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Half Marathon Training Week Six (7/18/2010) 9 mile LSD

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Ya, I can run faster but I choose to ~TRAIN TO RACE NOT RACE TO TRAIN~

Today's stats:

Early morning
78 degrees
wind W 10 MPH w/ gusts
82% humidity
74F dewpoint (ugh)

Long Run
9 miles
13:29 ap

9 miles
12:49 ap
Time 1:55:17 (4/:45 intervals)
828 calories burned
151 av bpm HR
166 max bpm HR

1) 12:50 (142)
2) 12:03 (146)
3) 12:12 (148)
4) 12:37 (148)
5) 12:53 (151)
6) 13:32 (150)
7) 13:25 (157)
8) 12:58 (157)
9) 12:49 (158)

Shoe mileage: 298 miles

Okay, so a few of you heard me last night get a ll freaked out and wonky over today's silly little long run that should be easy for me. The underlying reason is the Bix 7 race next Saturday that I am going to run for the first time. I know perhaps you are thinking...good grief just let it rest, run the dumb thing and move on. Well, its not that easy to do because you see, this is a mental hurdle for me and this race takes me once again out of my comfort zone. There are perhaps 20,000-ish folks that run this thing including some very VERY elite world-renowned runners and widdle ol me is going to be amongst this mass of humanity. Then you add Brady Street hill at the very beginning and then another hill in the middle. Then you add the fact that this race is always hot and humid with very trying conditions. Yet, folks come back year after year to run the Bix. It is an unwritten rule that if you live in the Quad Cities area, you run Bix. So I shall. So if I seem wonky this week, I am simply in my zone getting mentaly prepared especially towards the end of the week.

That brings me to today's 9 mile running extravaganza. I woke up to yep...thunderstorms in the area and with all my electronics on my bod while I run I feel like a lightening rod. So, that meant that running Ben Butterworth bike path with hubby was off the table as he wanted to get to church. That left me with running either at the Geneseo bike path with the group or simply staying local with the hills of Coal Valley. I opted for home.

I ran some new areas I had not been to before that had more straight aways which I want to get more accustomed to which mimics more of a HM. As you can see in the beginning of my run, my av pace and HR was on the faster side of my long runs and towards the end my av pace slows down. That is because in Coal Valley, you are lucky to find a level area as there are hills EVERYWHERE. In the begining i am going down the hills and the latter half I am trudging my way back up that damned hills. Its a way of life here.

Even though the dewpoint was simply stupid it did not feel all that bad as the sun was not out and the temps were pretty good. The good Lord was with me as the sun came out at the very end of my 9 miles. Thank you for blessing me with clouds!!!!

I was able to let my mind wander today and zone out as the miles clicked off one by one. I have found my secret to long runs. I countdown the miles backwards and you will not believe how this helps mentally. Today, I started at 9 which I have run a few times so its not unfamiliar territory. With each passing mile I am further and further into my comfort zone and the remainder of the long run is mentally easy peasey. That is my secret so shhh...don't tell anyone.

This week brings the usuall Tuesday easy run, Thursday speedwork and Kelley is going to include a time trial to gauge where we are in our training. She thinks that my assigned running times will increase as she is already great progress with my running. Then Friday is a recovery run with my long run Saturday with the Bix (1 mile warm, 7 mile race at a slower pace and 1 mile cool down). That will be the scheduled 9 mile long run for the week.

Until then...



eta...I used my Amphipod fuel belt with 2-10 oz. bottles for the first time and I LOVE IT!!!!! I used it in conjunction with my beloved Nathan QuikDraw Plus handheld. PERFECT!!!
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    Good job!
    3919 days ago
    good idea with counting the miles backwards! i've also found a good trick. i wear a running hat (you know, a UA baseball cap type hat that's good a breathable), and while i'm running, i let the brim of the hat block my view of another over about 10 feet. that way, when i do glance up, i see that i've gone farther than i thought. if i look up the whole time, it feels like i'm crawling, especially since i run the same route and can anticipate every little part of the scenery now. i'm training for a half and have thought about getting a fuel belt, too. i want one that is inconspicuous. people around here don't wear them very often in races.
    3920 days ago
    On the Bix, don't worry about those elite runners, you won't even know they ran with you in a 20,000 person race. There were elite runners at the shamrock too. Most of them finished before I hit the start line.

    My Shamrock experience was a little overshadowed by the cold. I recommend trying to go down to the race with some runners from your group, if you can. Even if you aren't in the same corrals. I felt weird walking into a mass of 30,000 runners by myself, anyway. I pretty much decided I won't be doing it again unless I find a group and go in to the city with friends for it. But I'm glad I did it at least once.

    Nice job on the long run. All my runs tend to finish uphill too. I guess that beats starting up hill.
    3923 days ago
    3923 days ago
    Would you believe that I hardly notice how many miles have gone by sometimes? That may be partly because I'm usually running the long ones with a companion and also because the routes are very familiar now.

    You are doing so well, and I predict in about a week we'll all see a blog about just how much fun you had at the Bix! You know what Yoda would tell you -- "Be the race!"
    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    3923 days ago
    Great job! I, too, am proud of you!!! I know what you mean about the hills around where you live -- I have lots of rolling and some steep hills around my house and the only route that does NOT have hills also has NO sidewalk whatsoever and not much of a shoulder either... so often I choose the hills rather than wondering if I'll get hit by a car, lol. Hill work can be your friend though -- you just have to listen to your body and slow down when you need a bit of a break from pushing too hard... looks like you did exactly that!! :)

    (And by the way, I count my long run miles backwards as well! It helps me stay focused and determined to get to mile 1! It'd be cool if my Garmin could count backwards as well, lol.)
    3923 days ago

    Comment edited on: 7/18/2010 2:26:15 PM
    Great job!!!! I'm proud of you.
    I'll be cheering you on Saturday. I am running the Quick bix, I'm not ready for more than a 5k at the present time. My goal for next year.
    3923 days ago
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