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The Wedding with Pictures

Monday, October 18, 2010

My sister's wedding was an adventure. Some of it good and some of it bad but I survived. I am not sure how weight I have gained this weekend. I need to weigh in but I don't want to do it. But here is how the wedding went:

When I arrived at 3:30 Friday afternoon, after being on the road since 1:30 that morning, my sister had not burned her wedding music, my brother did not have his outfit or shoes, my little sister did not have her shoes, my mom did not have drinks for the rehearsal dinner, and the one bride's maid who had to have her dress altered twice still didn't have her dress. At the rehearsal one of the bride's maids showed up really late and one did not show up at all. The guys joked around and did not want to walk out with the girls.

While we decorated for the reception, I made the mistake of asking my sister what her plans were. She said she was going to have cake and music. I told her she couldn't have a five o'clock wedding and not feed her guests. So I paid for the finger foods and made them on Saturday. During the rehearsal dinner, we learned my sister's friend had made her a hair appointment the next day at 2:30 in a town 45 minutes away. My sister left before we were finished decorating to go to her house with the other bride's maids and two of her friends so they could party all night. I was not invited.

On Saturday morning, I went with my mom to get my little brother and sister the things they needed. I made the food for the wedding, picked up my husband from the airport, picked up my sister's cake, and helped finish decorating the reception. My sister took her bride's maids and two friends to get their nails done before the wedding. I wasn't invited.

My sister did not show up to get dressed until 4:45 for a 5:00 wedding. They had stopped to eat after getting her hair done! When she finally got to the park, she had forgotten the radio for the wedding music. My mom's friend drove to the house and got the radio then they found that she had not requested that the electricity be turned on. I suggested they put the cd in a car stereo since the parking lot was right there. My sister told the girl running the music that we were to walk in to the first track and the wedding march was the second track. When the music started and we started in she said it was the wrong music so we walked in with no music. The wedding march did work. After the wedding, we picked up everything and headed to the reception where my sister kept everyone waiting while she found someone to snap pictures. The girl she had asked to do her pictures did not do anything so my aunt took a few before and after the wedding. I took some during the reception but we don't have any during the ceremony.

We finally ate and cut the cake. My sister wanted to have their first dance but she didn't have a song picked out. She spent nearly an hour going through the stack of cds and finally picked The Only Exception by Paramore. It was really nice and then the rest of danced for a half hour and then we broke it all down and left.

I was hurt and angry that I was not asked to get my nails done. Especially after all of the time and money I spent to help her out. I spent over $200 on food for her reception after paying to get up there and back. Not to mention the nice toaster oven I bought and had shipped for her wedding gift. I will be eating sandwiches for lunch for the rest of the month to offset the extra money I spent to make her wedding nice. I did get a hug and a thank you. That was something I guess. Sorry for venting. It was just a stressful weekend. I did get some big reactions on my weight loss. Everyone complimented me. Here are some pictures from the wedding. We did not have many.

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
  • no profile photo CD8206259
    You look great! I think it's easy to take family for granted sometimes - hopefully this was just a slip-up on her part. Gratefulness comes with maturity!
    3790 days ago
    some people are givers & some are takers. you obviously are a giver and you should be proud of all you did to help your sister. sounds like she doesn't realize it now, but maybe she'll get it later on?
    and you look really awesome in the bridesmaid dress!

    3790 days ago
  • MOM4407BECKY
    Your sister missed out on the best present she could have your presents. It is her loss not yours. You made her day special and she will never even know it.
    I wish I had a sister like you.
    3791 days ago
    Yes, one of the bride's maids is wearing flip flops and the other is wearing black flats that look like slippers! I was really embarrassed for my sister but she was so laid back and didn't even care. I am lot like Julie and tend to over plan, which is why I took over and tried to make it as nice as possible.

    The dress was actually a little loose around the middle and not skin tight like it was a few weeks ago!
    3791 days ago
    You look fantastic!!!! I have never heard of a wedding this crazy in my life! Unbelievable! And is one of the bridesmaids wearing flipflops? Seriously?! lol

    I am so glad I got to see pics of you in the dress.
    3791 days ago
    The dress looks great! I'm sorry your sister was a pain like that but it looked like a nice day for it.
    3791 days ago
    You look amazing in your dress.

    I'm so sorry your sister was like that. It would have hurt my feelings too.
    3791 days ago
    You look beautiful. That was really incentive of her not to invite you to have your nails done. So sorry.
    3791 days ago
  • -POOKIE-
    *hugs* sorry it wasnt the best day, but you really look lovely x
    3792 days ago
    Oh my, your sister was not so prepared it sounds like, I can't even imagine, but I'm that anal over planner freak. :)

    On a positive note, you look amazing in that dress! I wish you'd of had a better time and I totally get you being upset, but remember that all the pictures show you looking like a hot mama! :)

    Hope weigh in isn't too awful to you, back on track this week!
    3792 days ago
  • no profile photo THEMRSH
    Ouch. I can feel that hurt. I'm sorry that you went through that. But look at the bright side, you look AMAZING!! emoticon
    3792 days ago
    My sister did not show up to get dressed until 4:45 for a 5:00 wedding. They had stopped to eat after getting her hair done!

    * wow. im just sayin'

    weddings can b really stressful.

    i had 2 respond to th1s bc ur username has "dream" in it. its what i do.
    3792 days ago
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