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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Okay.... I've fallen off the wagon... just a wee bit here and there... but nothing I haven't been able to pull back out of. I've been able to accommodate my unhealthy eating with healthy eating to balance myself off. My unhealthy eating has been limited to once a week. I've given myself a day on the weekends to flub up. Since those are my weakest days.

My water in take has been astounding! I didn't think I could do it. I've tried doing it so many times in the past... and just quit. Complained the entire way through and whined how much I hated it... and how I couldn't live without my soda... well... THINGS HAVE CHANGED BABY!

I've done no less than 48 oz of water per day... which for me is craziness! Soda... so a thing of the past! If I have one... it has been less than a can of soda... and only once a week and its diet. That is just insane! I NEVER thought I'd kick that habit!

I have been upping my working out each night as well... I spend roughly and hour either walking, or even house work! Last night a FABULOUS friend from work invited me out to the gym with her. I had a great time and felt so much better about myself afterwards! I didn't get very far on the machines... since my body is still in training mode to get used to it all again... but... for what I did... I'm happy with!

THEN! This morning... I thought I'd just be a goof and try on a pair of pants I've been wanting to wear... but they've been so tight on me... as in... if I sat down my stomach felt as though the pants was going to slice right through me.... NOT TODAY! There is actually an inch between the pants and me! I'm crying right now I'm so freaking unbelievably excited! This is the kick in the pants I needed! New me is on its way!
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