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RaceRpt: Pace for Prevention 5k

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Pace for Prevention 5k
Wilmington DE Riverfront

It all started because I had an itch to do a race. I was clicking around on Friday through some of the sites that list races and saw that there was one the following day in DE. I had already run in DE so I could not update my map, but I had not run on the riverfront yet. I decided, why not? I called my husband to see if he had any plans and if he would take me to the race in the morning. Of course he was excited for me and said yes. The additional bonus was the after-race was sponsored by IronHill Brewery. Nothing like beer at 9:30 in the morning to get your day going right. (There is something really wrong with that previous statement)

Anyway, it was the perfect day to run. The weather as absolutely GOREGEOUS! I could not have asked for a better day to get my racing back on track. I registered when I got to the event and then just sat back and enjoyed the atmosphere. It was not packed but there was a nice crowd. The complex holds the stadium for a minor league baseball team, a few restaurants/bars and a couple business offices. Because it was pretty much self contained and there would not be a game till 6pm, we pretty much had the roads to ourselves.

Lined up and off we went. I did not push myself. I actually sat back and just enjoyed the fact that I was there. Like always I did look for someone to pace with that was close to or a little bit faster than me to keep me moving. I passed my family on the back side of the complex that has the riverfront. It was so nice to be running out in the open with the water instead of around and around my concrete area. After the halfway point I started the stalking and passing routine. Concentrating on someone ahead of me and trying my best to catch up and pass. This works for me because it keeps my mind busy and not focusing on how far I have to go. It also helps me naturally speed up. There was one lady that was pretty much in front of me most of the race and I sat back and waited for my time. I did catch up with her with less than a mile to go but she edged me out a little going around a corner and by speeding up. But once I saw the finish line it was over. I really pushed myself and passed her and a few other people getting to the line. I wish I would have started that a little earlier, and then I could have had a sub34min run. But I am happy. I am getting closer and closer to 30mins. Considering that I am just coming up on my 1year running anniversary; I fight with my knees at times and I am getting ready to turn 40; I think I did pretty dang good! Plus my avg pace was under 11:00, barely, but I get to claim it. I am super excited about that.

Results: New 5k PR
Chip 34:03
AP 10:59
Place: 145/206
Age: 5/9

After the race IronHill had a small buffet out of mini bagels, Danishes, fruit salad, etc. I did not have beer, but I did have a few mimosas. That’s oranges, so it’s healthy, RIGHT? We stayed for the medal ceremony and then headed on home.

All in All it was a wonderful day. Thank you for sharing it with me. Here are a few pictures.

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