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Maybe working out really does make you gain weight...

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

I've seen articles on MSN, Time and our very own SP with the "insane" idea that working out is what is making Americans fat. Sounds soooo absurd! Americans are working out more now than ever (i'm going on memory here, so dont quote me), yet we're fatter than ever. The theory (very simplified) is that working out makes you hungry and you may eat more because you "worked out and deserve it".

Me being a huge cardio queen balked at that silly idea... until i injured my calf muscle. Two weeks ago exactly i felt a HUGE explosion in my calf while working out (of course) and was forced to do *nothing* active (i could barely hobble) for at least a week. Even then, in these 2 weeks, all i've done is 1 60 min strength training season and 30 min of yoga (same day - i was feeling crazy). oh no, i thought, no working out - i'm doomed to gain massive amounts of weight! Well, as you can kinda guess, i didn't. I actually lost. Several pounds. Enough so that i dont think its all muscle or water. I have not been tracking my foods in months (more like years), so i dont know if i have been eating less. I've also been pretty stable at this weight, so such a big loss is amazing. I'm stumped (but happy).

Now, this isn't going to stop me from working out, I love it and it is good for my heart. I just thought i would share this with you all and see if anyone had any thoughts, any similar experience, any advice...???

And my leg is almost at 100%, and i plan on working out again, but maybe i'll focus more on strength (hate it) or just do it much less often. We'll see.
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    I think it's different for everyone...
    And you may have lost because you *tricked* your body? I really don't know.. but it is very interesting!!

    Don't get discouraged or confused too much by it, though! I mean, it isn't as though you haven't been VERY successful by doing all that cardio! Look how far you've come!!!
    3769 days ago
  • ATR_1983
    this is interesting. I am glad your leg is doing better. emoticon
    3769 days ago
    Hmm, interesting!
    3770 days ago
    See, its not the workouts, its the stress and the eats. Several years ago I lost about 25 pounds in a summer where I had a broken foot and was on my back the whole time. My appetite just took a vacation and I was completely disinterested in food. Go figure.
    3772 days ago
    It is true that people (me sometimes) rationalize that because they are exercising more they can eat more.Unfortunately, because they don't keep track of how much they eat, they over indulge. If you keep track of calories burned and calories consumed you can control the weight loss better. If you exercise really hard and burn lots of extra calories, you need to eat more or your body will rebel and go into starvation mode.
    3773 days ago
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