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Healthy does NOT come in a bottle!

Thursday, August 26, 2010


Stepping up on my soapbox here...

A little storefront here in Xenia touting themselves as 'Xenia Nutrition Center' had a sign out front saying 'Help Wanted'. I have been unemployed for over a year, so I went in to check it out. The place is under construction, but the gentleman advises me that they have a weight loss meeting in the evening and stop by then to talk to the owner.

No problem, I can miss one yoga class to attend.

I print off a short bio of myself which includes pictures of my transformation, to let the owner know that I know what a challenge a healthy lifestyle can be, but that it can in fact be attained - I am living, breathing, running, dancing, hiking, biking proof!!!

Picture several very overweight women, pouring over herbalife catalogues.
I gave up yoga class for this?

I know the desperation. I have tried some snake oil in my past, I assure you.
"Lose weight now. Ask me how!"?
I'LL tell you how! And I won't charge you one red cent!!! But I quietly sat there, drinking my tea, while I watched 3 women spend ridiculous sums of money on stuff they do not need (one of them over $250). And then the owner gave me her spiel about becoming an herbalife distributor.

And then I gave them a piece of my mind.

What I was hoping for was that this place would be what this overweight little town needs. We have no real fitness center. We have no real nutrition counseling. I was hoping that someone with more money than me had finally found a way to bring in some stuff we need. And that I could work as a part of that, to make this a more healthy community.

I held just short of telling them the truth - that meal replacement shakes and supplements are akin to taking out a home equity loan to pay off your debt. If you don't cut up your credit cards, the HEL ain't gonna help you. If you don't change your eating and exercise habits, the shakes ain't gonna help you.

Do you see that profile picture? I worked darn hard for that. And sometimes I didn't want to... I cheated along the way; I still do. But I hold myself accountable. I know that crap hits the fan believe me. I have seen my share of flyin' poo! I know that it is easy to not do the work - something else is always more pressing... But nothing is more important than you!!! If you don't take care of you, attend to your needs, how can you be there for anyone or anything else?!?

This is not rocket science folks. The only thing you need to succeed is the will to do so. And some good information. And some support from a few good friends!

I thank the folks at sparkpeople.com for being my support network on my journey. I thank my friends for supporting my progress, and my further endeavors and adventures. I thank John for all that he is, and that he shares that with me.

...Stepping down off the soapbox now...

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Got room for 2 on that box?

    I'm not going knock the Herbalife products, but they are just supplements. I get so frustrated with our YMCA; they push WW. The weekly WW meeting is right next to the room where we take yoga. Every week I see all of these women paying $12 plus all of food they sell. Now, I will say that the support and easy of use is attractive AND they teach you how to eat normal food by using the points.

    Everyone WANTS things to be easy, but if it was, EVERYONE would do it. We've worked our @$$es off and it shows.

    Glad to hear things are going well. Every once in awhile I wonder how you're doing.
    Best wishes!
    3716 days ago
    I like your soap box! I think that is why I was so pulled to add you as a friend, because I know that how you achieved your goal is exactly the way it has to be done- and the way that I want to do it. And who likes those nasty tasting diet products anyway? I know I utilize slimfast shakes when the mornings are rushed- but real food is so much better tasting and stays with me so much longer. Thanks for standing up for what is right!
    3717 days ago
    The Herbalife products are actually very good supplements..but that's what they are...supplements..they can't substitute for hard work and discipline, healthy eating and exercise...people just look for something to do the work FOR them instead of WITH them
    3718 days ago
    I hate to see people trying to take advantage of others. These schemes are all about instant gratification. Some people are so desperate to lose weight they will believe anything. I'm with you on this! The only true way to lose the weight is to put in the hard work. Congratulations on your healthy lifestyle. You're a great role model!
    3718 days ago
    You're so right. We've all fallen for the snake oil sell.
    As for me, i'll just follow logic and stick with the Sparks! Good luck to you. emoticon
    3718 days ago
  • 10SLADY
    I've tried a few of those products too. They are never a long term solution. If they worked every overweight person would be using them and there would be no obesity. You are an inspiration.
    3718 days ago
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