wanting to pull me down . If it is any comfort for you to know that you are normal and not crazy then be comforted. Hugs, Joy
    3896 days ago
    I think my hubby's having that time of the month today also! I guess it's possible! I on the other hand had my day on Monday, happy one minute, tears the next, sleepy, then cranky! I have a thread I post on, "What's your emotion for today?" I had to put 4 faces on Monday! LOL! It's usually the Happy face with lots of teeth showing emoticon ,but not Monday!
    I think sometimes our expectations of the day are set in our mind, and when things don't go like we imagined they would, it's a little disappointing! On the whole Lou, you are a positive, upbeat, happy person, so I think I would write it off to, you just had a bad day! Everyone has blue days on occasion!
    Cheer up! Life will be better tomorrow!

    3896 days ago
    everyone has those days but let it rain on your parade emoticon so walk with ur head up high and don't look back tomorrow is the 1st day emoticon of the rest of ur life...

    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    3896 days ago
    I have gone through the change but every once in a while I get moody. I guess I can't blame it on that. As for your question about men & the time of the month. I think they do. It just isn't as incontinent for them as it is for the ladies but they still get moody. Check the calendar next time just to know.
    3896 days ago
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