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#379: Is Your Confidence Eroding?

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

I let the dogs emoticon emoticon out in the back yard a short while ago then took out cold water to fill their outdoor water bowl. As I poured the water from the bottle, a few drops jumped out and landed on the rock the bowl sat on. I began to wonder how many drops of water it would take, and over how long a period of time, to erode a hole into that rock. I admit, the brain never seems to stop thinking such weird thoughts. emoticon

But then I remembered the Grand Canyon that supposedly was carved out of the mountain by a river.

THAT thought led me to wonder about our confidence and how easily it is eroded over time from careless, insensitive remarks from other people about our weight and how our confidence is built on sand, like the parable of the two houses in the Bible emoticon. One was built on sand and didn't last while the house built on rock stood steadfast.

Wouldn't it be nice to have such a solid confidence that did not wear away from the drops of others' sarcasm and put downs and our embarrassment at ourselves?

Sadly, though, when our self-confidence lags, so many things are perceived as failures. Overeat one day? emoticon Failure. Don't exercise? Failure. The scale doesn't go down? emoticon Failure. We continually let these thoughts derail us from a confident outlook that says, "OK, I overate today, but tomorrow is a new day." Or, "Yes, I missed exercising today but boy will I have a good workout tomorrow." Or, "So the scale didn't go down. My clothes fit looser." emoticon

That is the attitude we should adopt -- that setbacks are temporary and can be readily overcome with a new beginning. Failure should not be an option we consider and failure, if we define a setback that way, should be looked on as a temporary detour, not a final destination.

So, the next time you begin to put yourself down because of someone's comment or because you over-ate and under-exercised, remind yourself of the dog's water bowl and do not allow those drops of negativity erode your self-confidence and your belief in yourself that you are already a winner simply because you are trying to improve. emoticon
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    I spend a lot of time writing and revising schedule and eating plans -exercise plans and I have yet to find one I can keep! Others seem to have so much more consistence than I do! Too many things happen that are not in my plans. LOL I needed this reminder today to watch what we say to ourselves or take in from others negative remarks or we will get worn down . Thanks for this helpful blog. Hugs, Joy
    3875 days ago
  • TEDYBEAR2838
    Mine are definitely TEMPORARY detours. I KNOW I can do this, sometime I just lose my way. Thanks for always being there for me Lou!

    3875 days ago
    3876 days ago
    I have spent far too many moments of my life insulting myself before someone else had the opportunity to do so. The humiliation of doing that was severe and obnoxious but it hurt a lot less than having others insult me or reject me. It's a lot easier to accept the negativity of others than it is the encouragement of others when we are in that mind set. Thank you for this healthy living encouragement, Lou. I just love the way you think.


    3876 days ago
    How do you do it? You always blog about things that are going on in my life, thoughts, etc. Thank you for your perspective and encouraging words!
    3876 days ago
  • LESLIES537
    You got that right!! Very cute and inspirational blog. I love it! emoticon
    3877 days ago
    So true Lou... So true!!!

    I was actually very proud of myself today because I did overeat, but instead of beating myself up, I decided that it was ok, and tomorrow was going to be a better day!!!

    But, let me tell you, that there are moments where my confidence is so eroded and so lagging that I do beat myself up over some of these little things... and why?!?!?!? They are such little, insignificant things.

    Thanks for opening our eyes with your thinking (weird or not, LOL).

    3877 days ago
  • no profile photo YW84FRIDAY
    Great blog, Lou. I know that I've gained a lot more confidence since joining Spark People.

    3877 days ago
    Lou, this is one of your best blogs, in my opinion! It is so easy to let small setbacks snowball into bigger ones! Great blog! emoticon emoticon
    3877 days ago
    Once again you've inspired me - SO glad I subscribed to your blog!

    I think it's a good idea to take a look at our internal definitions of "failure" and "success," ad see where we are hurting ourselves with unconscious assumptions.

    3877 days ago
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