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So what IS up with Laurie?

Wednesday, October 06, 2010

So post first Half Marathon hiatus is in the books and I am ready to get back into a routine...a new routine. After thinking about what it is next I decided to even take a break from blogging after every run as that was starting to burn me out a bit. So if you don't see a new blog entry from that is the reason.

What I gained from the training and actual running of my HM has done so much for me mentally...much more than I thought possible. I know that I can do it and do it well and I am sp proud of myself. In the past I would start projects only to let them wane and eventually come to a complete halt. The HM is something that I wanted with every ounce of my being. I did it!!

What happens now? Great question and thank you for asking! I start my 12 week Smart Coach HM training the first week of December. My next HM is Disney Princess at the end of February. Until December I will follow a Smart Coach maintenance running schedule and this was week one. As I mentioned I will not post after every run...just willy nilly.

I am also going to attempt to start my running ST as once again after a visit with PT Candi after HM, she reiterated the fact that I need to follow through with the prescibed St in order to run these distances injury free. I ask myself, what wil it take for me to fully realize the importance? I hate ST. I don't know why as I know my legs would be alot more toned, but I still talk myself out of doing it. That is one of my flaws but I am going to work on that.

Monday I had an easy 2 mile run and the stats:
2 miles
11:44 ap
207 cals burned
splits: 12:04, 11:25

5 mile Tempo run
11:12 ap
508 cals burned
splits: 11:22, 11:14, 10:55, 11:03, 11:23

I have an easy 2 mile recovery run tomorrow and a 7 mile LSD Saturday morning. I changed up my running days as to accomodate a Saturday long run leaving Sundays completely free. I will be formally training for Princess during the winter months so that will be so different from my first HM training. I totally foresee some treadmill runs this winter, but I will keep that to a bare minimum. I am prepared for cold weather winter running as I did last winter. It kept me totally cabin fever-free and I look forward to that this winter.

So there you have it and until next time...


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Member Comments About This Blog Post
  • MARIE625
    Thanks for the reminder of doing running ST. I also hate ST and never do it, then wonder why legs feel like they do. Sheesh.

    Love the new background by the way. I LOVE Christmas and am already getting excited. LOL
    3824 days ago
    i don't even know where to start to prepare for cold weather running, but i'm going to try this winter. it seems that once it dips below 40, i tuck my tail and run inside! *lol* good luck on ST. i love doing chalene's chalean extreme dvds. i am working on a post-hm plan right now, trying to figure out what i'm going to do with myself over winter.
    3830 days ago
    Hello!! Enjoyed your blog. I know what you mean about getting burnt out blogging. I have had a hard time keeping up also. This will be my first winter as a runner. Keep me posted on how you keep warm outside.

    3831 days ago
    Sounds great hon! This inquiring mind did want to know :) Sounds like a plan!

    Spark mail me what your PT has prescribed for ST; curious how we can make it a lil' more doable.

    Proud of you & will be chillin' with ya this winter as we train for winter halfs! emoticon emoticon
    3836 days ago

    Comment edited on: 10/13/2010 3:25:24 PM
  • CAROLYN1213
    I have missed reading blogs here on Spark for some time now. I have been so wrapped up in Marathon training and taking classes, that I haven't taken the time to read up on what is going on with some of my favorite people.

    I love that you are listening to your body and what is best for you. The strength training is soooooo important! Especially as a distance runner. Additionally I have found that doing some yoga or balance type exercises with my shoes off helps to balance the muscles in my feet, ankles and calves.

    Take good care of your body, mind and spirit, you are runner heart and soul!
    3836 days ago
    I'm so happy for you! This sounds like a great plan!! WOO HOO!! And i'm with you, I don't like ST, but I know I have to do it!
    3838 days ago
    Congrats on following through with your plan and kicking butt :) I have a tendency to start something and be REALLY excited about it and then let it fizzle out...you give me motivation! I, too, am struggling with the strength training! I don't mind doing it while I am doing, but I just don't feel like I get as much out of is as running. I am sure once my half marathon hits I will be wishing that I did more of it!
    3838 days ago
    I know the Disney Princess HM will be awesome. I see a number of people preparing for it. I run my first HM Saturday and I have been thinking, what do I do next? I have two other races planned, but one is a 10k and the other is a 4-mile trail run.

    Enjoy the recovery and get in that ST. It can really help!
    3838 days ago
  • no profile photo PAMINHALF
    I hope one day that I can just jot out an "easy 2 mile run" and not die laughing at how absurd that is for me. Way to go. :)
    3839 days ago
  • JUNETTA2002
    I'm impressed. I have never done any marathon or done any running. I enjoyed your post. Good luck
    3839 days ago
  • UROPA40
    I had kept up with ST until they closed the gym to paint it. I got out of the habit of going and the weather was too nice to go to the gym when I could be running or on the bike. I have 2 races, today and the big race next Saturday and then will have to rethink a schedule. I also used to do 1-2 yoga classes every week but now the only yoga class left is on Saturday in the middle of my long run. I am glad my membership is over next March because I would rather run in snow then on a treadmill so no longer use the membership very much. Suzy
    3840 days ago
    I can't stay excited about ST either. I've been skipping it a LOT recently. Running 3x a week, walking 3x a week and one day of complete rest. I just don't feel like ST. I'm sure once my TNT training starts, I'll get it going again b/c I know the training plan they design includes ST.

    Have fun "maintaining". :)
    3842 days ago
  • no profile photo CD1425027
    Congrats again on a great year! Can't wait to "train" over the winter with you for the Princess!!!!


    (pretend she's a princess, not a bride! or maybe a Princess Bride! LOL)
    3842 days ago
    I know what you mean about ST but I happen to love to ST, it was my first love. But with everything going on it seems so hard to get it in but on the flip side I know I need it. I'm trying not to get too gung ho over training even though I have two 1/2 marathons coming up because I don't want to get burned out before I start some serious training next year for my first 1/2 Ironman! Because after that I know I will be burnt out!!

    Good luck with everything!
    3842 days ago
    Not a big fan of the "smart" coach. The fact that it had you doing a tempo run in the first week of a recovery plan is just one indication of how I think it's too aggressive for people like us, newer to running, and possibly with different goals than trying to shave 10 or 15 seconds off our Marathon PR to qualify for Boston.

    I doubt I'd be running a 7 mile long run this week either. You want to maintain your base at around 50% of your anticipated long run for the next training plan, but that doesn't mean you have to run it every week, and especially not the first week back after a very demanding race and a mild ITBS flareup.
    3842 days ago
    Great plan! I'm excited you are doing the Princess too! emoticon
    3842 days ago
    Would love to hear more about your ST as I too hate it (have to beg/ bribe/ threaten/ coerce myself into it each time! ) but it really does help.... just wish there was a magic wand!

    I will miss your blogs; you have a great, off the wall sense of humor that's delightful. Plus, you're honest and straightforward, and your courage gives me the courage to accept myself, too.

    3842 days ago
    I will personally miss reading your blogs - they inspired me - guess I will have to go back and re-read????

    Enjoy maintanence.
    3842 days ago
  • no profile photo CD2801676
    Laurie, I too hate ST, but for the same reason as you - I am going to focus on that, yoga and swimming over the next couple of months (after Columbus). I will try and get the occasional bike ride and run in but that won't be my focus.
    3842 days ago
    Sounds like a great plan!

    I too hate to ST, but I'm thinking it's a necessary evil to become faster And remain injury free.

    3842 days ago
    Laurie, looks like you have a good plan! nice to take a break from training - I am planning on doing that myself until I figure out my next half - probably won't be until spring so I will give myself a break. just maintain my fitness and concentrate on ST. You can do this - My half is 4 more sleeps - victoria here I come!!
    3842 days ago
    When I started strength training 16 months ago, I really thought of it as a short time thing. As a new, older runner, I was worried about injuries. I knew I had muscle imbalances, not to mention muscle weakness (can we say not even one girlie pushup!) I didn't know much about ST and it didn't interest me the way aerobic exercise did. So I decided to hire a trainer for just a few sessions, so that I could learn what to do and how to do it. It didn't take me long to realize that I needed someone else training me. Not just because it motivated me to keep it up (and do it right), but because, like running with a group, it made ST a shared activity. I had a workout "buddy." And here I am, as surprised as anyone, to say that I now love my ST sessions. And my trainer has not only been immensely helpful in getting me into better shape, he has identified and rectified so many problems before they could bring me down. I really feel that I have someone in my corner.
    3842 days ago

    Comment edited on: 10/6/2010 11:22:06 PM
  • BOBBYD31
    enjoy your time between races, relax a little and GET your ST in!!!!
    congrats to those hawks again!!! grrrrr....... stanzi is gone next year,
    3842 days ago
    Enjoy your runs in the next while. Take it easy before you start your next race training



    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    3842 days ago
    yeah, I had to train for the Princess in Wisconsin winter, and it was unpredictable where I'd end up, outside or on the treadmill. I just had to play it by ear depending on the weather! I was able to get outside a good bit though, especially for the weekend training runs, so hopefully you will too!! I can't wait until you start!
    3842 days ago
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