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70 pounds down

Tuesday, October 05, 2010

10 months into my journey and I have made it further than I expected.
It's been a long ride and a lot of hard work, but I have managed to loose 70 pounds, 56 inches, changed my lifestyle, and conquered anxiety and depression.
I have decided after reaching my goal of 115 that I want to loose 5 more pounds.
I am 5 ft 2 so 110 pounds would be a nice place to be. I know for me my obesity was an illness of my spirit. I was not well in my spirit after the loss of my parents.
I used food as a way to feel better. I used my obesity as a way to hide myself and stay away from events and people. I lived in a great black hole filled with depression and sadness. I am happy to say im now out of the hole and the world looks bright again. Colors look brighter, things look normal again. I believe that I have healed my spirit as well as my body on this journey.

I was able to achieve my results in 10 months by eatting 1200-1250 calories a day 6 days a week. I drink a minimum of 120 ounces of water daily. On Sundays I allow myself to eat whatever it is I want with in reason. I have always loved exercise so I work out 6 days a week minimum.
My husband who has always been pretty fit and healthy has now started eatting healthier and working out more and has been able to reduce his blood pressure medicine. We have started hiking on his days off and seeing some amazing scenery here in the southwest.

I remember shopping last fall and feeling so ashamed when a size 18 pants wouldnt make it over my hips. I am now wearing a size 4 sometimes 2.
I am back to my old self even smaller then I was before my weight gain.
It is hard to believe and some days I wake up expecting to find that large person.
I wake up every morning greatful to be in my body and with a healthy happy spirit.

For me I will not go to bed at night unless I :

1. have eatten my correct calorie intake for the day
( having Sundays as a looser day makes it easier for me)

2. have had my 120 ounces or more of water

3. have done my exercise
( i have a home gym lots of cardio eqipment and a Total Gym machine so it makes it easy )

The first 2 pics are of me at 175 and 185 pounds. i am the larger one on the right of the photo. The last 2 pics are me at 115 pounds.

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