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#400: Conversation with a Little Boy

Sunday, August 29, 2010

I expected to be blessed today and I was. I decided to get a pizza this afternoon and stopped at Little Caesars. While waiting, a woman and a little boy about four years old tried to open the door to come inside but the door was stuck a bit and they thought it was locked. The boy knocked on the door and valiantly tried to pull it open. Valiantly, because his left arm was in a sling and his left hand bandaged to his fingertips.

I opened the door for them and watched as the boy rushed to the counter and told the attendant that the door was locked and they couldn't get in. Then they came and sat near me. Here was our conversation that still tickles me:

"You almost didn't get in, did you? I asked him.
"No, and I'm really hungry."
"Me too. I'm so hungry I could eat 16 pizzas."
"Well," he said, "I'm so hungry I could eat a conbundred pizzas."
"What happened to your hand?"

He jumped up and simulated running emoticon and telling me how he fell on the sidewalk and how the doctor next door fixed it up for him.

"Does it hurt?" I asked. Until then he had been laughing and joking.
"Yeah, it hurts real bad."
"Too bad for you to eat pizza?
"Nooo, I've got my other hand," and he smiled.

I got my order and left but saw them come out as I started to drive away. Then I remembered two McDonald's Happy Meal toys I had accumulated and stopped and asked Mom if he could have one. She said yes so I asked if he'd like to have one of the toys. He smiled and said yes.

"Do you have a brother or sister who'd like to have the other one? I asked.
"No, no brothers or sisters but I have Ramone." His mother said that was his cousin.
"Would you like to take the other toy for him?"
"Yeah, he can have the toy but he's not getting any of my pizza." emoticon

You've got to love little kids.
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