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#382: Rainbows Within Us

Saturday, July 24, 2010

We have all likely heard the tale of the pot of gold that supposedly can be found at the end of a rainbow. But we know it is only a tale for the rainbow's ends vanish like mist as we get closer to them. It's an illusion of light, similar in a way to driving toward mountains. We know we are progressing along the road toward the mountains but it often seems as if we are not getting any closer, that they are still as far away as before.

Still, the legend of the rainbow gets passed from generation to generation as a story we want to believe. Not so much for the riches themselves, I don't think, but for the fantasy of wondering how much better our lives will be if we ever did find that pot of gold.

But, what if we possessed those riches already? Well, we do. In abundance.

Imagine every morning awakening and releasing your own personal rainbow, one that will fill others and yourself with hope for a better day, one that will brighten others' lives by virtue of a kind word you shared, a sympathetic pat on a shoulder or a courteous act you performed. Wouldn't it be difficult to know who enjoyed the beauty of your rainbow more -- you or the person whose life you made better?

There is beauty hidden within all of us. We only need to release it for others to enjoy. The next time you say something nice to someone or hold a door for them, smile and picture a glorious-colored rainbow enveloping and surrounding both of you, spreading friendship and goodwill.

The person who received your compliment or for whom you held the door will benefit, but you will benefit more, because you will have shared the rainbow within you and your riches with someone else. And, isn't that what makes us feel better about ourselves?

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