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My 3 year old cat just not being a good momma

Saturday, October 02, 2010

Well, I have a cat that I've had since she was born. She's 3 years old, and has had plenty of litters.

I don't know what may be going on with her. She is a sweet cat. Her name is Silky. The last 3 litters she's had just hasn't gone right.

The last 3 litters went like this.....First, I think she miscarried. She was on my truck, and I shooed her away, because we were getting ready to leave. I got in the truck and noticed something on the hood. So I got back out, and it looked like...If you've ever seen something like a plum that might have fallen off of the tree and landed on the truck and split open and the sun kind of like..cooked it on there?? Anyway, that's what it looked like. We do not have a plum tree. So I got a paper towel, and peeled it off. It was sort of like a grissel feel to it. I didn't think anything. I just threw it away and cleaned the part that was on the truck. The next day, I noticed that my cat wasn't fat anymore. That's when I realized what that was that was on my truck.

Second litter.....She had 2 kittens. She had them in the house in the laundry room up on the shelf in a box. When they were about 2 weeks old, she moved them to the edge of the shelf, so I moved them down to the floor. When I did, i noticed one of them being really weak. Silky, sniffed at the kitten, and started cleaning it, and you know, being a mother to it. Well, the next day, the kitten had died. So, I got rid of it. She cried for about 3 days, looking around the house for her kitten. A few days later, she's still crying and like panicking looking for her kitten. So, I went into the laundry, and couldn't find the other kitten. I looked everywhere. Then I seen her go into the cabinet in the kitchen. She had moved that kitten. I check on it, and it was doing fine. Later that evening, again, Silky looking around the house for her kitten that has died. While she was doing that, I checked on the kitten. Kitten was sleeping. About an hour later, Silky just wasn't acting right. She'd go where the kitten is, come back out, back in and back out, with that certain kind of meow. So, I checked the kitten again, and it was dead. She called out for her kittens for about a week. I think something was wrong with them from the get go. Because she did not carry them that long. I know the gestation period for being pregnant for a cat is 2 months. She didn't get really big like she has with the other ones.

Then this litter, she did get really big. Well, she had them day before yesterday. She had 3. But, she had them in plain sight, and in the middle of the floor. Usually if they have them in plain sight like that, they will move them to a safe place. She didn't. I know with all her other litters, she would have them about 30 to 45 minutes apart. Sometimes, maybe an hour apart. The first 2 kittens were about 30 minutes apart. Usually cats won't get up and eat, and drink water until they are done with having the kittens. She got up about 3 hours later, and started eating. So, I thought she's done having the kittens. Although, when she was eating, when she walked away, there was blood on the floor where she was eating. So, I cleaned it up, and checked on her. She was cleaning another kitten. Just had the 3rd one. So, between the 2nd and 3rd are 3 hours apart. Ok, so now she has 3. Well a little later she wanted outside. So, I let her outside. I checked on the kittens, and only seen 2. I looked around and couldn't find it. So, I thought maybe she was moving them, and I will find them in the morning. So, yesterday morning, I got up, checked on the kittens. They were in the same spot. Still can't find the other kitten, and Silky is laying in the chair asleep. Her 2 kittens meowing and moving about in the room. So, I woke her up, and put her with them.( I have not yet touched the kittens. Usually I do, but Silky just wasn't acting right with these babies, so I knew not to touch them. ) She just looked at the kittens, smelled them, and started loving on me. So, I got up and moved away from her. She wouldnt go to them. So, I thought...Maybe she has already fed them and she's wanting outside. So i let her outside, and I went looking for the 3rd kitten. I found the kitten on the other side of the room. I picked it up, and it seemed fine. So, I put the kitten with the other ones. A few minutes later, the same kitten was gone. Found it again on the other side of the room. So, I again put it with the other ones.

Momma cat came in. Didn't even go into the room they were in. I have not yet seen her with her kittens all day. So, put her with the kittens, and she smelled and walked away. So, I picked her up, and realized that her titties are, what looks like dried up. . uh oh..Something must be wrong...So, here I have 3 starving kittens and nothing I can do about it. I had another cat one time that died about 4 days after having her kittens. Took the kittens to the vet, and they told me how to take care of them. But, they didnt make it. So, I don't know what to do with these kittens. They are only 2 days old. :(

Any advice?
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    Call the animal shelter and ask if they have a nursing cat who would feed the kittens? Or feed them with a tiny bottle or eyedropper with baby formula? We had puppies we had to do that to.

    Good luck - I'd be very upset. Maybe Silky should be fixed? Sounds like something is wrong. (Are there cat OB-GYNs?) She needs something.
    3673 days ago
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