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Sunday, October 03, 2010

Beautiful Sunday today. There is a trail about a block from my house called the White Pine Trail; there use to be railroad tracks there, but years ago they were paved over, and now the trail is used for recreational activities such as walking, hiking, bicycling, and snowmobiling in the winter. I decided to walk over there today to see if I could get any good pictures of fall colors. But the part of the trail I walked on doesn't have a lot of color yet. It's also mostly hidden from the road, and pretty much deserted most of the time, so I didn't walk very far down it, I didn't feel it would be safe to do alone, so I decided to finish my walk in the mobile home park I live in, where I normally walk.

It's a very nice park to live in, little traffic, and nice and quiet, and good neighbors for the most part. It's laid out in circles; on the days I can't do a lot of walking and want to stick close to home, I walk the medium size circle; it takes me about 5 minutes to walk around it. When I want a longer walk, I walk the larger circle too. Anyway, since I had my camera with me today, I thought I'd take some pictures so you can see where I take my walks.

I feel pretty safe walking here; and feel safe listening to my MP3 while I am walking, but I still keep aware of cars; the speed limit in the park is 10 MPH but some people exceed that.

This is about where I start out; my house is on the corner on the left side of the pic.

That's my car on the left side, and you can see a corner of my house (the one with the all white siding)

This is one of the streets across from the park; sometimes when I want a longer walk, I walk on the sidewalk that is alongside it.

The owners of the park lost their daughter, who was only in her 20's, and had Down's Syndrome about 17 years ago; she died from complications of pneumonia; they created a little memorial garden for her for all the residents to enjoy.

They also have a little koi pond.

A close up shot I took of one of the trees in the park.

Me and my shadow, lol.

The October sun.
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