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Friday, October 15, 2010

I overslept yesterday, running me two hours late. This prevented me from putting any thought or research into a blog entry, hence the somewhat rambling collection of thoughts below. Also interfered with my normal workout time at the gym. Not saying I didn't go; I went in the evening. As my Marine friends are fond of saying, you adapt, you persevere, and you overcome. You can't give up on your program because of the unexpected.

One of my co-workers brought it three boxes from Dunkin Doughnuts yesterday. "Morning guys. Everyone help yourselves." Just out of curiosity, I opened each box and looked inside. Yep, they looked like fresh doughnuts and they looked good. I had to think outside the box. All three boxes. SparkPeople kept me out of the doughnuts. I could feel all of you, looking over my shoulder. How was I going to explain that? Said no thanks. Felt better about myself all day. Thanks guys.

My wife caused a great deal of change to take place in my life when we married. She claims that I didn't come out of the box ready to use and that some assembly was required. I drank whole milk and regular soft drinks. I liked traditional southern recipes (that means really high in fat.) Because of an unfortunate stint in a poultry processing plant as a teenager, I rarely ate chicken. Outside of canned tuna or salmon, I was never a great fan of fish. That, according to my wife, meant that my diet consisted of beef, pork and that undefined food group that passes itself as the entrée in a TV dinner. While I don't remember having one foot in the grave, I will say this about my life today. Skim milk, diet soda and unsweetened tea require a little adjustment, but they're really not bad. You can cook without a deep fryer. I'm pretty sure I overcame the chicken thing on my own. As to seafood, you just have to try a few different types. Surprisingly, they don't all taste like fish. Alaskan whitefish, for example, has a flaky texture and surprising buttery taste. Shark has a taste somewhat like tuna but a texture like a pork chop. Tilapia, however, while having a pleasant enough flavor, has, when broiled, the texture of an eel. Thanks but no thanks. My wife and I have fish a couple of times a week.

Finally, when I was a teenager, my favorite t-shirt said, "You can tune a piano but you can't tuna fish." The last time I saw that shirt it was on my teen-aged girlfriend. It left me as did she and I never saw my shirt again. I did run across her years later. She's now a piano teacher. It's very gratifying to know you had an influence on someone's life.
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    My dad was a piano tuner and he LOVED that joke! Sorry for your tshirt loss... but glad your ex found herself in a productive and fulfilling role as a piano teacher!

    519 days ago
    Very excited for you in passing up the doughnuts!! That is awesome!! I just kind of look at everything as a heart attack waiting to happen and for some reason that kind of turns me off to the things that I once thought of as good! You are doing a great job too!! Keep it up!
    3833 days ago
    I thought your ramblings were quite coherent! It's amazing to reflect back on how much we change over time, and how much our spouses sometimes end up supporting that change. My husband (we've been married a little over two years), used to have a diet that consisted of milk, soda, and things out of a can. He also swore he'd never run. As for me,thanks to him, I've picked up tennis, a talent for cooking (amazing what having a reason to cook does for one's skill), and a (slightly) more laid-back personality. Way to go, spouses!

    More important, though -- way to go, you! You're definitely headed in a good direction. So awesome that you passed up those donuts, and that you've made those dietary changes. I'm impressed.

    Have a great day!
    3833 days ago
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