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Thursday, July 15, 2010

We moved one week ago today...

We're doing ok, just working at it day by day, got 1 more daybefore the kids get home so I'll be doing as much as I can while I can.

Good News:
All our stuff made it (in one day) to the house, well, at least to the garage, we're still working on getting it into the respective rooms and unpacked :)
The previous owners left a TV, 2 entertainment stands, 2 dining room tables, 5 chairs, a picnic bench, yard and house supplies and a bunch of other stuff here for us... including pet stain remover -- see below...
The kids are at VBS at my mom's house until Friday evening!
Mark is now 6 minutes away from work!
The central air works :)
The pool work is done (we've learned a lot in a week about opening, cleaning and the chemistry is working out so far :)
Most of the stuff is in the house and is being unpacked/put away as we can. Mark's been working all day and then helping all night....

Unfortunately our refrigerator doesn't fit, so we're selling a $1200 frig for $500 on CL --- it's less than an inch too wide, it is side by side, has the ice maker and the water dispenser in door, and the clear glass shelves and well, we were so excited when we picked it, but it won't work in this house, and we're NOT moving so we're gonna sell it and try to find one that we like that fits :)

My scale battery died in moving :( I've been making fair choices on food, done lots of strength and cardio and am getting used to being on the go all day again!

The previous owners did dog rescue and there's a lot of fur everywhere and one of the dogs pissed on the carpet on the day of closing, so the previous owners left us carpet cleaning to remove the pet stains, our dog thinks it's "the place" to pee too, and we're trying everything to stop this "habit" before I harm the dog :( --- anyone have any suggestions?

I think this could go on and on and I'm sure you're pretty bored reading by now... but it was a great excuse to sit on my behind :)
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Member Comments About This Blog Post

    Glad that you finally got into your new house, and will be settled at last ! Too bad about the
    refrigerator not fitting, but I suppose there could be a whole lot more problems than that......
    so hopefully you can find one that fits your needs. And its great that your DH is so close to
    his workplace.... emoticon

    Hopefully cleaning the carpet and getting the smell out will solve the problem with your
    doggie.....lets keep our fingers crossed that it does !

    Try and stay cool.....and enjoy your swimming pool, Sandy !
    emoticon ~MommaJoani
    3923 days ago
    Thanks Red... yep, so far we blocked her on the first floor until we've cleaned the carpet a few times :) We're cleaning it, letting it dry (gotta love this humidity) and then cleaning it again... right now I'm on round two, wanna do 3 before she's allowed upstairs.... thank goodness for baby gates :) She gets the first floor which is still twice as much room as she had in our old house :)
    3924 days ago
    You have a beautiful house...good luck with unpacking now, that's an unsavory task. About the dog pee on the carpet, you're probably right, your dog smells it and thinks that's where to go. Wrong! I really don't have any suggestions except try to get the odor out of the rug any way you can that's safe for the dog. I guess you already looked online for
    suggestions, that's where I would go for answers.

    3924 days ago
    Thanks for the insight... our dog is a girl so she shouldn't mark, and has never done it before :( the only thing we can think of is that it smells like dog pee and she thinks that's where she should go...
    3924 days ago
    Yay for moving in! And that is really cool that the old owners left some very useful-sounding things. I am super jealous of your pool! And central air.

    As for the whole dog marking thing....I don't know what to do about that. I know Cooper has a crazy need to mark spots over and over again each time I walk him, but he doesn't go in the house b/c we don't have other animals. It is probably just a territorial thing, but still, i know you don't want to be cleaning up after him all the time.
    3924 days ago
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