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Weekends suck!!!

Monday, July 12, 2010

I know Monday is the traditional "hated" day of the week, but a summer weekend is a terrible thing for someone trying to lose weight! OK, all of this is self-inflicted, but if I could have figured out a way to get through the weekends without the too fatty, too alcoholic, too MUCH foods and bevies, I wouldn't be in this shape to begin with!

It started on a Friday night with a long awaited "girls night out" and too many beers to count. (I was NOT the designated driver).

That parlayed into the drive the next morning, and still intoxicated, a friend and I went to Taco John's for "feel good" nacho's with guacamole!!

I not only fell off the wagon, the wagon was completely capsized! Once that seal was broken, I did have some healthy foods from double fiber bread with a slight bit of peanut butter, to get that full feeling before I attacked a bag of chips (luckily I didn't buy chips otherwise I cannot say I would have had the willpower)

Saturday calorie count was around 2000. Sunday, still tired, and not making the best choices, calorie count was around 2000 again. Worst thing I had on Sunday, was a grilled burger, hot pepper cheese and 1/2 cup of Mac N Cheese. What made it the worst thing, was I ate it when I wasn't hungry, but bored.

There are many MANY better choices I could have made beginning with Friday night and the too many Bud Light Limes. (And Jagr Bombs etc). Alcohol is empty calories but also lessen's one's ability to make good choices.

Becoming overly tired also lessen's one's ability to make good choices. I should have rested some, then started activities for energy, not just lay around with a throbbing head-ache.

I should have used SPARK NUTRITION TRACKER to record my food intake, rather than try to do it in my head so I could get a grasp on how I was sabotaging my progress---for what reason is left to a counselor or something.

Here comes the rationalization: It's been months since I've been out with my friends for a crazy night, but the only way to get past this weekend is to throw on some workout clothes and get right back in it. Today is NOT the day for another throw-away because I am feeling guilty. If I don't pick up the wagon and get it rolling back on track, I will only make a bad situation worse!! Life has a way of going backward at times, and without understanding that "things happen" and it's about how you bounce back from a setback that determines success.

Weekends suck, but I need to learn how to live all week and on the weekends. They come every 5 days---and another one is right around the corner!! I need to work on self control as much as I need to work on biceps etc. I don't want to avoid 8 days out of the month!! It's why we work so hard, for the times we can enjoy friends and family!!

Time to work on some Mental Toughness and control!!!!
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