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Race report and a realization

Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Chicago R-n-R Half marathon was a lot of fun. I did NOT do well; in fact,it was my slowest half marathon ever. I just can't seem to "get" the half marathon. I mean, if I can split a 2:07 for the first half of a full, howcome my PR for the half was 2:27 and my time this Sunday was a (Horrible, no offense to those who got this time, and it was a PR), 2:45? Anyway, I didn't do well in the race but it was fun and enjoyable anyway. I hit a wall after mile 6 and it was super hard to finish. I know I walked more than I ran the second half. But my first 6 miles was in an hour (10 minute pace).

OK, now on to the realization. I think, that all this time after my surgery and recovery, that I have been expecting to wake up and be fast again. Seriously. I get ready to go for a run and think "will this run be at 9:30 pace, and will I be able to run all of the miles without stopping for a break or walking"? But it never happens.

Granted, I am probably still recovering, and I have gotten faster but it's hidden by this darn humidity! I suppose the true test of my speed won't come until I'm running in 50 degree temps this fall. And, I am still about 10 pounds heavier and have all but given up on losing them. I gain it easily and REALLY have to work to lose it, and frankly I"m tired of being on a "diet." I've been on one since I was about 17 - that's 25 years people. You would think in 25 years I would figure it out. Thing is, I'm not fat. I am a number person and don't like the number I see. Ever. It really doesn't matter what it is. If I weighed 135, I would want to weigh 125.

Oh well, so what's the solution? I really have no idea. I seem to be having trouble with my runs - I want to RUN the whole thing, not run/walk but it's like I just give up at a certain point when the heat gets on my nerves and start walking. If anyone has any suggestions, feel free to provide input, because I'm looking for solutions. I know my overall pace would be better if I didn't walk during my long runs.

I really want to do this marathon in October without walking. I just don't have faith in myself right now. I'm not trying to PR, just to be under 5 hours.
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  • JENB_121
    Good on you for all your hard work. I just wondered if nutrition could have played any part in you 'hitting the wall' during your run? I know you've done a fair few...and probably have it nailed by now...but I'm just putting it out there in case there are other factors???

    That galloway method sounds good - intervals always make me faster! (Perhaps if I spend the next 10 years doing nothing but interval training....lol...)
    3583 days ago
    Sounds like we went throgh the same thing.
    Hey Im registered for Chicago 10-10 hopefully we can all meet up


    an> emoticon

    3593 days ago
    Hey Molly! Are you running Chicago on 10/10? Maybe we can meet up?
    3593 days ago
    I just wrote about a similiar situation during my run too in Chicago. The first 7mi were great but when then sun wasn't covered by the clouds anymore by mile 8 - I was toast! I've never enjoyed my training runs during the humidity and even got sick once. I agree with MBSHAZZER especially since you're also recovering after a surgery...don't compare any of your after races to your before-surgery races.

    I'm sure you'll do much better in Oct when the weather is cooler! All the best!! emoticon
    3594 days ago
    Sorry about the Chicago race! We all have races like that! I tried to apply for the Chicago full about 4 months ago and it was already sold out! I am doing one in Oct like you to though! I know what you mean about always wanting to see a smaller number on the scale. I have the same problem too! Happy training for your marathon! Good goal! emoticon
    3594 days ago
    I'm with the person above--- maybe push your speed a little, but still walk. You can do Galloway and be super speedy-- it a change of mind-frame and I think, it's hard to be open to changes, because we try to hang onto how use "used" to do things and how they "used" to work for us. It might be time for a NEW approach. Just saying...

    Actually, one of my speedy running friends told me that he ran one of his fastest marathons run/walking... it's more popular than you think. And, when I ran my fastest marathon (3:45) this guy and I would always pass each other... I passed him when he walked and he passed me when he speed by me... he ran/walked the whole thing. I lost track of him at some point, but I'm sure if he kept it up that he ran like a 3:40 or 3:35. So, there- my suggestion.
    3595 days ago
    Hey Molly - a couple of things.. first of all, it was extremely humid at the RnR on Sunday... every single person has said it was their worst race EVER. Humidity is very difficult to run in, especially if you have not been training in it.

    Next... you do need to give yourself time to ramp back up to where you were. It's not like you just took time off from running, or even that you took time off because of an injury. You had surgery, and it will take time to build back up from that. You should not be comparing your performance now to your pre-surgery performance. Start over with a clean slate. Every race, every distance, every milestone is NEW now. Don't compare to pre-surgery.

    As far as the run/walk goes... if you want to do it without feeling like it's "giving up", you should incorporate walk breaks right from the start - before you feel like you need them. If you don't want to take walk breaks, slow down the pace. Or wait till it gets cooler! :D
    3595 days ago
  • EDWINA172
    Have you ever heard of the Jeff Galloway run/walk method? Walking part of the run actually helps your time! It seems too good to be true, but he has trained thousands of people to run and beat their PR. The theory goes like this-with waking a bit, your legs are "fresh" for the entire race. At the end of the race, when everyone else is usually slowing down, you can finish fast and stronger. Sparkpeople even has a team for Jeff Galloway runners.
    3595 days ago
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