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#397: The Pet Babies Return

Friday, August 20, 2010

Yesterday I wrote about a program the local Humane Society offers to pet owners. It required my three stray cats and two stray dogs all be spayed or neutered. Two Society volunteers picked them up yesterday afternoon. It was the first time in the five years the oldest pet has been with me that we all have been apart.

As they always seem to say in scary movies, "It was quiet at home last night. Too quiet." I missed their company even though I often wished I did not have the responsibility. And I worried about watching possibly two cats and one large dog after their surgery. The other two had already been fixed.

But I was blessed today when they were brought back home and the volunteer told me that all the cats had already had surgery so the only post-surgical patient is Thumper the Shepherd. That takes a lot of pressure off. Now I won't have to constantly watch the cats to be sure they don't jump on things and pull out their stitches.

Thumper, though, has a collar around her neck so she won't lick her surgery area. She'll have to wear it for several days. Poor thing keeps banging into cabinet knobs and walls as she gets used to the dimensions of the collar. Her eyes are still glazed from the anesthesia and she is sluggish and tired as is to be expected.

But now they all have had their surgeries and their shots and have been pronounced healthy. And, as part of this program, the Society will deliver food for all of the animals every month for up to six months.

This has opened my eyes to some of the services the Humane Society, which is a no-kill shelter, offers. Before now, I thought all they did was handle adoptions and offer surgical and other veterinarian services. When finances have improved, this agency will be at the top of my list to donate money to.

So maybe tonight I'll sleep better knowing all of the pet babies are safe and healthy and back home with their daddy.

I know it was only a day and a night apart, but it will sure be nice to get back to our games and routines and our loving relationships. emoticon emoticon emoticon
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