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Falling off the wagon

Tuesday, August 03, 2010

I think I may have found the key to my fatness.

Every time I go to try and better myself mounds of things try to keep me down as though the universe enjoys seeing me fat.

Since starting spark... I've had colds, sore throats, financial issues, personal life issues, and now yesterday an attack of allergies. My eyes itched so bad I scrubbed them. In turn I swore I ripped my retina off. So, I sit in the ER all night. Thankfully not the case. Instead I've just irritated it. Still, I'm now walking around like a pirate. One eye open. Might as well go around greeting everyone with 'Argh' today.

Sure, I've lost 14.2 lbs since starting Spark.... but it also seems I'm drowning when it comes to being sick or life... and it in turn has me back at the fast food place looking for solace.

For instance... before my eye issue yesterday I made dinner, or... I was in the middle of making dinner rather... something healthy. It was not finished before I left to the ER... and on the way out... at 9:00 pm... I asked my hubby when he picked me up, if he could dish me up some dinner when we got home... he gave me a sheepish look... oh...umm... its all gone. Let's stop by somewhere and pick you something up. I'm sorry. Taco Bell it was.

I'm just so frustrated that every time I think I'm ahead... I get knocked a few pegs back. HELP! SOS!
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    I've been on and off this darn wagon so many times I should get fitness points for the climb back up!
    You can do this - don't focus on long term or even short term goals right now. Instead focus on one day at a time, even one hour at a time.
    3859 days ago
    Every day is a new day with tons of possibilities. Successes include 14 lbs gone, tons of new friends, wearing pants that are loose and didn't use to fit, and the list goes on and on. We all have $hitty days-you know I have. But today is new so quit dwelling on yesterday and think about what you can do today to add to your successes.

    Also, I'm going to the gym again tonight and you're always welcome to come along....just let me know.

    Chin up Sweetie! Tomorrow's your 1 month Spark Anniversary! I'm excited for you!!

    3859 days ago
    All I can say to this is to quote IndyGirl.

    "You don't have to be perfect, you have to stick with it. If you get a traffic ticket, you don't go out and break every traffic law for the rest of the day. So if you eat a slice of pizza, you don't need to go out and eat an entire pizza. If you have to say to yourself I might as well... think I might as well not...instead." ~INDYGIRL (SparkPeople success story at convention)

    I have had one injury after the next on my Spark Journey. I am currently dealing with an injury that seems to have no end in sight. Its super frustrating. And I guess I could eat everything in the house; eat fast food, not do the things that I *can* do. But I want to be healthy more than I want to give up.

    At some point you have to get to that point as well.

    I wrote a blog about being "on the wagon" I hope it helps you


    3859 days ago
    Is there a Wendy's by your house? I pick up their plain baked potato in times of need and go home and put greek yogurt and weight watchers cheese on it. The other thing is google the fast food places near you on the web and read their nutritional values. Find the healthiest option they have an only order that. Go through the drive thru so you aren't tempted by as many smells.

    I also keep at least two of my favorite fiber bars in my purse for such occassion. That way I have something to eat no matter where I am and that can tide me over until I get home.

    We have to find a way to work it all out during the stress because stress never goes away. Keep on going!
    3859 days ago
    Just consider, you have a couple more challenges. You seem to be doing great with SP so keep up the good work. Plan and prepare a couple healthy meal type snacks to have when things go wrong and you need to change plans. That will make it easier to avoid places like Taco Bell. The other option is to tell hubby that since he ate all your dinner he can help you make something else.

    Keep on the healthy track, you will be able to spit in the eye of all those health issues when they hit everyone else, you have already had them all. You have no where to go but up.

    Keep smiling, you will get there.

    3859 days ago
    That's the struggle. Life is hard and you have to search for a way to cope that works. Does food really help? Does giving up make the struggles any less difficult? A 14 pound loss is such a huge win. Why would you let Taco Bell decide what you are becoming as a person? Why would you let allergies decide who you are? You will have the allergies and difficulties regardless of whether you reach your health goals or not, so why not keep on keeping on? You are so far ahead - keep it up. An evenings failure is a joke in the scheme of things. Don't let it become more than that. Deal with what's on your plate and stay on your Path. Best of luck.
    3859 days ago
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