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My Long (and Filled With Tangents) Debut

Sunday, October 10, 2010


I’m never quite sure how to start these things off. I always want to be all “Today is the start of the rest of my life….” about it, but I don’t think that is accurate for this particular occasion. I’ve been on a self-discovery journey for awhile now, and the idea of writing has come and gone several times. I’ve always enjoyed letter writing and sending long convoluted emails to various recipients ranging on topics from religious discussion to outpourings of my loves lost and found. I just never saw journal writing as a valid option for me, due to the fact that the physical act of handwriting is too tedious for me to bear. Once the blogging and online journaling idea became popular, I thought about it, but again, dismissed it, since by that point, I’d already set myself into my historical ways, claiming that: “I’m not good at journaling.” Simply because, my past attempts at journaling had failed.

In any case, here I am to see if journaling IS a viable option for me, and what could come of it. I’m here at this particular website because I have been a “vacationing” Sparkmember for quite sometime now, and I can remember a time when SP got me through the day. It is a safe place for me. When I wasn’t sure what the best option would be of a blog site, I remembered that Sparkpeople had created a new blog area. Here I am, Sparkworld.

My profile is very dated, so if I do succeed in doing this blogging thing, then I will have to update the facts. Here’s a quick update since 2008 or whenever the last time I was here.

I’ve since married the love of my life, and we’re very happily living in Southern New Hampshire amongst fall foliage and great peers. I’ve since gained about 10 pounds of “comfortable weight” and although I’m not here to “diet” and I am hoping that journaling helps me begin to move in a better direction.

Since moving to New Hampshire, the experience of temporary unemployment allowed me to open the doors to my local library and began the process of self-education, self-discovery, self-awareness, and development of a spiritual self I didn’t know existed until then. It’s been a beautiful few years, and I feel like I am at a point now where I need to open my eyes to any opportunities I’m being handed to further develop my attainment for the health of my body, my soul, my mind, and my heart. I’ve learned that health in those areas does not come without a conscious effort. It’s the effort part that I’ve always struggled with. I’ve developed a hunger for the knowledge on how to transcend the barrier of existence to true health. At some point, I need to take all the bits of knowledge that I am acquiring and DO something with them. So, journaling, you are going to be the outlet for me to share my knowledge, apply my learned principles, and comment overall on what I’m learning. In the process, I hope to come to new conclusions about myself and to document these discoveries as they come to me. Someday I’d like to look back to say, “look for far I came. “

So here I am…

Now, the tough part – what to write about.

Well, let’s see, I’ll talk about what I always want to talk about, but rarely get an opportunity to discuss amongst my peers: the books that I read! As an only child, I’ve lived a life long with love for books. They were my best friends whenever I needed them to be. Now, they are my mentors, my guides, as I fly haphazardly through this existence with only such a short time to figure IT all out before I die.

In the past few years, I’ve read a lot of books about food, spirituality, psychology, and other random lessons for life. I’m currently on a healing kick, and am reading a book called Whole Healing by Dr. Elliott Dacher. In this book, he discusses the importance of, guidelines for, and ideas about the concept of Whole Healing. As I understand it, and can best explain it, Whole Healing is about becoming responsible for our own bodies by learning as much as we can about them in order to make informed decisions about what is best for us. In doing so, we are to understand and allow our body’s own natural instinct for correcting the wrongs within them happen and recognize what the imbalance or ailment was trying to tell us. This balancing act is homeostasis - and the messages we can gain from paying attention to our bodies are endless (indigestion/heartburn = too much (bad) food = lesson learned: don’t eat too much (bad) food!) The problem is that we don’t listen. When we don’t listen, we often need treatment for the ailments that befall us because we did not heed warning or learn properly from experiences past (10 beers and a shot of Jack = super hangover the next day and an eerily foggy memory of the night before). When we need treatment, however big or small, we need to make informed decisions about doing so. Having a mind/body connection allows us to automate the appropriate acts that provide the care that our body needs (Even in a post 10 beers and shot of Jack stupor, I still ALWAYS stumble to the bottle of liquid B12, two IB Profens, and a tall glass of water before bed – why? – Enough hangovers have ingrained the necessities of this ritual into my head. Forever.) Lastly, he stresses the importance of a spiritual consciousness in healing. It is the unifying force behind the knowledge, bringing the mind and body into complete harmony.

This book has opened my eyes to a real interest in this field of intelligence. My views on the way western cultures treat health and medicine were already beginning to change with my education on food and the damaging things we do to our bodies through poor choices of food. This book expands on the powers of our bodies that I really hadn’t known a whole lot about before, and it’s opened a door that won’t close ever again. I’m excited to finish this and move onto another book I have in my shelf right now about healing for women.

Okay, yeah, I think I’m going to like this blogging thing, except for the fact that I’ve been writing for a long time now, and I can’t foresee myself having THIS much time on my hands daily, but I will have to learn to make a ritual of it in some capacity. I’m excited to share my knowledge with others. I always said I wanted to be a therapist, so that I could “tell people what to do.” Then I realized that therapists don’t often get to tell people what to do, but rather guide them towards coming to their own conclusions. That didn’t sound quite so appealing, so I switched my dream to life coaching. We’ll see if that pans out. It will be my 940854389753489 life’s calling, haha.

I’ve learned that, I don’t think that I so much want to tell people what to do (although I am aware that I am ALWAYS right, just putting it out there.) but rather, I want to pay forward the awesome nuggets of information that I have stumbled across in my journeys in hopes of guiding someone else’s life along an enlightened path. I’ve also learned to understand that everyone is walking their journey at their own speed. While it might seem easy, from my perspective looking into someone else’s world, to make the correct decision, each person’s world is uniquely shaded with the rose stained glasses of their history, spirituality, and education. ANYWAY, I’m big on tangents. What I’m trying to say is, that I hope that someday my convoluted (in love with this word lately) diatribes about my experiences will help someone else by sparking an “Aha!” or a “Hm, really, I didn’t know that.”

Now that I’ve started, I kinda don’t want to stop. This chair is hurting my back, however, and I’m trying to stave off a craving for a second helping of Beef Stew (so good.) I’m trying to think of the best distraction for the second helping blues. I could try finishing my book tonight, but sometimes I can only read so much of it before my brain says “Okay, too much learning for one day. Process.” Maybe a movie? I could go for a walk. I should go for a walk. I will likely talk myself out of a walk before I’m even done typing this.

Okay – time to proofread, and sign off. I hope that you, if there are any you’s reading this, have enjoyed my lil debut here in SparkWorld.

I hope you all have a wonderful night, and to those of you who have tomorrow off for Columbus Day – enjoy it and use the time to experience something wonderful.

With all my love – Amy.

“A mind stretched to a new idea never returns to its original dimensions” – Oliver Wendall Holmes
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