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A windy, rainy day, and an evening in the ER with my mom

Friday, September 24, 2010

It's been a very long day. Started out feeling my aches and pains more than usual because of the weather. It was very windy, we had wind advisories out for pretty much the whole day. Rain too. At 1am last night, I turned on the Weather Channel when I heard it get very windy, it was still 81°F at that time; tomorrow night, they are saying we have a chance of frost. But that is Michigan weather for you.

My mom had a doctor's appointment this afternoon; she has a low thyroid, and her leg has been red and swollen in the calf. She called me at 3:30pm this afternoon, to tell me her doctor told her to go to the hospital for an ultrasound on her leg, he suspected a blood clot. Well, I was waiting nervously for her to call back when she was done. She was expecting the doctor's office to call her back after they got the report, but when it was close to 5pm and no one called, I told her she better call them, if it was a blood clot, she should not have to wait over the weekend to have something done about it, that's just not right! She called the office, but the girls there said all the doctors had left for the day, and they did not have access to the report.

I was pretty upset about that, so I called one of my friends who works at the hospital for some advice. First my mom called the hospital for the report, but they would not tell her anything, so my friend suggested going to the ER, so that is what we did; it was around 6pm by that time. They found her report, and it was negative for a blood clot, thank God! But she does have a bad cellulitis infection. She was given a prescription for antibiotics, and told to call her doctor on Monday with results of the blood cultures they took, but to return to the ER if things get worse before Monday. I'm so relieved it was a not a blood clot. Now I hope the antibiotics do their job and clear up the infection.

Hopefully her thyroid problem will straighten out too; while she was still in the doctor's office, he increased the dosage of the meds she is on now.

We left the ER around 9pm. So glad to be back home for the night, it's still windy and getting cold out, and I will sleep better knowing that my mom will be ok. I will be soon be settling into bed with my heating pad, a book, and my two kitties.
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    I'm glad there was no clot anyhow, but cellulitis can be nasty, too. I've had bouts of it on and off for more than a year. Losing weight helped a lot, but didn't get rid of it altogether.
    3535 days ago
    You're a marvelous supportive, dear daughter, Shari...I can only begin to imagine how grateful your mom is for you. My goodness - cellulitis! I'm glad she got some antibiotics, because cellulitis is serious and can get even more so when left untreated. So good that you advocated so promptly and well on your mother's behalf; that was very smart of you to call your knowledgeable friend! emoticon and smooth, swift healing for your mom - Sandi emoticon
    3536 days ago
    Oh that sounds scary,but after the frustrations it ended much better.I hope you mom will continue to feel better and get her thyroid taken care of. Why are doctors so like this? Don't doctors become patients sometimes?I hope your weather improves for you. emoticon Diana emoticon
    3536 days ago
    Glad that you were able to get some advice from your friend for your Mom. Praying for you and your Mom. emoticon
    3536 days ago
    I'm glad things turned out okay for your mom ... frustrating and scary, though.
    3536 days ago
    Sometimes doctors forget that real people are waiting on results! How frustrating! I'm glad to hear that your mom does not have a blood clot.

    At least you are ending the day well!
    3536 days ago
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