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#383: What is Your ideal Life?

Monday, July 26, 2010

At least once we all have pondered what we consider to be our ideal life. I was reminded of mine tonight at dinner as I talked with the waiter who said he wants a cabin in California with floor to ceiling windows that would provide views of the ocean and mountains.

For me, I have long dreamed of having a mountain cabin with sweeping views of mountains, valleys and lakes as well as having a beach cottage along the shore.

Both engage my yearning for a relaxing and inspiring environment, something other than the same house across the street I have looked at for far too many years. In my ideal life there would be income to pay the bills and to cover the cost of travel. As much as I love my two pet dogs and three pet cats, ideally I would have perhaps one dog and be physically capable of taking it for walks through the forest and along the water's edge at the beach.

I would relax by listening as much to the sounds of the woods as I would the silence of the hills and the splash of the water as the tides break on the shore. I would meditate on the vastness of the mountains and the oceans and the grandeur they both offer.

In my ideal life I would be a successful author who would attend a few book signings a year and give seminars on writing, thus fulfilling my creative side. I would also take classes to see if I have any talent at drawing or painting, enough at least to produce a picture that someone could look at and identify.

I would have certain caf├ęs or diners I would frequent and where I would have intellectual discussions about the world and life with other patrons, places where we could sit for hours without feeling we were overstaying our welcome. Sort of like the theme song to the TV sitcom "Cheers" that touts "where everyone knows your name."

I would spend time visiting friends and relatives and attending church and simply trying to enjoy a creative, fulfilling, enjoyable life.

There are likely other aspects of my ideal life that would present themselves if I put my mind to it, but this presents a good image of how I think I would like to live, as least for the moment.

The realty? These dreams are probably not ever going to come to pass, but we never know, do we? Isn't it better to have dreams, no matter how far-fetched, than to never dream at all?

What would your ideal life be like?
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  • PIGLET1979
    Your words are painted with really wide, vivid brush strokes! I think it's fantastic that you invoke all your senses in your descriptions. My ideal life is more like a rough draft, with the details left to be fleshed out spontaneously.

    In my ideal life, I have:
    Found my calling.
    Learned many languages.
    The ability to travel extensively.
    Made a difference.

    Thanks for a great topic!
    3869 days ago
    I really like my life. (It took me years to figure that out.) What I really want is to be able to set my goals and achieve them without finding myself years down the path, but no closer to my goals.

    I'm blessed. Everything that I would want in life is something that I can achieve, I just have to work towards my goals.

    3869 days ago
    my ideal would be full of love and empty of stress
    3869 days ago
    I really liked what Momma_Little wrote. I can relate a lot to her first two or three for sure. My husband is a wonderful man, and eventhough as young adults my sons sometimes make decisions I wish they hadn't, they are so much better off than many of their friends. God has been good to us. I know my hubby wants to retire to a place with a lake or pond he can fish in. I hope that he is well enough to enjoy it. I'll be happy wherever he is.
    3869 days ago
  • ALIZA77
    hey lou, i also would like a cabin in the woods, my husband and i went kayaking in a swamp recently and it was incredible. joyous.

    3870 days ago
    Wow, I felt like I was in your dream, it sounded awesome. I just finished reading a book called "LIfe Is What You Make It" by Peter Buffet and realized that I was always too busy making a living to meet my dreams. Although one of them was probably to become a teacher and I had to jump through some hoops but I did that... I would also like to write. I have a 16 y.o. g.daughter who has written 2 novels (along the Harry potter genre).

    I think I need to dream some more and start putting those dreams into reality... Thanks for the motivation.
    3870 days ago
  • KAYDE53
    Dreaming can give us hope!! I used to dream big, but now I'm more practical, must come with age!! A lot of my dreams won't come to pass either, but I still hope a few do: sharing retirement with hubby, maybe travel a bit, live to see a grandchild or two... who knows?? emoticon emoticon emoticon
    3870 days ago

    Comment edited on: 7/27/2010 12:14:17 PM
  • LESLIES537
    Ideal life for me? My family reunited, living happily near the beach. It's okay to dream right? Even if we know it'll never come true?? emoticon
    3870 days ago
    A horse farm...

    A writer's cabin in the woods, near the top of a mountain overlooking the sea...

    A steady income...

    A band of creative, supportive, wise friends...

    They're all mine. I need only reach for them.

    3870 days ago
    When I was in my early twenties I wanted to volunteer if I got married and we were able to afford to live on one income. I dreamed about building a house, and marrying someone who would love me, treat me with respect and care, and who would always be there for me.

    My life has not turned out how I thought it would. My eye sight is lacking, I see colors all the time due to serious problems I had with uveitis. I have a problem with my feet and they feel like they are on fire on a weekly basis. I can not stand for more than 20 minutes without serious pain.

    I was very thin & as I grew up people told me well into my late 20's I should be a model. In my 30's I started to gain weight and found it very hard to lose it due to medicine I had to take which loaded fat on to my body.

    When I was young I used to want to know what my future would hold, as I found my eye sight fading, I realized how lucky I was not to know when I was young what my future would bring.

    Yet, in the middle of my nightmare I found God's peace, care, love, and grace. I found His miracles upon my body. I heard His spoken words and comfort brought into my life. I become strong relying on Him,and He healed my eyes many times over and over again.

    He gave me a husband that could only come out of a fairly tale, and we built our dream house, which was blessed by God in every way. I lost weight, and I have been volunteering for the last ten years. I am living my dream and my life is blessed by God.

    My life is not perfect. There was a period of time within our 13 year marriage when my marriage became extremely hard. However, I prayed to God and he helped us through our problem. There are some things I just can't see in the sky. And I do see colors everyday that are not REALLY there. (my page tells all about this) My feet hurt almost everyday. I have a nerve problem called nuropathy. As I mentioned earlier, sometimes they feel like they are on fire. However, I am happy. I have a wonderful life and God brings me peace and joy almost every day. I have suffered, my life has been hard. Bad things have happened, yet due to my relationship with God I feel joy within my difficult circumstances. The more pain I have experienced the more blessed I have become. As I rely on God I have become victorious through Jesus!

    Make the best of your life through God. Become intimate with Him and He will enable you to be happy not based on your circumstances, but based on your reliance on Him. True happiness can not be based on your life's circumstances, you must learn to be happy within ALL CIRCUMSTANCES. Trust me I have been through things and have found God's peace within it. Yes, I suffered, but I also felt grace like I did not know existed. A leader within my church violated me a few months ago. He is in his mid 60's. This past November my father stopped talking to me for 7 months. When he finally did talk to me he told me why he was mad at me. He told me that was jealous of the way I treated other people. He was upset that he could not be good to people the way I was. He said he decided not to talk to me and to make me suffer for the way I made him feel, as the result of my goodness inside of me. Both those things were awful for me. I wanted them to end before they even started. I prayed for the man at my church to become a better person and for God's salvation, I prayed for my dad that he would be at peace while he was not talking to me. I asked for God's grace, I sought His ways, and asked for His guidance. I forgave them both without an apology. I cried, and I hurt in my heart. Yet, through it all God removed the pain and I was in complete peace. God healed my body and He healed my heart. That is living in peace while experiencing life's circumstances. It can be in your life too. Embrace God and receive all that He wants to give you! You will find yourself living within a dream better than what you could imagine!
    3870 days ago

    Comment edited on: 7/27/2010 3:05:13 PM
    Dreams......without them, where would we be? I have many dreams; but I think my biggest ones are to publish my poetry and to open a little shop where I could sell my handicrafts. I would love to spend my day designing and making new ornaments and other decorations. I want to be able to help people in need, whatever their needs may be.

    Those are my biggest dreams for now. And I expect to see them turn into reality one day!
    3870 days ago
    Lou, you know, the neat thing is, I can see your dreams becoming true, but I don't know exactly how. I can just see you doing all that as you described it. Life has ways of uprooting some of our dreams, but the way that you live with what you have, and always looking for the best in it, you are making dreams come true every day you wake up in the morning ready to experience what the new day has to offer. I hope that made sense. You really bring out the best of each day, even when it's difficult.

    Lou, you ask what my dreams are...

    I have not really allowed myself to have too many dreams, but I have had dreams come true. I used to dream far more than I do now, and I think that is really so sad and unfortunate. I dreamed of a sweet husband, and I was blessed with one... the second time. I dreamed of precious children, and I was blessed incredibly with four of them. I dreamed of my own home made of bricks, and my sweet husband had one built for me after we'd been married 20 years. I dreamed of grandchildren, and the blessings are now beginning to come flowing in with them.

    But current dreams? Hmmm... If I were more daring, I would wish these things...

    **To be out of debt enough to just breathe easy.
    **To be secure that my children were making wise choices (totally out of my control, obviously)
    **To be able to travel with my wonderful husband often enough to see my children often.
    **To have a honeymoon after 22 1/2 years.
    **To be able to become fully involved with miniature horse cart driving and have the funds to serve the public with them.

    Ahh, so that's what they are, dreams. But you're right. We never know, do we?

    Love you, Lou. Thank you for keeping my chin up so many days when it's been drooping.
    3870 days ago
    I pretty much share the same dream of a cabin where I would gather wood for the fire. Perhaps go for a canoe ride in the nearby lake. I love the ocean.. i connect with me when I visit.
    My dad waited too long for his dream. He bought a cottage in Gloucester but died before he could sit on the porch by the ocean front & watch the ships sail by.
    If we dream & don't grasp it.. it sails away....but one can dream it is good for the soul. emoticon blog & food for thought! emoticon
    3870 days ago
  • TEDYBEAR2838
    I suppose I like my life pretty much as it is today. More $'s would help, but I get by and I'm thankful to God for every day I have on earth to share with my friends and to hopefully make a difference in someone's life.

    You do more for others than you realize. You make us think, take inventory, etc.

    I 'think' the only thing that I 'think' I want is a relationship with a special someone, but it's not an absolute, it's just a 'wish'.

    God knows my heart and what is best for me, so Trusting Him makes it all worth it.

    Have a great night my emoticon
    3870 days ago
  • no profile photo YW84FRIDAY
    Hmmmm...I'd have to think about that for a while. It keeps changing.

    3870 days ago
  • no profile photo CD5178852
    I'll do some thinking and get back to you!
    3870 days ago
    I love your dreams, Lou. I, too, would love to be able to travel at will, not fretting over expenses, and to have a personal trainer to push me when my own will gives out, so that I could be fit enough to enjoy the rigors of travel, hiking the Irish countryside with my husband. In my ideal life I would obtain a degree, a lifelong dream of mine, and perhaps teach at a bible college. I would love to be able to establish a foundation for supporting worthwhile ministries, like the one I worked with so many years ago, Teen Challenge, organizations who help change people's entire lives for the better. In my ideal life, I get to finally buy this house from my landlord and renovate it to have room enough for big gatherings, with spare rooms enough to give shelter to those who need it. It's amazing how many people have started life over with nothing but my couch to offer them. So I won't knock our humble couch. lol But it would be so good to be able to offer a bedroom to those who need to start life anew. Ahhhhhh dreaming is so good. Thank you for this exercise!!
    3870 days ago
    Your dreams all sound doable to me Lou. You said a mountain cabin not a mountain mansion. LOL You could probably sell your place and buy a cabin in the mountains somewhere , but would you want to live there year round? You strike me as a people person and I can't see you living way out in the mountain cabin. I can see you as a successful author living in a cottage over looking the beach with a cabin in the mountains you retreat to when you want to focus on your writing. All the rest of the things you mentioned is within your power to do now ,so what are you waiting for? As for the drawing you don't need lessons, just pick up a pencil and some paper and visit your local library for how to books. Something tells me that you would make a wonderful Artist. Give it a try! What have you got to lose? OOOOOphs sorry Lou, you ask us what was are dreams not what we thought of yours. Forgive me? Hugs, Joy
    3870 days ago
    That sounds awesome, and relaxing Lou!!!

    And you are absolutely right, we have to have dreams...

    My ideal life would be to live up north on a lake in a reasonable cottage where I could live year round, and relax and enjoy life!

    3870 days ago
    Dreams are the best, especially when they come true and you can share it with someone you love.
    3870 days ago
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