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#384: Why Are We Here?

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Why are we here? Not here on earth, but here on a nutritional site? To say we want to lose weight or become healthier seems almost like a cliche. Let's dig deeper. Why are we here?

I suggest for many of us we are here because we reached a point in our lives where we didn't like ourselves very much anymore. We didn't like enduring health problems. We didn't like not being able to do what "normal sized" people do like sit in one airplane or movie theater seat or walk at a mall or go to a pool or the beach without having to wear what amounts to a tent instead of a normal bathing suit.

Sure, those are all valid reasons. But let's dig even further.

Couldn't we learn about nutrition and working out without being active on an Internet site? Couldn't we get books and videos from our library and bookstores instead of spending time blogging and posting messages and replies and sending Spark emails? Definitely.

But being active, I believe, takes us back to an era before computers when we wrote letters to friends and family and even had pen pals we would hope to meet in person one day. We need and want the interaction we receive here. Some us may even crave it. I do. I look forward to emails telling me there is a response to a blog I wrote or to connect me with a topic I'm following or that someone thought enough about me to click that they liked something on my activity feed.

There are so many people whose lives I follow through their blogs and posts. I feel as if we have been friends in the sense that we have "met" and formed bonds. I have laughed with my new-found friends and I have cried with them. I have prayed for them and their friends and asked for support in return. I feel a part of many people's lives now.

This yearning for friendship, I believe, is why we are here. I know I truly love my SP pen pals and look forward to meeting many more. Sure the library and bookstores and even the Internet all have the information we need to live healthier lifestyles.

But what they do not offer is companionship, support, encouragement, inspiration, compassion and prayers.

But SP does. THAT is why I am here. How about you?
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Yep, you got it.
    When I signed up I was only doing so for the nutritional tracker but once I found out what a great community this is I started participating and communicating.
    Now I am afraid that I am hooked and can't wait to hear what everyone is up to.
    3867 days ago
    I agree, very true.
    3867 days ago
    Lou, I believe what you said is true not only here, on this site, but in creation, as well. When God created us, He did so because He wanted fellowship. He wanted to be heard, to be known, to be sought after, to be wanted. It's why He created us to be free agents, too. He didn't want robots for family. He wanted us to seek Him and find Him, to knock at His door so He could answer it, to ask so that He could answer. We are created in His very image, so it's natural that we want those things, too, in our earthly relationships, to bond with others in that healthy and glorious way, to know and be known, to hear and be heard. Thank you for another awesome blog, Lou. You are so insightful.
    3868 days ago
    I am with you Lou.... it is all about communicating and connecting with others... and it is even better than say Facebook or one of those kind of sites because we are all on the same journey here and I think that even makes it more personal.

    I also am with you about getting the emails that someone has commented on my blog or page, or I get a goodie with a comment and I can't wait to go read them!!! I do crave it! And I am bummed if no one stops by to leave any comments.

    Good blog Lou!


    emoticon emoticon
    3868 days ago
    Truth, spoken beautifully! Thank you for this great blog. It reminds all of us to check our motivations for doing whatever it is we do in life.

    3869 days ago
  • LESLIES537
    That is EXACTLY why I'm here too! The support I receive here is so important to me...YOU are SO important to me!! I find it hard to think of words to describe how much your advice and never ending support mean. I'm truly blessed to have such a precious SP friend as you!

    Lots of Love,
    Leslie emoticon
    3869 days ago

    Comment edited on: 7/28/2010 9:17:27 AM
    We are all people who share common interests: healthy living and/or weight loss.
    Ahh, social networking.

    I feel the same way: I love my SP friends and I get sad when sometimes they vanish without a trace. Make me wonder whether they've given up...

    Glad you're here, Lou.
    3869 days ago
    Very well said! There is something very special about Spark People. I know I have made some wonderful friends here; people who have touched my heart and left their unique "touch" upon my life. Friends that I somehow know are always there when I need encouragement, friends who support and encourage me along the way, who laugh with me, pray with me, and are there when times are rough.

    You are one of those friends. Thank you for all you do for me, and everyone else here. You are a blessing, Lou.

    3869 days ago
    I think you've hit on so many perfect points Lou, I know by the time I came here the first time, I'd already lost 70 lbs, between the few weeks I was here the first time, and the time I fell off the wagon and managed to lose 40 lbs, since my second time on SP - 30 lbs. The bulk of my weight loss was done when I WAS NOT on SP! I defintely have learned more about health and nutrition here, and for that I am grateful, but honestly, I am another of the yearning for friendship people - I live an isolated life, where my illnesses are concerned, but when I can get here, and interact with my spark friends, it really makes my day! I have gained so much insight from the people I've met here. I have gotten some of the best compliments of my life here. Yesterday I was told I was on SP for weight loss (I'm pretty sure that's what the comment was), and that could not be further from the truth! Imagine that :).
    3869 days ago
    So true, Lou. What a wonderful post!
    emoticon Sue
    3869 days ago
    Oh, LOU!!! Another well-written, insightful blog! And the best part is, and I think I can say this, I know you, and I know it came straight from your heart! There is no faking it here! You mean what you say and you say what you mean! I have often been a recipient of your goodness, and I hope I have been there for you, too! I see why they call it a SparkFamily... it really is! emoticon emoticon emoticon You're the emoticon
    3869 days ago
    Great blog! I can learn about health on SP and share with others who have similar interests, and it is that sense of community that keeps me involved. Glad you're here to blog your thoughts! emoticon
    3869 days ago
  • PIGLET1979
    I really dig the way you think. And I think you're right on. I'm an introvert, big time, in real life, but get to live as my extroverted, sometimes outrageous alter-ego via SP. It's neat that you're introspective and inductive enough to sort out what makes you, and possibly the collective, tick.

    3869 days ago
  • TEDYBEAR2838
    Yup, I'm here for many of the same reasons most people are. It's a great group of SP and the support is emoticon

    Lou, thanks for being there for ALL OF US!

    3869 days ago
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