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HM Trng Log Wk10/16 – My life flying by….

Monday, September 27, 2010

OK, so what happened to the weeks between week4 and week10? Well this strange thing called LIFE. So many things have happened since my last blog:
• My daughter left for college
• The twins started 7th grade
• My boss resigned and new one stepped in.
• My eating has gone from one extreme to the other.
• My duties at work have seemed to multiply with the shift of personnel.
• LIFE, LIFe, LIfe, Life, life!!!

So I am trying to take a deep breathe this morning, before my new boss sends me any emails.

But I can say that I have kept up with my running schedule, without much fanfare. I did miss one or two, or had to adjust my days a few times but I am pretty up to date.

This week I start week 10 of 16. So this means the miles are really about to grow. I am nervous. I am about to enter running mileage that I have never crossed before. To date my longest run is 7miles. This week’s long run is 7.5miles. And then I climb and climb and climb. I know I can do this. Last week was a cut back week (lower mileage for rest) and I found it strange that I struggled more with the 3mile runs than the 5miles. It’s like my body is saying “if you are going to do it, then DO IT”. So I am ready. Almost from the start of my running career I have been dreaming about this. Watching people I admire do the distance and cheer me on to complete it myself. Well its coming. And before you know it the 6 weeks will be over.

I am hoping that this clearing of mind and time is a sign of things to come. A sign meaning a little more breathing room.

My food has not been stellar but trust me it could have been MUCH worst. Seems like I have been in maintenance mode, and that is NOT where I want to be. So with my husbands help and my new 12 challenges I hope to get this in better order. I even joined my job’s 12wk BLC for a little extra kick. I have my week planned out for food and exercise. I am increasing my fruits and veggies and going to try and make sure I do 4-5 small meals a day. The snack breaks seem to help before. And of course I have to get back to the water. Now that it is cooling off it’s going to be harder but I have to make a commitment to myself.

Well that’s my update for now. If you stayed around, thanks for taking the time to check up on me. I really appreciate the support. It’s strange how sometimes when you need the help the most you drift away from the one source that can help you through. I am thankful to SP and all my friends. This time I got quiet, but friends helped me hold on until I could get a better grip. Previously this would have been the beginning of the end, but NOT THIS TIME!

Thank you,
DreamRunR – Jae
Still dreaming big (even on my feeling small days)

Here is an update picture of me, taken 9/4/10
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