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On The Other Side Of The Store

Thursday, September 02, 2010

Tonight after work, I went to my favorite discount clothing store, Label Shopper, to get some much needed smaller clothes...again. I actually wear several different sized clothes as I move through them. I've still been wearing some 20's, but now they are really getting baggy. The 18's are quite comfortable, but are starting to get loose. So...I'm on the lookout for 16's now! Woo Hoo!

When I entered the store, I went back to the plus sizes...as I always have...and began looking through the racks. I did find one top that was 16/18, but that was it. No 16's in sight. I tried on an 18 jacket that I liked, but I was swimming in it. No point in getting that no matter what the deal is. So...I headed over to the other side to the "regular" women's sizes. What a feeling!! I picked up several tops in XL and L. I also got a couple pairs of pants. One 16 and one 14...plus a 14/16 pair of "nice" sweat pants. I spent $60 and got 13 items! I can wear4 of them comfortably now. Several are "on deck", and just a couple will be a little while.

I can't explain what a feeling it is to shop in the "normal" section again! I may not quite be fully into a size 16 yet, but I'm so close it's time to shop for it. My 18's are getting looser every day. My 20's have seen better days and are going to be falling off of me soon! Size 16 here I come!!

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